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April 29, 2011

Word of the day: Philtrum

    • 人中

    • [rén zhōng]

The vertical groove on the median line of the upper lip.

Never knew what this “thing” above my upper lip was called. And now I know what it is, in 2 languages!

April 28, 2011

This is for you.

At first we started out real cool
Taking me places i ain’tnever been
But now your getting comfortable
Ain’t doing those things that you did no more
Your slowly makin me pay for things 
Your money should be handling

 And now you ask to use my car
Drive it all day and don’t fill up the tank
And you have the audacity 
To even come and step to me 
And ask to hold some money from me
Until you get your check next week

You triflin’, good for nothing type of brother
Silly me,why haven’t I found another
A baller, when times get hard he’s the one to help me out
insted of, a scrub like you who don’t know what a man’s about

can you pay my bills 
can you pay my telephone bills
can you pay my automo’bills
then maybe we can chill
I don’t think you do
so you and me are through

now you been maxing out my card
give me bad credit,buying gifts with my own ends
haven’t paid the first bill
but you steady heading to the mall
going on shopping sprees
perpetrating to your friends that you be ballin’ 

and then you use my cell phone
callin who ever that you think at home
and when the bill comes all of a sudden you be acting dumb
don’t know where none of these calls come from
when your mamma’s numbers here more than once..

April 14, 2011

How I learned to treat my tongue Ulcer

See, when I said I can’t live without the Internet, I’m dead serious about it! Cos if it weren’t because of the unlimited knowledge I can learn from it, I wouldn’t have known what I learned today.

I’m sure everyone had experienced mouth ulcers at some point in their life, maybe for some even more often than others. Being around Chinese cultures a lot, when you tell them you have an Ulcer in your mouth, they’d tell you that you are ‘热气 [rè qì]’ or  in other words, your body is experiencing more ‘heat’ than it should, which might have caused those Ulcers.

Although I have had mouth Ulcers before, I think there wasn’t a time that it bothered me THIS much because most of the Ulcer happened on the walls of my mouth. But this time, it happened on my tongue. And worse, its back part where its hard to reach!

So since Monday, I’ve been having trouble eating, talking and even sleeping because of this Ulcer and its already Thursday and its still hanging on there. Nasty Ulcer!

I usually ignore my ulcers when it happens and just drank gallons of water and shrug it off cos I knew it’ll go away like the next day. But this time, the game is ON~!! After 2 days of tortured appetite (cos I enjoy eating my food so much, the pain just ruined it), I decided I will battle the Ulcer HEAD ON.

Tuesday night, I took a lot of SALT and kept stinging myself on the ulcer spot. For a while, the white bacterial area went off, but it just keeps coming back!! After lots of SALT, it didn’t go away, I slept on it, hoping the Ulcer would be gone when I woke up. I was so wrong.

I loss the first battle with my Ulcer. I was so defeated. My boss even gave us Morning Shifters breakfast treat and I didn’t even had the appetite to eat it until I got home at the end of the day. Of course, I didn’t give up, I went online and researched on what I could do to be strong, and SURVIVE this.

It so happens, there were a lot of advices (as well as gross photo demonstrations) about how we could treat them Ulcers, a.k.a Canker Sores. See, I didn’t even know that word existed! New word of the day!

All I needed were:-

Baking soda
Vitamin B supplement
Hydrogen peroxide
Milk of magnesia

I only managed to check Baking Soda and Vitamin B as well as Water off that list, no idea where to get Hydrogen Peroxide and Milk of Magnesia, but I have another weapon added on which is Listerine so I think I’m good for now. But I did learn something else too, I apparently should avoid any food that is high in Citrus. Well , there goes my daily Orange Juice fix.

*It DID sat America’s #1 trusted Brand. So of course that would be my natural choice!

I hope this will work, and quickly heal that freakin Canker so I can go back to enjoying my LOVE/HATE relationship with my second most enjoyable hobby…


April 14, 2011

Old Penang

Last Sunday Fly, MM and I went for a late lunch at this place called “Old Penang” at Resort World.

Being away from home, my taste-buds craves for home-familiar food and I’m always up to try any “Malaysian” restos around Manila.

So we went on all the way to Resort World, about 15mins drive, traffic-free since it was a Sunday, and onwards to see how authentic the food would taste like.

The design of the place was done quite well, the idea was there. antique set up of wooden stools with no back support, I liked the glass walls and transparent views that makes the resto look clean. I wasn’t impressed by the appearance of the menu cos it was old and all wrinkled up, not maintained well though.


Foodwise, this must be my favorite photo of the day, it looked so DSLR-ish. The Chaw Kuey Teao (炒果条) is basically stir fried flat rice vermicelli with prawns and some special sauce and yes, this is Penang’s signature dish. It didn’t tasted as awesome as it looks here in the photo, but it was close enough. Apparently the owner does seem to know what he is doing. We suspected he might be Malaysian too.

The Nasi Lemak was just so-so according to MM, I didn’t take a bite cos I was too busy with my own food. It didn’t “wow”-ed MM anyway.

I ordered Prawn Noodles, the spicy soup which I missed so much reminds me of a particular place in Foh Sang back in my hometown. Used to have it in the wee morning hours after the Clubs closed by about 3am Sunday mornings. Aaahh.. the days where I was still energetic to dance the night away and still wake up after 3 hours of sleep to head on to Sunday services.

Of course, it didn’t taste exactly the way I was expecting it to. Even Fly thought the soup base was rather bland. I couldn’t care less cos I was just damn hungry and still finished the whole bowl even if it didn’t taste great.

The one thing I must say was really satisfying of all the dishes we ordered has got to be the Sambal Kangkong. It was like O-M-G.. I couldn’t help going for seconds cos we were all sharing the dish and I was worried there wasn’t enough for others! Now that, was pretty authentic and I haven’t tasted that in quite a while.. mmm.. yummeh~!

If I must critique about this resto, it has got to be the waitresses there. Who got our orders wrong in the first place. Fly wanted a bowl of Prawn noodles, but wanted to have Vermicelli noodles instead of the usually served Egg Noodles. So we were suppose to have 2 orders of Prawn noodle soup, 1 with Egg noodles, 1 with Vermicelli. And we got served 1 bowl with 2 different noodle types in it!!! Geez.. I mean, I don’t think it was that complicated??

Aaaanyway, we finally got our order right, I mean, I just went ahead with the wrong order and Fly got herself another bowl with the right noodles. And so ends our food journey for the day. It wasn’t a complete failure but sure it could’ve been better. If the waitress didn’t get our order wrong, I’d say I’d give it a 3 out of 5 rating.

April 7, 2011

A cheer myself up post

I shall now declare that if I will ever feel as melancholic as I do right now, this picture below will be my antidote..


A picture tells a thousand words.. you can use your own imagination here ^_^


April 5, 2011

April na yan~

One fine April, papams and Sam decided to go for lunch at UCC. She took a fairly ugly and rush shot of them being there. Oh how ugly papams looked in this pic. She couldn’t care less though.

Sam suggested papam’s try the … okimura ? Can’t recall what’s the name of the dish. But she did take a shot of the meal. It was yummy!!

Salmon and Shrimp, with the rice wrapped in omelette. Mmmmm… and creamy sauce… Sam took all the mushroom lah.

Papams also had what they called the “healthy” drink. Berry Banana Juice.. also super yummy!

And surely, with such a fulfilling meal, it was pricey indeed. The food was about Php400 and Php180 for the drinks.  So long… farewell~ $$$

So how is your April so far? ^_^