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March 20, 2011

Lesson Learnt : “Misunderstood”

The saying that goes, “putting one’s self into another’s shoe” has never been so vindictive to me as it was tonight.

I’ve been told that I can be very stubborn, and also defensive when corrected because I am such a perfectionist. Those are the times I would think to myself, how could I possibly made a mistake like that?

Yet, admitting one’s mistake, is surely one of the hardest things to do. To humbly put yourself down, and accept others’ opinion seems to show that I am weak, and that I am incompetent.

Many a times, we look a glass half empty, yet we forget (or refused) to look at it half full.

I truly learned a lesson today, and deep down I am so ashamed of how I behaved in front of my fellow comrades when they spoke to me about things which they just wanted clarification. Instead, I tried to hide my own weakness and put up a defensive shield and have misunderstood them.

I guess I can never take back whats been said and done, whats been hurt has left a scar. I just hope that I will not re-open wounds and end up eating my own words again.

“不能事事尽如人意, 但求凡事无愧於心.”

As it translates,

“I may not live up to everyone’s expectations at all times, but I do try to accomplish them in that I would not have any regrets.”


March 19, 2011

无聊 [wú liáo]

Don’t eat me ~ !!!


别吃我 ~~!!!