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December 15, 2010

Love, Faith, Live – says V.WU

So I been following V.Wu’s blog lately. After the drama series that I been following got me curious about this beautiful man, though he does remind me of my ex bf in some ways. =.=

And its good to know that he is a born again Christian and proud of it. I think its rather challenging going in this path despite the many negative elements surrounding the entertainment world.

I was walking around the mall today, and came across this cute lil thing which reminded me of this entertainer.

These are all pictures of him I got from his blog, (i’d like to believe it is really his “real” blog, seems real enough I guess) and yes, the pic on the far left was poorly edited but watever. I just needed to blur out the background. >.<

And here’s to a Soldier of God, fighting the good fight!