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November 25, 2010

Of Harry Potter, Cakes and Sudden Ideas.

Went to watch Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows the other day. Yes, Part 1. Sheesh. Well, I must say am glad I didnt chose to watch it on 3D or IMAX cos really there wasn’t much action on it.

Anyhoo.. I’m not really a big fan of Harry Potter, just a fan of Magic and Movies.. šŸ™‚

So I’d say it was just a 3 out of 5 star rating for me. Neutral feeling, nothing wow-some or wat not.

Actually I had stomach upset the other day, so for the past two days, tried to stay away from outside food and just forced myself to eating bland home-made congee. Lo and behold, last night I had the next best thing a tastebud can ever experience…

Chocolate Moist Cake… by Starbucks..

The way the chocolate filling in the center melted was just glorious… ~~

Finished it in less than 3 minutes.

I can’t wait to plan my next bite on it!

You know how life is short and you should experience all that there is to offer? Well, I must say I made a resolution this year which I managed to achieve and I must say I am very proud of myself for that. And thus, comes my next mission (after getting blonde hair and shaving off all of it, then getting a ccard)..

I shall take a journey to a foreign place… alone!

Am planning on visiting a foreign country alone, but am not sure when, or where yet. My number one choice would be Japan. (Mostly inspired by stuffs they sell at Japanese Home Centres and Dai-So).

So there. Let the mission plan begin…

Oh, and I shall also post a shoutout in my FB, to make a list.

30 list of things to do before I reach 30!!!

November 24, 2010

The Bald and Beautiful

Remember I talked about shaving my hair off back in this post?

Well, as you can see from my FB profile badge, I DID IT!

How did it feel doing it? Well, I think I should tell the story from the beginning.

I didn’t really plan it out, I mean, I planned to have it shaved off during my Bday actually, but instead I went on the spontaneous road. I was back in KK after 2 long years being away. Then just blurted it out to my mom that I wanted to be Bald for once and try how it feels, with the excuse that I also wanted to get rid of my ugly outgrown Blonde hair.

To my surprise, my mom actually agreed to the idea! And so it became a special mom and daughter memory in which she brought me to the BARBER instead of a Salon. She claimed that if we went to the Salon, they’d beĀ gossipingĀ a lot and she hated those yappings.

So off we went on 26th October, just 3 days before I was bound back to Manila.

The Lady in the Barber shop commented when I just walked in to their “men only” shop, that if I wanted a lady-cut this wasn’t the place for me. So we just told them I was just gonna go shave off all the hair. They were only SLIGHTLY shocked, but was kinda supportive though. And so another old man was there and he was the one to shave off my hair.

I was brave enough to shave off my hair but was rather shy to actually show off my narcissism and take pictures of the event!

This was the only pic I managed to take with my hair half shaven..

What people didn’t really know is that I actually shaved my hair twice. The first time, I actually wanted it CLEAN shaven, like using the blade and all. But yes, being me, I was too shy to ask after the guy said he was done. I just wanted to get out from there already!

Then when I told my mom to do it for me, she was scared and said we should just go back there! And so expecting the ugly comments from the same guy, yes, he said “she could’ve mentioned it that day!”.

I was like, hey dude, am paying you double the price of a one-time job ok???


So second time round, my mom remembered to take pictures this time with her phone, but I never got around to get it from her. =.=”

But I did however, took some after shots..

From the shot on the right, you could see that there were some cuts and blood clots from the blade shave..
And then some cam-whore time..
And then 23 days later …
Can’t wait till it all grows out.. next challenge, not to cut my hair for at least 2 years!!!!
For now, onwards to my awkward hair stages Ā ~~~
November 17, 2010

uh.. whaa…?? November na ba?

knock knock… *krik *krik *krik (crickets?)

Its like blowing off dust from an old book.. sheesh..

Hello World!

Papams just got out of hibernation. Because its N-O-V-E-M to the B-E-R!!! WAZZZUUUP~

Ok, i’m just bein crazy here. Hehe.

Its been waaaay too long.. I wish I had put in more effort to blog about my lame plain life but I guess its fine anyway, its not like I have 999 readers right? kof kof..

Sooo.. wats been up with life lately? Well, as you can see from my FB photos, I shaved off my blondes and became Sinead O Conner for a while.

Work wise, the usual politics here and there, reports due and over-dued.. it never ends anyway. But its all good I suppose.

I recently am hooked on Taiwanese pop culture, and contemplating to visit Taiwan just to get my hands on a drama series DVD, “Next Stop, Happiness” or the English Title “Autumn’s Concerto”. I didn’t get any reply on FB page on whether I could avail it online. So I guess I just have to go the origin and try to get it myself!

Anywho.. am very proud of my mom too. Recently we have been communicating almost everyday via email. I was darn frustrated and impatient while teaching her to use the lappy when I finally got back to KK last October. But I know she was just being dependent and clingy. Now that she has to do it herself, I think she actually learns more and she can do it bah!

Ok, enough about that. I still gotta get ready for work in 2 hours. So I’ll just leave this post with a nice photo of an idea that just popped into my head yesterday.

mmmm~~~ yummeh~~~