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August 20, 2010

The Voice Recorder. #impulsiveBuying #workaholic #dontreallyneedthis #latepost

*posted on Aug 10, 2015, so I am actually 5 years late!*

You know I got late posts like this while I am spring cleaning and checking out my old receipts.



Because I needed a committed “voice recorder” to record all our meeting discussions and take down comprehensive meeting minutes, I decided I should get this device. I saw a few branded ones like Philips and those cost about 4K pesos and above, so it was the cheapest choice I could get with this RCA brand at 2,200 pesos only. Got this at the Anson Electrical appliances shop at the Cash & Carry mall.


August 4, 2010

Its August!

Imagine the number of hours spent at work, if only we could personalize the pc we use at work, I would probably just lived in the office…

Yesterday we had a Management meeting, very luxurious, at the Marriot Hotel ballroom. I was presenting in front of about 50 people, including the owners of the company. It was nerve wrecking.

Just as I arrived at the location, I felt sick to my stomach and needed to hurl. I think it was the combination of the empty stomach, the car sickness, and the nerves that got me feeling sick for a bit.

But yes, thankfully after some bread, my dizzyness and sickness went away, and it was time for some serious practice.

Out of all those presentations that day, it was really mind boggling that my presentation had to be one that was full of questions. Questions that even my superior believes that shouldn’t be answered by my department.

Anyhoo, I’m glad we were well prepared, and had good compliments and praise for my presentation. Of course, I always believed I could have done much better.

Its one of those days that I am relieved and glad that some important task is over. So today, am getting a massage, and some retail therapy!!