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July 16, 2010

Small Things.

I was just at Rustan’s and checking out some light groceries and came across this tiny little thing.

I couldn’t help myself, I just had to grab one to go.

I’m such a sucker for small tiny things. It’s just so darn irresistible cos its too cute!!!


Not to mention, it is also rather yummy!


Dutch Mill, you’d better thank me for this free ad.

July 13, 2010


Bet you can’t guess what I just said.. HAHA~

Been so caught up in work, am just gonna say some crap here about something that I wanted to put as a shout out on my FB, but I think it would be a very controversial topic.

Seriously, girls who LOUDLY say they enjoy watching SOCCER, is just BULLS.

I’m not even the girly girl type yet I’d admit I’m dumb when it comes to car science, soccerism and gizmos.

Come on, really? Watching 21 men going after 1 ball, thats something more exciting than watching ANTM?? Duh~

I know them girls, they just like to show men that they could be ‘cool’ and be like ‘one of the boys’ and enjoy soccer just as much as men do. They’re so PLASTIC. Wat? Couldn’t get a guy’s attention otherwise?


Go figure.

Thank God World Cup Is OVER!!!!!