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June 2, 2010

Work Work Work

I actually had a good day today, receiving compliments really does me good and helps me feel I’m appreciated at work.

Had to do a presentation at work today for a group of staffs from another company. I was nervous throughout the time while waiting for my turn.

I suppose it went alright but yes, I do believe I could’ve done much better. Cos when I started out to speak, my throat and whole mouth started to dry up!! And it kind of made me lose my cool for a bit and I wasn’t comfortable speaking.

Anyhow, I pulled through and managed. And received two compliments which really gave me an ego boost. :p

The other department head wanted to borrow me over, and the other manager said my presentation went well.. 🙂

Although, after getting back to my teammates, I was rather agitated by one of the staffs cos she was raising her voice at me and challenging my instructions and advice. No respect at all.. tsk.. imagine if that instruction had came from the boss, she would’ve yapped in agreement like DOG!!!

UUUURRRRHHHHHHHGGGGGG…. just hate how some people can be so ignorant!!

to hell with them….