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April 19, 2010

Casey James version – Jealous Guy

I was dreaming of the past.
And my heart was beating fast,
I began to lose control,
I began to lose control,

I didn’t mean to hurt you,
I’m sorry that I made you cry,
I didn’t want to hurt you,
I’m just a jealous guy,

I was feeling insecure,
You night not love me any more,

I was shivering inside,
I was shivering inside,

I was trying to catch your eyes,
Thought that you were trying to hide,
I was swallowing my pain,
I was swallowing my pain.


Loved this song by Casey James in American Idol 9 … made me have goosebumps listening to it!!

Melting melting~~~~

April 3, 2010

What If

by Babyface

I ran into a friend of yours the other day
And I asked her how you’ve been
She said my girl is fine; just bought a house, got a job, real good man
I told her I was glad for you; that’s wonderful
But does she ever ask `bout me?
She said she’s happy with her life right now
Let her go, let her be
And I told myself I would, but something in my heart just would not let you go
I just wanna know

What if we were wrong about each other?
What if you were really made for me?
What if we was `sposed to be together?
Would that not mean anything?
What if that was `sposed to be my house that you go home to every day?
How can you be sure that things are better?
If you can’t be sure your heart is still here with me
Still wanting me

Your friend asked me if there was someone special in my life that I was seeing
I told her there was no one in particular
There’s just I, myself, and me
I told her that I dream of you quite often
She just cut her eyes at me
She said you got a home, you’re very happy
So just stop your meddling
I told her that I won’t
I said things were cool, but I guess I was wrong
I still can’t move on


Now that could be my car
That could be my house
That could be my baby boy that you’re nursing
That could be the trash that I always take out
That could be the chair that I love to chill in
That could be my food on the table at the end of the day
Hugs and the kisses, all the love we make
What the hell do you expect me to say?
What if it’s really `sposed to be this way?
What if you’re really `sposed to be with me?


Been thinking too much lately.. I wish I could stop. But thats just how I am. No matter how much I try to be spontaneous and not think about the consequences of my actions and decisions now (because of the infamous saying that “you only live one life, so live everyday as if it was your last”). Yet I still find myself hard to really indulge in that thought that I SHOULDNT think of the future too much. That everything is gonna turn out alright…

Its one of those days I start to think about the future again..

aaaaaaaaaaarrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… i don’t want to but I can’t help it! TSK!!!!

April 1, 2010


Wasn’t really in the mood to watch a movie yesterday, but I figured I needed to do something while waiting to go out. So finally managed to watch this animation since I first saw the trailer and thought how amazing this movie would be. I was not wrong..

It was indeed a truly amazing story, and there was not a second of a boring moment. Expect lots of action, not much surprises but the details in the animation is quite spectacular.

I’d give it a 4/5 star rating..