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March 24, 2010

HCM stories

It’s been a week here in HCM City, and I’ve been to enough places as I could imagine on a short trip and minimal time on hand. I still need to go to work for 8 hours a day and with only 1 day off.

Almost everyday on the first week being here I had about less than 4 hours sleep, mainly due to me and my roomie trying to catch every time that we can to visit some popular tourists sites. Knowing how little time we have in a foreign country.

I must say, the number of bikes here are ridiculous!! Thats one of the most significant impression that Vietnam has left me with. Other than the food being ungodly cheap, the rest of the things that I find here in VN is not as impressive as I had expected it to be.

The worst impression of Viet people that I met was probably while visiting the Ben Thanh Market. The vendors are extremely pushy, to the point where they’d actually grab your arm and even tried to pull my bag!! I was so turned off by that.. I had never experienced anything as rude as that!!

Other than that negative impression, other things here are just fine. Am quite proud of myself and my roomie cos we managed to go around sightseeing without having to depend on friends that can’t be depend on.. ehem..

Most happy about LOADS of pictures but UNFORTUNATELY, my memory card had to screw up on me and the plastic that chipped got stuck in the camera memory slot. It ruined my memory card and I can’t even buy another new memory card to replace it as the stupid chipped plastic is stuck inside!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR……… SOOOOoooooo tempted to just grab a brand new camera here!! Must. Control. Myself.

So I thought I could depend on my roomie’s camera for more pictures, then we realised her battery just died and she didn’t bring her charger. GREAT.

Tsk… so I guess thats enough picture taking for now.. I was stuck with my camera phone in the History Museum.. boooooooohhooooooooooooo~~~

Countdown: 3 more days… Manila here I come!!!

March 16, 2010

Day 1 in HCM..

Its been a looooong day..
From rushing to the bank early morning to get Dollars, to the ride to the airport and checking in, to passing the immigration procedure..

Gosh I hate travelling…

But yes, I don’t mind the sight seeing.. its really the process of it that bugs me so much. I’M IMPATIENT!!

Anyhoo.. am currently at the shared housing in VN.. an area called “YEN THE” which is about less than 10 minutes away from the airport.

Arrived here local time 15:08, and headed off straight to the office to get familiarize with the places and office areas. Then its off to Lion City, a Singaporean resto located around the city centre. I can’t recall the names of places here yet. Viet language is so complicated! Its prolly one of my fears of coming here and getting a culture shock due to the language difference and the fact that the people here don’t speak much English. And the worse fact is, everything is in their language!! The receipts and everything written! I had a hard time looking at the shampoo signs and the types or differences when there was no English languages at all!!

So back to dinner, food at Lion City was above average, and the exciting thing about this food adventure was the fact that it was my first try at Frog legs!!! I had to keep pushing my thoughts away from the fact that those juicy meat came from the slimy creature whose piss could blind an army!! (My roomie just told me it wasn’t actually frog meat.. huh?? I could’ve sworn it didn’t look like chicken to me!!)

Oh well, so much for the ‘faked’ excitement..

Other than that, had some fresh Crabs with the usual sauce and way of cooking that I missed so much.. Also had some baby squids which were crunchy and I didn’t like it that much cos I kept feeling bad for those baby squids…

And it wouldn’t be Singaporean without its famous Singaporean meehoon goreng! Yummy!!

After the food galore, we went for a short grocery shopping trip down the street at Maximark Supermarket at Duong Cong Hoa.

My roomie went on an Instant noodle frenzy and spent up to US$25 on that grocery list. Apparently Vietnamese Instant noodles taste way better than those back in Manila. So we’re stocking up on that.

We decided we should end the night by 10pm here. Since unfortunately, one of my other colleague that came for training with us isn’t in the same graveyard shift as my roomie and I was in. That sucks though. Was really looking forward to us spending time after work if we were in the same shift but sadly we weren’t!!

Am gonna upload the pics slowly cos my Nikon is starting to produce poor quality pics already. So I didn’t manage to take much pictures from day 1. Also due to the time, it was already night time by the time we were able to go out and enjoy the city for a bit. Hopefully we’d still have the opportunity to do so in day time soon…

So I’ll leave this post while I am still afresh with my memories of day 1 experiences, I must say the residential architectures here are intriguing, and the houses are arranged so neatly.. You’d see lots of people in motorbikes and scooters rather than cars.. and according to my Viet colleague, they wear their traditional clothing as a school uniform! It’s amazing how different cultures are in another land.. I’m truly blessed to have this opportunity despite hating the travelling process!

March 11, 2010

Cloudy with a chance of “Ulan”..

It looks like its gonna rain today..

I ran out to take a panoramic landscape photo only to realise that I still haven’t installed Photoshop on my lappy since I formatted it.. sheesh..

Neways, guess I’ll just leave you guys with a photo long overdue..


Its already the fourth day of the week.. how could time pass us by so quickly??

Its almost April na~!!

March 9, 2010

Heatwave surfing in

I don’t remember March being this warm last year.. As they said though.. world climate change sucks balls and the end of the world is pretty sooon…

Its one of those days that when the Aunty Visits, everything around me becomes gloomy and depressing. Just the other day work was like hell busy and so many mistakes from so many people and it just felt like rain and stormy weather was pouring over our department, despite the hot and blaring sun..

I like to live by the motto, “People make mistakes, thats why they put erasers on pencils.” But of course, I myself despise making them.. Because no matter how great your eraser is, the mistake was made, and it made an impact.

Anyway, this entry isn’t about mistakes, but more of a gloomy and dark update of whats going on with papams on this month of March.. Everything seems depressing the past few days, life stories of natural disasters around the world… my boss giving me crap about how I plan the duty roster.. and how office politics makes me want to chop my own head off because of all the impossible people to work with!!

Other depressing shit that just smacks my face are like watching my ex having such a great time with their lives with their other halves in Facebook… Why couldn’t they be nice to me when I was with them? Sometimes I wonder if I am really the problem in a relationship.. and thats depressing too when I come to realise that its probably me that is the problem… uurrrhhhhhhggg… I feel like deleting myself from the Facebook world..

On the bright side of things, I’ll be bringing lots of Vietnamese Coffee back the next time I take a ride on the plane..

March 5, 2010

Papams in Mall-Land

Finally I managed to get myself a long-enough deserving day off from work since everyone had their fun from their vacation!

So off to Mall of Asia for food hunting.

Did anyone realised that despite having so many pizza and pasta places around Manila, 1 type of Italian food was really a rare find? RAVIOLI!!

bistro Ravioli

So I actually passed by this place a couple of times already but never really went in, and I figured this time I should give it a try already.

So I got myself a Salmon filling ravioli and some “DIABLO” wings.. mmm…

Bistro Ravioli 1

All in all, Papam’s rating for the food was a 2/5 star.. the Salmon tasted alright, just the cream was too yellowish.. not a nice sight really.. the wings was tasty though.. I still don’t like the way the oil tastes..

Next thing on the list, got a hair trim at Davids Salon, but it was a rather wasteful 300 pesos on such a plain hair trim.. duh.. kinda regretted it.. now bits and pieces of that 4k pesos spent on the hair coloring is trimmed off! booo hooo~~~

I was a bit late to the cinema thanks to that lousy hair cut, but still managed to enjoy the 3D movie though.. Rather disappointed that IMAX wasn’t showing Alice In Wonderland on 3D yet.. tsk..

Alice in Wonderland

Though the 3D glasses not only stinked, I also can’t really enjoy the movie cos the freakin glasses was kind of awkwardly designed that I can still see the frames while watching the movie! lousy lah..

But yes, the movie storyline and all.. not disappointing talaga… Throughout the movie though, I kept asking myself how the original Alice In Wonderland movie went already.. Kinda forgot it eh.. So I guess I should find time to watch the old cartoon version again.. hehehe..