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February 26, 2010

2010 American Idol – Papam’s say

Well, you gotta win some, and lose some..

I guess the four that left AI tonight, I must say 1 choice was made wrongly. But anyhoo..

I wanted to blog about this yesterday, but I was alternating between cooking dinner and watching AI that I just got so beat out from all that hard work so I figured I’ll just leave that for today.

So my favorites this season, there’s a few of them so far since the first performance. One of them gotta be the Tall and dreamy Casey James, his rendition of HEAVEN was such a serenading song!!!

Lee Dewyze .. David Cook wanna be..

Lily Scott.. She reminds me of a girl from a Rock band but I forgot the band name..

And Siobhan Magnus… She got a really unique name.. and she’s the quirky one too..

So am looking out for these guys during the competition. I actually like a few others too but not too sure yet cos they only sang 1 song so far, and am hoping to hear what they can do with other songs.

I must agree with Simon though, this season, there isn’t much strong vocals so far. And everyone is not creative enough truly..

So, looking forward to next week’s competition..

All pictures are credits from the official website of A.I on

February 18, 2010

North Park is the WORST FOOD CHAIN EVER!

I am writing this on an empty stomach, outraged at the fact that my order for a measly 314.45 peso delivery came after 1 hour and 45 minutes!!!

When I ordered it, they said it will take 45mins. Not like they’re serving PIZZA hot from the oven!!! So what the hell, I waited.

And waited.

And ggrrrrrrr…. (stomach growling) but waited.

And then I called the delivery center again, and they apologized, and said that they will check with the branch, and get someone to call me back.

I waited again, no one called. So I called them again. And yet AGAIN, they tell me they will get someone to call. And then no one called, but they just show up with the food hoping I would still accept it.

I told them to go to hell.


I just told them I canceled the order even before they got here.


February 17, 2010

Strangers say the darnest things

I took the lift this morning, heading towards 3rd, was really hungry and I just hurriedly went out of the lift and on the corner of my left eye, I noticed this little petite lady in a brown dress, hair tied to a tiny bun, with those funky-nerdy glasses, she was getting juice just beside the Fitness First entrance.

So after getting my what nots.. and off I hurriedly went again to the lift, and this time, there were a few people waiting for the lift down, including the tiny lady I briefly noticed a while ago.

And so we were in the same lift, down to the lobby, past the securities again, and again to another lift to my office level. I didn’t realise the little brown dressed lady took the same lift with me again. She pressed on the 15th floor.

And as the lift went up, there was also another guy in the lift during that time, suddenly I heard a voice from behind me,

“Nice hair color.”

Woke me up a bit, and I turned around, smiled and said,

“Thanks. 🙂 ”

And I turned back to face forward.

I didn’t know what else to say at that point. Whether I should say, “I’m Pam by the way, nice to meet you?”

And as we went up levels, the other guy got off, and it was just me and her.

And I turned to her and said, “you work at the 15th floor?”

As she was getting ready to get off the lift, she casually looked at me and said something sort of like, “I’m usually not on the 18th floor..” (huh?? ok.. I guess I didn’t really get what she said)

But she got off, and we both acknowledged each other and nodded, and both responded in,

“See you around..”

And the lift door closes.

February 15, 2010

The Year of the TIGERRRRR

Gosh.. I keep telling myself I needed to blog I needed to blog, and all those pics taken all just left in the camera waiting for the time they’d be edited and posted up here..

Sigh~~~ I wasn’t so frickin busy to the point where I couldn’t blog. The whole reason why this is such a delayed post is becos I been shifted to the morning shift, which meant more sleep, less personal time..

Early morning is such a hard time to wake up really, I always find trouble waking up at the wee hours of 3:45am.. Which, naturally, causes me to be tired much easily by the time 7pm comes, and I already feel like I needed to sleep already.

So the past week, office is rather quiet cos most ppl are away, in their hometown, celebrating the Chinese New Year of the Tiger.. I managed to do some shopping around, well, a day out was nice though. Went to the morning market, and finally found nasi lemak that tasted waaaay better than the one at Makan Sutra.

There was also LAKSA.. mmmmmmm

The food tasted just good enough for me to feel ‘home’ again. Its actually a restaurant here called MELAKA and they sell their stuff on the weekly Saturday Salcedo market. Good stuff.

And you know you gotta “JUICE IT” with those thirst quenchers!

During the week, I also managed to find some random interesting stuff around the malls, like this,

Who woulda thought huh? Pizza in a cone, just like ice-cream! Only this one is HOT…

And look what they sell at this special pizza stall? Round mineral waters?? Damn adorable!!!! Couldn’t resist it..

During the past week, I also managed to catch up with the Award Winning Blockbuster movie of “last year” (goes to show how out dated I am). The “AVATAR”. And I watched it in 3D, IMAX. Muahhaahahaha.. full movie in 3D!!! So worth the money la! The movie was outrageously awesome. I was left speechless.

IMAX was also showing “Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs”! Hehehehe.. so cute lah.. I watched that already though.. just on my small screen lappy…hehehehe

All in all, I accomplished quite a lot of outing for the last 2 weeks, and I must say am starting to feel exhausted already from all the going-outs and miss just staying home watching tv and blogging..

Oh, other than having outings, the past 1 week, I had stomach upsets.. gawd it was bad!! It de-motivated me from gymming and made me terrified of all oily and delicious food.. all I try to consume now is plain rice topped with hot water (lazy person’s way of imitating congee) and stirred in with Bovril.. mmm..

Anyway, for the week ahead is not gonna be any easier since all my colleagues are still on vacation mode and I’m the only person not celebrating CNY, bein stuck with no vacation for now, and having to work longer consecutive days before I get a day off..

To all the CNY celebrants, happy Chinese new Year of the Tiger, and 恭喜发财!!!

Don’t forget me if you’re giving out red packets eh? kekekekekeke

February 6, 2010


YAY!!! Got ma doo-doos again!!! WOOOHHOOOO.. better enjoy this while it lasts.. I know it’ll run dry when its almost mid February..

So my department organized a pre-CNY dinner for just us since everyone will be on vacation leave starting next week for the Chinese New Year festivals.. And we had Japanese food!!! My favorite!!!

Though I must say, the service at the place we went to was quite terrible.. They were slow in serving our food, other than that, we had to keep asking them for the stuffs that we requested! Heck, don’t they have a notebook or something to remember our orders??

Food wise, not too bad, the salmon was fresh though I wish I had remembered to grab a photo of it!! Images to come below..

We went in 2 batches, due to the nature of our 24/7 work, we had to take turns to go to the resto for dinner and not being able to gather everyone together sucks really.

Anyway, the ambiance of the resto is nothing new, I mean, just like any other Japanese restos that we normally go to, had those Japanese paintings, and wood all around, Japanese music.. yada yada..

Now, the focus of going to any resto, is still, in the food itself,

Photos of these are credits to my colleague Jho who brought her SONY DSLR!!!! So jealous.. and I so shy to bring out my tiny Nikon already..

Though am a big fan of Jap food, but don’t expect me to remember all the names.. so I don’t know what this was but I know the orange little round beads are actually fish eggs which me likey!

We also had some barbeque things, that came in sticks.. Corn, Potato wrapped in bacon, pork, chicken wings and some veggies.. interestingly not so Japanese eh? Well, like I said, I forgot to take the pics of the Sashimi!!

My colleagues also ordered something they call “Uni” which I am not sure whats it called in English terms, but the sight of it is pretty gross not very appetizing (mind you) and I didn’t eat much of it too cos the fishy smell and taste was a bit too strong for my guts to handle..

And of course, whats a Japanese meal without Tempura right? Oh but I must say I’ve tasted better Tempura than the one served here cos it was too starchy due to over flouring.. (i think that terms exists?) heheheh

And on to deserts!!

The Coffee Jelly that was highly recommended by my colleague, and we were expecting that they pour coffee over the jelly or something but its actually the “coffee-flavoured” jelly. Topped with Vanilla ice-cream.

And behold, the Wasabi Ice-cream!!!!…..

……. NOOOOTTTT….!!!!

But kinda looks it though.. hehehe.. its just Green Tea ice cream but not too bad as well..

This is the first batch that went ahead to start the dinner, and you could get a rather good view of how the VIP room looks like..

And the second batch that got to enjoy the deserts! Huahahahaha

Nice!!! A good start to February!!!


Have a prosperous Chinese New Year of the TIGER people!!!