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January 31, 2010

Clean Shave

I was at the gym on the treadmill yesterday. You have no idea how running on a treadmill and waiting for the time to quickly go by so you can end the running already, could make us think so much.

So as I was running, a thought came to my mind. A crazy idea really. But its not one that hasn’t been done in reality.

I was thinking to be brave and go “Britney” for once in my life. Shave my head and go bald.


I know, its crazy right? I was even thinking about how I was gonna pull it off at work, maybe a wig, a hat or something.

Thing is, it’ll prolly make me look like I have cancer! (knock wood)

While searching for pics of Bald and Beautiful celebs, I bumped into this blog which mentioned that they had a charity run to shave their heads for cancer campaign! Awesome.. a good cause (and excuse) to shave off the hair. I wish our office would do something like that then I won’t have to think up a cover up! Tsk!

So here’s a few celebs who were hairless but still looked

A W E S O M E ~

Who could deny Demi Moore rocked it like no one else?

And Natalie Portman made bald look so sweet~!

And the ever-so elegant looking, Noemi Elenoir

These are all my inspiration to shave off my mane..

Lets just hope i don’t really end up looking “Britney” Gaga!

I really can’t imagine how I’d look like without any hair. I don’t even know if I have a nice head shape to go without hair!!

Anyhoo.. its actually a plan I set out to do NEXT YEAR.. So I have a whole 11 months ahead to re-consider..

Its the end of the month!! So long January 2010… Hola February 2010!!!!

3 days till payday!!!!


January 29, 2010

Jason Castro – “Let’s Just Fall In Love Again”

It was about 2 years back when I posted something about this dude here.

And just yesterday while I was in the gym running on the treadmill I saw his MTV!!!

Awww.. finally the guy made it to the limelight again since American Idol..

However, after listening to this song, its sad that it was rather disappointing cos his voice reminded me of the Jonas Brothers!!!

I was kinda expecting somewhat Ben Harper or Jack Johnson kinda melody and style since their his influence.. sad though..

I also checked out his bio on wikipedia and found out he recently got married! Gosh!! And he’s only what, 22 years old????? So young lah!!! Why want to get married already???


Anyway.. just in case you guys might be interested how he sounds like on his debut single..

January 28, 2010

District Nine

Watched this movie unintentionally yesterday.. my mate switched it on and said lets watch this!

I thought it was gonna be one of those B-Grade sci-fi movies. Well interestingly, I was wrong…

The movie had a lot of action in it, and even some warm compassionate moments in a very humane way.. u gotta watch it to get what I mean really..

The presentation of the movie was rather B-Grade, I mean, in terms of the casting.. the main actor I never even seen him in other movies before.. and the accent he tried to pull off in the movie didn’t really cut it for me.. sounded rather fake.. but u can ignore that just to be intrigued with the story though..

Expect somewhat “CLOVERFIELD” type of setting.. of course, there’s not much twist to the movie.. and I wished the ending was made differently though..

I’d say a 4/5 star review from someone who’s not such a big fan of sci fi movies..

ooppss.. times up! Off to work.. =_=’

January 25, 2010

Keeping up with time

I don’t know how many times I mentioned that time is just going too fast. I am really not able to keep up anymore!

Its just the other day that it was NEW Year 2010, now its no longer “NEW” anymore!! It’s coming to the end of January already!!

Sheesh… well, flashing back to the times that just past me by this whole month, I think I didn’t accomplish much really. Other than having 7 sessions in Fitness First out of 25 days of the month, I also manage to spend some quality time with colleagues (other than during the annual dinner), something I rarely get to do.. Speaking of Annual dinner, I have decided that I won’t be blogging about that anymore since pictures speak a thousand words, and I’ve already took the time to upload pics from the event to FB, so might as well leave it at that.. speechless..

Managed to watch some movies on DVDs that was way overdue, like “Jennifer’s Body” and the Pixar animated “UP”.

All in all, my January was semi-good I guess.. Surely looking forward to the rest of the year.. but not looking forward to anything particular though.. just.. simply.. life..

Ho hum…

Here’s something random… I’m so broke that this is the simplest thing I had for dinner last night..

Cheers people.. we’ll see what February’s got to give..

January 24, 2010

My name is Pam, and I’m a COKE addict.

Its sad but true, I need to resist it.. i really do…

I never used to have coke everytime, the occasional times, in parties, and especially when we have fast food for a meal..

Since coming here, Coke is such a big part of the commoners’ lifestyle and culture. And even in advertisements, Coke is consumed during a usual dinner at home..

Urrghhh… Must… have… coke….


On a whole other note, I am on the Graveyard shift for the next 4 weeks, well, actually its week 3 of my graveyard shift next week. So its been 2 weeks of Graveyard shift, and I am almost breaking down.. like literally…

Cos thing about my shift, its an odd hour, and not only that, I have to fill in for my colleague’s morning 5am shift for just 1 day while she’s on her day off, and in the end, I end up working every day.. like I didn’t actually had any REAL rest!

Thats one of the updates at work, other than that, I was kinda appointed to be “team leader” and so the pressure is ON!!! Lots of expectation, lots of hard work.. sheesh.. I mean, I am honored and truly appreciate the fact that my efforts and skills are noticed, but at the same time, I do feel there are other people there that are more experienced than me and have been in the department longer, I just worry some kind of “jealousy” or what not going on in their minds you know..

The next shitty thing about work is that I was just told, we can’t do the whole “casual wear” look to work anymore. I mean, not unless we were on Graveyard shift. The excuse was that we needed to look and show professionalism in anticipation of guests suddenly showing up! Geez…

To top it all off, I’m darn broke right now.. Can’t wait till pay day!!!!!

Today is not a good day.. I should be in the gym working my ass off, but here I am.. gathering my fats in front of the pc…

The feeling right now just sucks balls maan~~

January 22, 2010

Makan Sutra!

Finally made it to Makan Sutra, a place my mates kept bugging me about going cos they know I miss Malaysian food so much and the Makan Sutra sounds so Malaysian they figured I should give it a try.

Getting to Makan Sutra was a bit confusing as I thought it was an independant resto like outside the road or something, but lil did I know, that Makan Sutra was actually located INSIDE Manila Ocean Park, within a half-completed ‘future’ Mall.

To my surprise, Makan Sutra was not of a fancy resto, but it was actually something I was quite familiar with back home.

So it says Asian Food Village, nice catchy theme to it. And on the way inside, quite a nice ambiance. Not to worry that it looks empty cos I was there kinda late.

More interior view, you could see lamp posts situated around the place..

The kitchen is actually the centre focus of the whole area. Its like a glass see through kitchen and there are designated counters around it, and separate sections for different countries of food types..

See those overhead thingies that makes it look like small stalls?

And they had their menu also part of the whole interior design by placing them on the board written with chalks..

On to my orders for that day….

I missed the soto ayam and soto daging back home at a specific location in Likas opposite All Saints highschool. So I figured I’d try the soto they were gonna serve here.

Sadly, it didn’t taste authentic enough and surely by looking at this picture, if you’ve had those soto back in Likas, this doesn’t look even close to appetizing as the one back in Likas.

Disappointing soto.. 😥

Next thing I tried was the “Sate” which they only served in Chicken, was also not what I expected but the only thing that was right about the sate was the gravy. The peanut sauce was it, it tasted familiar. The rice that they put? Suppose to be sticky rice! But its not! Another disappointment..

This was probably the most disappointing and “so-not-worth-the-money” dish. The “Ikan Bakar” as we would call it back home. Its grilled fish topped with spicy sauce, but the thing they did wrong was they didn’t use the sting ray as I usually liked it. Instead they used local Bangus, and even had the sauce on the wrong side of the fish! Tsk!!

The last dish I think was just so-so, I mean, its meant to be simple and the beauty of it is that of its simplicity. The rice tasted the way it was suppose to, but the sauce was kinda commercialized and the serving was unbelievably small! The nasi lemak was another slight disappointment!

So all in all, I think I was only happy about the Sate’s peanut sauce and my beverage, the “Air Bandung” which is rose syrup with milk.

Despite all that disappointments, I still do want to go back and try the other menus too, like the chicken rice, the bah kut teh, and the chinese dim sum. Which I think the next time I go there, should be during brunch time..

I still miss KK food though, the Lintas Sang Nyuk Mien.. the Bah Kut Teh down at Gaya Street, the Wong Jiu Kai as well.. the Tuaran Mee..


I’m stuck with Pizzas and Mc Donalds here. Darn..

January 19, 2010

A Taste of Korea

I’m actually not a big fan of Korean food. I prefer Japanese food, but then since my colleagues wanted to have a simple dinner and I suppose I just wanted to challenge myself and have a go. Why not??

So as usual, I like taking pics of the restaurant brand, and the logos and stuff. Here’s me with a big grin and the paper thingy they put on the table..

And since my colleagues had been there before, I let them decide what we should order and plus I couldn’t be bothered to make a decision at that point cos I was too hungry already!

So the “order-ers” made their call,

While another colleague and I flashed our mobile phone lights away with poses and the side dishes that were served. Yes I know, shouldve brought my camera.. tsk..

The side dishes..

Notice the grill in the middle? Thats wats so cool about it!

And then the main course, beef and pork meat!! yummeh~~ except for those yellow soup thingies.. those are supposedly pumpkin puree according to F, and I thought it was gonna taste like the pumpkin soup my sister makes, well, nope.

Some freebie side dishes again, (it was really worth the meal with all those side dishes. And side dishes can be re-filled at no cost! gilaaaa~~) This was sweet and sour, with some tofu and eggs, taste nice really..

And the steamed egg, ooohhhhhh.. i love eggs no matter how they are cooked.. so this was definitely my favourite next to the beef of course.. hehehe.. all the other side dishes tasted rather funkeh!!

I was about to give crap to B for taking us to that place cos when I saw the grill, I thought I had to cook those stuff myself when I’m already famished.. Buuuuutt.. I guess I was wrong, they do the cooking for us too!!! (Suddenly papams got so amazed and intrigued with Korean food)

Busy eaters..

and… those that can still pose and eat alongside.. hehehe

Cheers!! 맛있는 !!!

January 14, 2010

Chicka Spayed

I know I should blog about the annual dinner first, but as I mentioned how sometimes, its kinda depressing to talk about past events cos its already in the past, especially events that you were soooo looking forward to, preparing and all that, and when it ends, thats it.

Well, I’ll still talk about that maybe when I find the time (hopefully before this month ends!). But I wanna talk about Chicka first, cos poor girl got spayed today and I feel like I could understand the kind of pain she’s going through and not to mention, she actually looks so depressed!!

Here’s Chicka right after surgery at the clinic.. awwww…

Poor cat was shivering and trembling from the anesthesia.. Had to let her stay at the clinic for about 2 hours before bringing her home.. And I had to put the “cone” thingy over her neck cos she started to lick her wounds, which the vet advised that she shouldn’t do so, to avoid infecting the wound..

Chicka’s stitch up-close.. I personally think the doc did a bad job cos it looks all squished up and shit.. and her boobies look so saggy.. i think she was still lactating and all that milk is swelling up her tits..

Chicka confined..

Here’s another shot of Chicka without the flash so her eyes wouldn’t look GHOSTLY!!

It’s gonna take her about 10 days for a full recovery.. So she’ll have to be quarantined in the cage… Poor Chicka!!!

At least now I won’t have to worry about her getting pregnant and having more kittens for me to care for! So I can focus on taking good care of Chicka and making her gain weight!

Highlight of the event, I requested the vet to give me the uterus which they had removed..

Awesome experience to put in my life journal as I have had a number of my cats spayed but I never got to see their actual uterus!

January 6, 2010

“Blonde Ambitions”

So am here at I-Style, getting hair done for tonight’s Annual dinner. A brief message here while waiting for my hair to be done cos am so darn bored and i hate the process of waiting but its great that they have wifi!!

Am getting sleepy..zzzzzzzzz……