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December 31, 2009

Goodbye to 2009~

Yeap.. welcoming the new year 2010, uhm.. no.. I don’t really celebrate the new year by getting drunk in clubs and waking up with a bad hangover, and since am back here in Manila, just gonna welcome the new year the old fashion way.. Having loads of food to stuff my gut and then jump it off with coins in my pocket!

So other than having new year celebrations coming up, yesterday I went on to scout around for annual dinner “futuristic” dress, and found one which is simple but I think its right enough for the dinner. Didn’t want to overdo it.. hehehe.. won’t be showing the dress here yet until the day..

But my highlight for the shopping day yesterday was getting my first ever contact lenses. And a colored one at that. Since I also have poor eye sight, i had to get the graded colored lenses so most of the shops I went to needed to order the stock cos they didnt have them readily available.

And there was limited colors that I could actually chose from since most of it were out of stock..

So my initial preference was the Baby Aqua color which I think kinda has a tint of grey but still more visible than the actual Misty Grey. But of course, it was out of stock as well. So I was left with only Groovy Green for the choice as I saw that the color was not too bad, the lenses actually look rather greyish in color.

Since I was a first timer in using Contact lenses, the lady had to teach me how to put it on and my gosh I took at least 10 tries to successfully put in 1 eye only!!!

And the results~

Looks nice huh?? The first image on the left shows me with both eyes “Groovy Green”, see it doesnt even look really greenish.

And the second image in the middle was with 1 lenses off, and the other colored, and finally my au naturel eyes..

Its amazing how one’s eye could affect how a person looks really!

Though the lenses looked great, it was torture having it on!! My eyes were constantly trying to adjust to it! And I kept having blurred vision cos the contact kept getting out of place and I keep having the colored portion covering some of my vision!

I don’t reckon I can get used to using contact lenses seeing how much trouble it is just putting it on!

On a totally irrelevant topic, I bought a scratch mat for Chicka and look how excited she is wanting to use it that she went into the plastic bag! (well, it just seemed as if she is excited cos after that she still ended up scratching the box.. tsk!)

And some camwhoring for Sio Pao and Chicklette being 4 weeks old already!

So adorable bah they all!!!! Gerigitan oh me!!!!

December 30, 2009

A “Futuristic” 2010?

My annual company dinner is my next highlight for year 2010, and am quite looking forward to dressing up and having a good time with my new department this coming year.

The theme however, was very much “vague” if you ask me.. I mean, what does FUTURISTIC really means? And as many did say, we can’t really predict the future so how would one know what FUTURISTIC looks like?

They had some suggestions on the dress code,

Which I think also can be a GLAMOROUS theme, rather than just FUTURISTIC.

Well, some colleagues were saying that it could also mean FUTURISTIC somewhat like Lady GaGa style. So I kinda researched on that for some inspiration, and found 2 pictures of Lady GaGa which I think is “wearable”.

Maybe not so much on the right image, cos I’d be just wearing panties if that was the case, but more rather an “acceptable” image i must say.

So I am thinking of getting the stockings, gloves and most of all, coloring my hair to BLONDE.

Yupp, you heard me, am gonna go drastic and start the year wild!

Hehehehehe.. its ok if it turns out ugly cos I can color my hair black again anyway.. its for the thrill of it and a once in a lifetime experience to be blonde.

I had actually tried to virtually do a make over and i turned out with the below image,

Yes I know, I look HIDEOUS!! Not to worry, its all part of the look.. I don’t mind looking ugly, just hate looking FAT!

I even tried on an actual wig to see how I’d look with Blonde hair,

I had my hand over my back cos I was trying to hide some black hair to make it appear more “real”, but yea, obviously it still shows that am wearing a wig.

Bummer. So what do you guys think? Would I make a good looking BLONDE? kekekekeke

December 29, 2009

Blog issues again

Managing a blog is NOT easy..

And looking at my past posts and “uncategorized” entries, you could tell am a pretty lazy and unorganized blogger!

So if managing 1 blog is hard enough, talk about having to manage 2 blogs!!

It sucks that we just can’t seem to get the best things in life, at least, for free. I love wordpress and its many unique functions in the “free” mode that it allows me to do, but at the same time, there are things in blogger thats better than the functions here in WordPress.

And thats the dilemma really, so I tried to import some entries that are in Blogger which I do not have in WordPress, then ended up having to duplicate previous posts that I already have imported before!! TSK!!! Talk about HARD WORK & REDUNDANCY!!!


So now I don’t know if I should just DOUBLE post my entries here or HOW???

tsk tsk tsk..

and yea, if I had the means, I prolly wouldnt mind having to pay for my blog or host it, but thing is, the only mode of payment is by credit card, which sucks cos I do not own one! 😦

think think think… ooohh wait.. i need to go crap!

December 26, 2009

The Ultimate Disaster

So yea, I wasn’t able to go back home for Christmas.. that wasn’t exactly the disaster I was referring to..

It was when I saw this shot below of my adorable nieces and relatives ransacking my room back at home, that I just realised the HORROR of not going home for Christmas!!!

It’s like they’re telling me, “So you won’t be here for Christmas Yiyi/Kuku?? Oh Sweet! That leaves the room for all of us to share!! hahahahahaha.. bet you’d want to be home next year huh??!!”

December 26, 2009

Post Christmas Mood

I know I need to post an entry here.. but I am so darn lazy to squeezy my creative juices out of my brain right now cos of the oh-so-sad post Cmas mood..

You know, the feeling of the “after” celebration when it is no longer a celebration? All the month long countdown to “the day” is finally over. All that hardwork of preparation, anticipation and excitement of the wait, it is finally over.

Its sad and depressing really. Thats what I hate about all celebrations, be it Birthdays, Weddings, Parties, whatever, it all comes to an end, and thats it, life moves on..


December 17, 2009

And sadly, there was just two..

I had a post about my Chicka delivering 3 beautiful white kittens, and had named them Sio Mai and Sio Pao for the boys, and Chicklette for the girl..

Sadly, Sio Mai left a little sooner than expected.. :’-(

I don’t want to detail how Sio Mai left cos it just breaks my heart to put the thought into my head again.. it’ll just make me cry.. lets just say, I wish I had done something sooner or have control of it to avoid the accident..

After only 8 days old, on the 5th of December, Sio Mai left his brother and sister and joined other little kittens in animal Heaven..

He is and always will be dearly loved and missed…

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