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November 30, 2009

And then there were 3 …

Mini Chickas!!!!!

Nov 26, these little cuties were born around 11 am.. awwww… aren’t they adorable???!!!!

The big question mark though is, WHO’S YOUR DADDY???? muuaahahahahahahaha… since there is no other color marks on them babies, we could never really guess who is the daddy.. is the orange cat?? Most likely.. we’ll never know unless they have paternity tests for cats!

They were all white in color, and 2 males and 1 exact replica of Chicka. The 2 males had crooked tails.. hehehehe. So at least we could tell one from the other.

This little one I took a pic from just 3 days old… Eyes just half open! So tiny… gerititan betul!!!! I gotta control myself from squeezing them too hard cos they’re just too darn CUTE!!!

I haven’t thought of any names yet, and Chicka had her name from where I found her. But since they are all born from the cat who was named after a food, I figured I should name them after food as well..

Siomai? Siopao? Or Adobo???

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November 20, 2009

Officially Twenty Seven

I figured if I typed in my age, it doesn’t look as bad as it is in numbers, 27.

So yea, I’m 27 already. Since I’m born near the end of the year, it goes to show that I only get to be 27 for another less than 2 months before the new year comes and I am un-officially 28. =_=’

So, what did I do on my such glorious day? Nothing much. As I grow older, I really do find that partying to enjoy my birthday is no longer my agenda. Last night, at the strike of midnight, I was just online, browsing through FB, and had received some wishes already from some friends and my mom called me over the phone at midnight, wishing me happy birthday.

Then I continued on my marathon on Prison Break Season 2. And finally decided I should sleep by 4am, though I wasn’t sleepy yet. So took a while to actually fall asleep.

Awoke by 12pm, got out of the house by 2pm, went out to MOA, had lunch at Mongkok again, and then jalan-jalan around the mall, shopped a bit.

Took some picture around the mall with the Cmas decos, its the time of the year again. Lots of decos and glitters..

Also took a pic of the globe thingy at MOA which had digital ads on it going around and around. Kewl!


Then home.. that was it.. that was how my 27 year old birthday was celebrated. No cake, no candle blown out. I actually did get a cake but it was much earlier than expected, was from the office though, but its good that I had at least two cakes, but yea, no candles though. Simple.

November 15, 2009

Chicka expecting.

It was only in May this year when Chicka joined the family… so tiny.. so fragile.. so vulnerable.. so dependent..

I could hold her in my palms…

and then 5 months later,

I can barely hold her with my whole arm! She’s gotten so big already in just a few months.. no more cute kitten face anymore.. and worse, she’s pregnant!!!

Sheesh.. When I brought her to the vet earlier this year, the doc told me I could bring her back next year in February to get her spayed. But he didn’t tell me that cats could get pregnant starting 5 months old and above!!

But it was obvious signs, she didn’t use to have that much appetite and I was already complaining why she doesn’t eat as much and couldn’t gain weight. Then it was just these few weeks that I realised she was always asking for food, and then her tummy swelled up I thought she was just getting fatter from eating so much. Then I realised her tits were pinkish and swelling, I got the feeling it wasn’t just her appetite thats growing, its wats growing inside her already… sigh..

So its too late now.. Brought her to the vet yesterday for confirmation and ultrasound. Yupp, there’s 2 sure heartbeats in her tummy now, fully developed and could come in about 2 weeks time..

My only concern now is where am gonna prepare for her delivery.. Am just worried she might bring the kittens out of the house and I can’t help to care for the kittens. Was thinking about getting a cage to quarantine her in it for the next two weeks but how she gonna pee and take a crap??

So.. am just gonna prepare a lil secluded and dark spot for her in the house, hopefully she’ll think like us humans and have the sense that its the spot for her..

So .. 2 weeks!! Lil Chickas coming.. I’m guessing they’re gonna be orange in color cos I saw a yellow tomcat outside.. damn cat!

November 9, 2009

Day off again.. no wait, its a Leave this time .. hehe

So its a leave day for me today, and i didn’t wanna waste the day like I did yesterday, so I forced myself to wake up early as much as I can, which earliest is still 1pm. Heh.

So managed to get out of the house and did all necessaries like get my hair washed and trimmed, get a short massage, get some needed groceries and bla bla bla.

Highlight of the day was going for dinner with lizette and co, at Mongkok DimSum and Noodle house.

I was definitely not impressed with the maintenance of the place, rotten seats and the place looked a bit dirty internally, but surprisingly the food was good, not bad at all. yum.

I was indulging into the food so forgot to take pics of the food, we ordered Asparagus, seafood rolls, lobster rolls, salt and pepper spicy ribs and Ma Cang (the sticky rice wrapped with i dunno what leaves). Sarraaaap!!

And next on my agenda was heading for desserts. And I was truly curious about the place called Eskimo Bob down the bay side of MOA, so I convinced everyone to satisfy my craving for ice cream and practically dragged everyone there from one end of MOA to another. Eeeeeeevil

But to my disappointment (well not entirely), was that the place called Eskimo Bob was actually the same thing as another place called Chocolate Spoon! The whole menu was the same shit! Oh well.. so nothing new about the Eskimo Bob that I was not so familiar with in Chocolate Spoon already…

Still though, despite being lied to about the name of the place, I was never lied to about the taste of ice cream…. yummy!!!!

November 8, 2009

Day off after 10 days straight!

Its really tiring on my body and mind when I need to work a straight 10 days without day off. So finally I’m free!! For 2 days only lah.. hehehehe

So went out on a shopping spree today, and check out my sunnies!

its hot stuff huh.. yuck… corny..

And the more girly side of me decided to spend on make up to paint my face on some days..

I didn’t manage to do much though its my day off since am on the night shift, I was asleep most of the day off.. by the time I managed to get out of the house, most of the shops are about to close already.. sheesh…

Its Novermber! Another year older for mua… tsk..