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October 28, 2009

Congrats.. I guess~~

So i found out my ex and his gf (who’s also my friend’s ex and a mutual friend of my ex) are already engaged and getting married. How I found out? The awesome Facebook of course. And check what she has to say about her engagement.


So he’s gonna marry someone who can’t even appreciate 99 roses that he had surprised her and proposed to her with. =_=”

Oh well. All the best in the years to come that he has to live with that comment.

October 28, 2009

Day Off 27 Oct

This is what I was up to yesterday..

I was “Bubble Girl”.

for 10 minutes. for 50 pesos.


Felt shy to go nuts with the balloon tho cos the other balloons were kids prolly age 5 and below.

I was definitely too old for this.

October 19, 2009

Wong Jiu Kai

I finally found the time to attempt making Wong Jiu Kai here in Manila.

Though we really couldn’t find any home made “yellow wine” (Wong Jiu) even in China town, I guess the grocer guy just suggested the chinese alcohol to me cos there’s a word that says “Yellow” on its label but it doesn’t quite taste like the ones I use to have back home..

So here’s a rough recipe,

lots of Ginger, as much as you like the taste of it. (I simply remove most of it anyway, I don’t actually end up eating it)

Some chopped garlic

Some pieces of chicken

“Yellow Wine” (if you can find any at your area)

About a cup of water.

So first of, stir fry ginger, to get the spicy juice out. Then put in the chicken, stir fry together with garlic, and then add in some water to broil it.

Add in the yellow wine when the chicken is mostly cooked already, and if your yellow wine is already naturally sweet, then you won’t need to add in brown sugar and improvise like I did.

October 3, 2009

A Bitch in the Living Room

uhuh.. THATS the bitch.

You wonder why is she the bitch? I wonder too!

All through my life, I am really blessed by having nice roommates. Lisa from Indo was a darling, Yasue from Japan was all sweetness. And… uh.. I think those are the only 2 roomies I had that had left a great impression on me.

However, I don’t think I was blessed with many good HOUSEMATES. I used to live with a China guy who smoked so much around the house, he even leaves the cigarette butts behind the sofa!! And now I have to deal with a bitch that thinks the whole house belongs to her!

I mean we gotta practice courtesy right? Yea I won’t make a ruckus and bang shit around the house in the middle of the night. But I think a volume of 10 out of the max of 40 is NOT THAT FUCKING LOUD!

The only reason it seemed loud was bcos we have such an empty space in the living room!!
LIVING ROOM is PUBLIC SPACE! Don’t be criticizing me on how I frickin USE IT~~~!!!

I’m not one to fight with words especially with people in the office cos I might risk my job. So yea she gave me crap for that and bang the door on my face but I just had to let it go and turned down the volume.

And then this morning I find her using the living room and blasting her stupid Hongky dramas on her lappy! Huh!

So I went ahead and blasted my music on my lappy.. yippeee~~ ALMOST annoyed the fuck out of the bitch but no, she even tried to make her drama sound louder just to make a statement.

Well, fuck off.