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September 27, 2009


I never realised how bad typhoons can get here in Luzon..

And I think I kind of escaped death maybe just a little bit yesterday.. i almost felt like it was gonna be my end.. 0_O”  The jeep was backing up and it almost went into a manhole! I was already playing my escape plan in my head over and over again!!

Had to walk through water that was already above my knees.. and got to work an hour and a half late.. its impossible here.. I never experienced having to walk through flooded areas and this was an eye opener.. Prolly if I wasn’t so worried about getting to work late I could’ve enjoyed walking through the flood better!

September 27, 2009

Seafood Craving

I finally managed to satisfy that craving of mine for seafood..

So got my colleagues together and head to New Seaside and had a jolly good time!

Me with yummy Oysters baked with Cheese~~~

This got me allergies the next day but I guess its worth it for once in a blue moon.. ;-P

Gorging into those succulent steamed prawns!!!

Surely one cannot enjoy seafood without the company of their barkadas~

And time to head back, until next food escapade~