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August 15, 2009

The Sims 3

I got myself a guilty pleasure!!!

The Sims 3!!!!

And I even made sure I took a picture with my face on it as proof! HAH!

Its a genuine maan~~~~

Been wanting this for soooo looong..

My lappy just barely made the passing requirement and after trying on it for a few hours, I must say its performing just right …

Though there are some features in Sims 2 that I didn’t find in Sims 3.

Anyhow.. this just might be an excuse for me to be absent from blogging for a while…


August 11, 2009

Flu vaccine ma ass!

So the H1N1 season is not really over right?

My company gave all staff a free shot of the flu vaccine cos of that epidemic..

And boy was I fooled! I thought that all my stupid flu worries would be gone! I thought that I would never need to buy anymore tissues to fill my snots in!!


I caught the flu bug.. the common cold types.. not the h1n1 ok….

So, stocked me up with lots of water, bioflu, vitamin c, strepsils, and most importantly,


August 7, 2009

Week 2 in Unit 1

So its my second week in the new department. I must say this place is much more complicated than where I was used to be comfortable in.

The new department involved more operational tasks, and customer market range is wide.

I guess I’m just not used to being a bit more “busy” unlike before. However, despite being busy and shit, I still do get off work on time though. Cos I really can’t bring myself to staying more than 9 hours already in the office. Because after that, I would have less than 5 hours for “papam’s time” before I have to go back to work again… (excluding my sleeping time of 8 hours!)

So sometimes I really do wish the human body does not need to sleep and that would leave us more time to ourselves just to relax but not REST COMPLETELY!


I feel kinda embarressed about leaving work on time everyday when others on my same shift still stays there for a few more hours for don’t know whatever reason!

I mean, there’s a reason for shift change, there’s a reason there’s more people on shift, so that tasks can be distributed and people can leave work on time.

I guess some people just likes to hog all the work to themselves and then take credit for it!

Just because they do more work doesn’t mean others arent doing any?!!

They just never gave the newbies chance to do so! Its like they don’t trust us newbies!!

So fuck it! I’ll leave work on time cos I aint got nothing to do anyway! Everybody else thinks we’re uncapable to do nothing! TSK!!!