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July 27, 2009

Weight Check

Uhuh. As of today, 27th July’09, I weigh in at 53.2KG.

My normal weight is between 46.2KG – 57.5KG. So, technically I still fall between my normal weight range. But of course, I am not satisfied.

So I need to lose weight again. Need to watch what I eat again. Need to SUFFER again. Tsk.

Can’t I just stay slim FOREVER?????

Anyone tried HERBALIFE yet?

I need to lose 5KG.


July 27, 2009

Farewell to many..

So as mentioned on my previous “changes” going on in the office, a few have decided that this “change” isn’t really for them.

So we went out for a nice farewell dinner at Little Tokyo.


The bunch of us that just got there. Little Tokyo is like a small garden surrounded by small Japanese restos. Not big though, but nice scene. I’d like to go there again during day time to get a nice garden picture.

The resto we ended up choosing out of theĀ  group of restos there is the Niku Niko Tei resto.

And we decided to move to a larger setting inside a room, like a VIP room thing. I think there were 13 of us all in all.


The girls.


Outside the resto. Nice settings, really has those “Japan-feel”. hehe.


A shot of us girls with the “Little Tokyo” entrance. A lil blur though. Poor camera-man skills. Hehehe.


I had my favourite “Chirashi” sushi. But the rice serving was way too much and too little raw meat.


And another favorite of mine, the Unagi sushi.


And the assorted raw meat.


I must say the food wasn’t fabulous. But it was surely PRICEY!!

The raw meat were fresh, just too little for me to enjoy it. Its definitely not VALUE FOR MONEY.

Well, here’s cheers to “July”, my colleague that is leaving us. I have to say, that we had our differences, our rifts, but we were able to overcome that, and go beyond ourselves, and remained peaceful.


Cheers to July, and best wishes for roads coming your way…

July 27, 2009

From Unit 3 to Unit 1

So I am officially transferred to another department today.

Doesn’t feel any different as I still work in the same working space. Still work with the same group of people. Probably slightly different working “culture” I suppose.

I don’t know if I am really looking forward to this change again. Well, lets just say, I’m getting used to all these changes. I just take it a step at a day.

Life still feels stagnant though.


July 27, 2009

Paul Blart : Mall Cop

I just watched this movie last night.

It wasn’t super funny, but it was a pleasant watch though.

Kinda “cute” feeling I got when I watched it.

July 11, 2009

Feeling Melancholic

Its just one of those days again where I wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

Nothing feels right,
my body ached,
I felt weak,
I felt warm,
My stomach was twisting,
it was just ALL WRONG…

And its those depressing days that it ends up raining while you’re waiting under the rain, tryin so hard to catch a cab, and then you just feel like why? Why does this have to be me?

Today was one of those days.

I feel so useless, I feel like I have no objective in life.

I feel like the most pitiful person, or maybe pathetic. I just didn’t have that motivation to stay alive.

I thought to myself, why couldn’t have I been born taller?

Why couldn’t have I been a famous celebrity?

Why couldn’t have I been richer?

Instead I’m here. Stuck in a stupid, no-future job.

Stuck in dead end relationships.

Stuck in under developed countries.

Stuck in unexciting environments.



I need to be re-born.

July 11, 2009

2-4 for JoJo

Happy Birthday JoJo!!!

Isn’t the cake just adorable???

We can actually put our face on a piece of cake now!

July 2, 2009

Day off time again.

So its been 4 days of Graveyard shift.

And things in the office are just so-so. I’m starting to feel indifferent. There are more changes to come.

So by 2nd July, I’d be on a special shift rotation not like my other peers. Instead, I’d be on the same shift with my subordinates.

Though the shift time is pretty ideal to most people, I find nothing special about the changes except that it just might play into ‘some’ people’s advantage.

Aaaaaanyway, its my day off today. And after coming from from work, despite being sleepy, I thought I should savor the day off and went ahead to MOA to catch “TRANSFORMERS II – REVENGE OF THE FALLEN”


It was ok, I mean, it didn’t felt as awesome as it did for part I, and there were lots of shooting scenes from the soldiers which I find kinda boring, the fight scenes of the autobots were cool tho.

And the movie was actually longer than most movies, about 2 and half hours. I am glad that I didn’t fall asleep in the cinema tho. Seeing that it was the IMAX THEATERS!

Too bad it wasn’t the 3D version though. But it was good enough. Surely gonna have a go with Harry Potter Half Blooded Prince at the IMAX again.


Now back to work..