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June 27, 2009

Day 12 – 26th

So my vacation comes to an end. Sadly.

So I ended up spending the day just sleeping, since I was still trying to adjust the body clock to get ready for work.

Woke up around 5pm, and for dinner, decided to go to Shakeys for dinner on my last day of freedom.


Shakeys pizza was fine. Ordered the thin crust pizza, Hawaian and “Manager” pizza. Some salads, and potatoes with fried chicken.







After all that heavy dinner, just spent time watching dvds again.

Watched “TAKEN”, “CRANK” and “CRANK 2”.


I must say that the “TAKEN” movie, with its title, I thought it was gonna be just a normal plain boring movie, I was so wrong.

The movie was awesome!! I don’t mind watching it again!!

“Crank” was alright as well, lots of tits and ass, lots of running, lots of adrenalin. Has a comic twist to the picture.

Well, the similarities between these two movies is that it was all a one man show.


Back to work already.


June 27, 2009

Back to work na~

I’m craving for this now…

On another note, here’s something interesting:

Might consider this for a Tattoo… hmmmm…
June 26, 2009

Day 11 – 25th

Woke up really late today. About 17:00PM already. Well, its time anyway.

I’d be on the Graveyard Shift by Saturday Night so its only good timing that I worked on adjusting my body clock in preparation to going back to HELL… ok, just ‘work’.

So didn’t really had any particular plans today even though I really should have made plans since it was gonna be the second last day. sigh.

Just spent the rest of the day stuffing my face with ‘lugaw’ and donuts, while watching ANTM season 10 and TMZ and Entertainment Tonight on the telly.

Supper was meatballs with rice and instant crab and corn soup. Then it was dvd marathon again.

Watched “Definitely, Maybe” and then watched “YES Man”.



“Definitely, Maybe” was just ok, sweet, but nothing special or nothing great though.

“YES Man” was awesome for some reason! I am not typically a Jim Carey fan but this movie wasn’t his usual slapstick stints and I guess I was able to appreciate it and really enjoy some funny moments in the movie.

And the rest of the night (or should I say, in the wee hours in the morning), was spent by cleaning up unnecessary things which didn’t need any necessary cleaning.

Get what I mean? Nvm.

I’ve been checking my work emails even whilst on my leave, and I must say some updates in the office are such a big turn off, but I guess I just have to deal with it.

I’m already dreading day 1 back to work. Already thinking about how I’m gonna manage through that 9 plus hours, and already looking forward to my shift end on that day 1 back to work.



Work, work, here I come.

June 25, 2009


Nina made this. Funkeh huh??

Half the year of 2009 is gone already.


June 25, 2009

Chika pimped!

Chika got a new colorful colar!

She’s still getting used to the feeling of having something trying to strangle her though..

And a fluffy Papams with Chika all pimped up!

June 25, 2009

Day 10 – 24th

I feel sadder every passing day…

I had more worries today than any other days.. more thoughts in my head, messing up my mind..

Only 2 more days.. waaaaahhhhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ its me crying, not me being amazed.. 😥

So, it was supposed to rain heavily today, a typhoon was expected, however, seemed like it hasn’t reached here yet.

So, off to the Robinsons mall again, my favorite place in the WORLD!  -_-”

Had vietnamese for late lunch this time round, I must say I was REALLY happy with my orders this time, it tasted right, the serving was just nice. I didn’t leave the restaurant feeling bloated as I usually do.

Oh, did I mentioned I am gaining weight? Ye-ah. Thats part of the contribution to my depression as well.

Well, despite my depressions, I was satisfied with the vietnamese place, PHO HOA,


Check out the menu,


And my order, looks like a salad thingy,but yummy, really yummy..


And yes, I try to always put myself in the pictures to proove I was actually there.


Told you I gained weight… the fat is showing all over my pretty face!!! tsk!

Was “this” close to catching TRANSFORMERS 2 just then, but I wasn’t ready to sandwich myself among the large crowd….

I’ll just wait till the ‘fever’ dies down..

June 25, 2009

Day 9 – 23rd

Off to the POST OFFICE!!


Yay! Finally after 3 days of being stuck at home, had a chance to go out to smell some air. Well, it wasn’t a good day though. Ended up being a very RAINY day.

Well, still managed to go sight seeing at the Post Office, and then after, to Quiapo for DVD FRENZY!!!!


Haven’t done that for a while now.. So, got myself looooadds of new movies that I haven’t watched yet.

Most of all, I was happy about getting the box set of Simpsons series season 2 and season 3. hehehe.

Had KFC for late lunch at Quiapo and for dinner I cooked BAH KUT TEH~~!!! Even topped with Fresh lettuce… mmmm…

Well, I wished it actually tasted like the ones back in KK but really can’t expect much from “packaged” ingredients. Nothing beats original cooked stuff.


Ah well.. At least I tried..

June 25, 2009

Day 8 – 22nd

All day EVONY again. Am starting to get bored of this game. Everything takes soooo damn long to complete. Tsk. Thats what you get for free stuff. I was putting much effort on building up the military force to avoid any attacks but I guess thats definitely gonna happen some day and when that happens, I think I’d give up on the game already.

Menu for the day was Stir Fry Ginger Chicken with Leek, though I wish I had taken some shots of my hard efforts of cooking.

I must admit I am not a fine cook but I sure do try my best. And though other people may not like my cooking that much at least it wasn’t too bad that even I couldn’t eat it myself.

Nothing heavy for dinner since, AGAIN, it was a pretty late lunch by the time I finish cooking.

And still sick from flu, I just had instant noodles for dinner.

Oh, watched “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li” at home. OMG, it sucked so badly. Kristin Kreuk could’ve worked on her Mandarin Language much better. Her accent was horrible. And the subtitles that was translating the conversations were not even correct! tsk!


And the movie itself was oh-so-CORNY!! It was SOOOO B-GRADE!!! And wow, what a comeback for Chris Klein. He looked so skinny, I guess he’s into drugs since Katie Holmes… duh..

So after that, watched another movie on pc, “Dragonball : Evolution”, it was surprisingly better than expected, and better than the Chun Li movie!


Well, especially for myself, who is not such a big DRAGONBALL fan, and have NEVER watched any DRAGONBALL shows, it was not too bad really.

Though, throughout the show, it was actually NARUTO that was going through my mind. heh…

I am dreading the days that is going by so quickly..


June 22, 2009

Day 7 – 21st

Still sick with Flu.

Though it was such a warm day indeed.

Spent all day playing EVONY again.


Gyoza and Katsudon was the menu for the day.

And another day gone not so well spent.


5 more days till I go back to reality.


June 21, 2009

Day 6 – 20th

Not so much of a lazy day, cos as soon as I woke up, I was so energized to do the laundry and ended up doing it the whole day!

Next to laundrying, had late lunch again, this time sweet and sour pork and my cabbage with eggs.

Found something new to do today, EVONY!!!

Its an online game which I just happened to be curious about and ended up playing it. Though it does take a long time to up level but I guess its good in a way that you can do other stuffs while waiting for those things to get built.

So I ended up playing the game the whole night while exploring how to play the game, I also caught the FLU bug.


I hope its just a common cold…