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May 31, 2009

Summarizing May 09

I was looking back at all my entries here and both in Blogspot and wordpress, I realised I didn’t have any memory of what happened in May 09!

I mean, I try to at least post 1 entry per month but sadly there wasn’t any entry at all in May! Which comes to me back here, trying to post-post (as in “after” post) an entry to summarize some highlights in May.

Its great that wordpress allows me to back-date my post entries! hehehehe

Well, to start off, I had to move out of the first condo that I stayed in since coming to Makati and into another place with a bunch of other department staffs.

Next highlight of the month was when I joined lizette and co to a short trip down to Tanay on 9th May, and get to experience my first out of town trip since getting to Manila. Well, yes I did missed out on the company trip to Boracay but I guess its not really about the place thats important but the company of people that surrounds you on the particular trip. So it wasn’t such a big deal for me on missing out on that trip. Imagine the large amount of food down in Tanay that I was so blessed to have indulged in!!

Though it was just a short over night trip to Tanay, the moment we got back from there, it was another highlight of the month that happened, where I found my pet Chicharone after coming back from the trip on some area where I was trying to get the Chicharon food..

On one of my day offs during the month, I also had a chance to go shopping in MOA and came across a surprising good Japanese Resto, named “Oki Oki”. Such a cute name no??

And I had a chance to taste my all time favorite Jap dish, the Chirashi Sushi!

I think those were the more memorable times in May other than some boring job stuff that I’d rather not mention.. duh~

Well, I guess that was it.. good times good times.. more or less.. hehe