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April 17, 2009

Retail Therapy, aka SPLURGE

Despite having 6 day work week now (technically speaking, since I’ll be working 8 days straight this coming week, tsk!), there was a good turn point for this though.

No more formal wear shit. WOOHOOO!!!!!!

Its got to be my first job which I can wear jeans and t shirt with sneakers freely, EVERYDAY.


Well, since I ALREADY spent so much money on my office attires, I might as well still make use of them right? It’s be a waste not to.

So I decided that Mondays and Tuesdays will be my personal formal wear (we can still choose to wear formal if we wish to), and the rest of the days, jeans and tshirt will do.

So since I will be goin to work wearing casual, I thought I should get more sneakers and comfortable foot wear.

I LOVE wearing sneakers, thing is, I have TINY FEET. And most of the cool designs are made for BOYS..


I had my eyes set on a pair of Nike’s yesterday, which would’ve cost me a bomb, but it didn’t come in my size. The smallest size was 7!

After much disappointments, I managed to finally settle with just this Fila. It came in my right size, though I’m not that crazy bout the design, but its something I could use for now. Plus it was at a 50% discount!



With an original price of almost 3k, this was slashed down to 1.3k.


Worth the buy i suppose..

Not what I was drooling over but oh well..

April 10, 2009

Its a Good Friday


How come we don’t have nice churches like this back in KK??

April 10, 2009

Of Nothings

This is what happens when Papams is bored.

Was trying to pose like the Mannequin but I guess my footwork was wrong.

Oh Well.

APRIL na~~

and my arms are f a t.


April 3, 2009

April already?

Gosh.. time does F L I E S . . .  .   .    .

2009 has got to be the year I just blinked and then grew almost 2 years older.

I’m gonna be 27 in another blink of an eye. Starting NOW.

OK. I’m 28 already.     -_-“



On the bright side,

someone complimented me today (indirectly laa.. heard it from someone else but still, I’d take it!)

he said I looked pretty and white.. hmm white?

oh well..

I looked pretty..