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March 21, 2009

Earth Hour


Well, well.. Earth Hour 2009.

Heard about this movement last year, and from my point of view, I understand the cause, I understand the organization that are passionate about it, but I really don’t think I can understand those ppl who say they support it.

Organizations like this are passionate about what they do, they truly believe in making the world a better place, saving planet Earth.

But those ppl who can take this step to switch off their lights for an hour, but can’t even throw their own trash in the bin and just throws it out their car window, those who smoke away, and contribute to air pollution..

Don’t be a hypocrite.

You can support the cause, without making a statement that I SUPPORT THE CAUSE and next thing you know, you saw trash coming out of their car window.


Just do it.

Don’t have to tell the world you DID it.

March 21, 2009

The Puto Bumbong

Kinda late post. This was way back in February but still, its one of the yummy things in life we cannot hide from the world because it would be so selfish not to share it!!

Other than the Mango Graham Ref Cake which I posted before, this is another one of my food adventures that I wish to highlight.

The Puto Bumbong.

Starting with the white stuff, its shredded coconuts, looks so cottony and pure freshness~

Don’t be startled by Barney Color here cos for some reason, people like their Sticky Rice coming in the color PURPLE. But its just rice anyway.. it doesn’t ‘taste’ purple. hehe.

And the brownish grains are actually brown Sugar. Sweetness that doesn’t come in a girly color but tastes good and apparently should be healthier than ‘white’ sugar.

So there you have it, a combination that worked like MAGIC~~..

Oh, the Sticky Rice is the “Puto” (sounds so much like a bad word doesn’t it?) and its served warm, and will need to place a cube of butter on top, let it melt, and then mix all this ingredients together, the brown sugar would also melt slightly when spread on the warm Puto.


They say that this Puto Bumbong is usually served wide spread during Christmas but if you go to some luxury restaurant they do serve it on usual days as well.

Ah yes, siyempre!

With all that sweetness combined, of course this is a Dessert!


My sweet tooth is calling me..


March 17, 2009

Farewell June

Finally had a chance to go to DADs. A buffet place at Glorietta’s and I was very happy to indulge in all-I-could-eat Salmons and Sushis.. hehehe

Well, the sad part about the luncheon is that it was a farewell lunch for my colleague June. Though she joined the team a little later than I did, her experience really made her more qualified to be my mentor than just a teammate.

I really did learn a lot from her, and wished she could still stay.

Unfortunately, different lives have different routes to take, and she must continue on her journey. And so I had to bid goodbye to June.

Cheers June.. it was a pleasure having you with the team.. 🙂

One day, I will continue on with my journey as well..

One day…

March 17, 2009

Office Politics and Ugly Romance

As the title says it, I am so unfortunate to had befallen into a web of such drama in the office recently.

Dont get me wrong, no, I’m not in that ugly romance. Gawd no!

But I am so affected by how my manager has that relationship with my subordinate.

Yupp, you hear it right. MY MANAGER, someone above me) and MY SUBORDINATE (someone below me). So it gets ugly. Not just the situation, of couse the couples themselves are ugly. EW.. DISGUSTING..

Because my subordinate knows she has this relationship with my manager, she uses that leverage against everyone else who gets on her bad side. So in the end, everyone else gets blamed for something which is not even our fault.

She made a big complaint about how rumors about her having a relationship with the manager is going around the office. Complained it to the GM. (Believe it or not)

Yet, surprisingly, my GM is dumb enough to fall for her lies because those claimed RUMORS are not RUMORS , BUT MERE TRUTH.

And how do I know its the TRUTH? I witnessed it.

So if I had no care in the world for watever fuck, I would’ve jiujitsu her fucking bitch flat ass already for being such a cunning slut. Knowing she can control the manager because the manager would listen to everything she says.

Of course, its not the case. I do have things I need to take care of, my reputation to maintain, and professionalism at stake. So I chose to remain silent.

Its sad that my sincerity towards the subordinate did not return any good to me. I guess I’m just so naive to think that if you are nice to the person, they will be nice to you too.

I always believe,

“do unto others, as you would want them to do unto you.”

guess thats not always the case huh?

March 5, 2009

Countdown: 2 shifts

I’ve got 2 more night shifts to go before my next day off. Then its a shift change to Afternoon again.

AAaaaAAaAaaaiiiiii … stressnye…..

Well, my month of March is just beginning and I’m already wishing its the end..

So much changes in the work place its just so hard to keep up sometimes.. Another colleague of mine will be leaving as well.. Sigh.. if only I had the means.. I wouldn’t keep myself stuck in a place that has no career development prospect as well..

For now, I just have to suck it up.

I’m just relieved that I had finish up an assignment that is due next Monday. Don’t know if the Manager will like my article but I think I did just fine. If not, well.. I think I’d be kinda disappointed cos though initially I wasn’t thrilled at being assigned with the particular subject of research but I ended up putting a lot of effort on it.

I just hope it’ll be appreciated.

I really do hope.
March 3, 2009

Introducing Leah LaBelle

Am lovin this right now!!!

Kept rewindin’ cos I just can’t get enough of it!

Bumped into this while I was searching for Musiq Soulchild on YouTube..

Apparently this girl with the funky hair and rockin voice was once a contestant in American Idol. And since its the American Idol fever again this season, thought I’d post this up and share with you peeps..

And you wouldn’t believe that she looks soo pretty in this video, and yet this picture below is what they posted in the American Idol’s Official Website contestant page!

Well, still, don’t mind the looks but the voice is so sexy~!!! If I could choose a voice to have, hers has got to be it..

As cool as I wish my voice would be, and I try as much to “sound” cool, apparently my voice sounds “girly” over the phone.