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February 27, 2009

The last Friday for February.

Yay.. its Friday! I love Fridays.. and I get to go casual to office! Whee~~

Though its kinda sad that time flies by so fast, I thought I’d catch a moment in a day, and share this with my cyber people..

Have a good weekend peeps…

Love from Papams..

February 26, 2009

Me update

Its my last day off before I start working 6 days per week again.. Shucks…

It was fine before, I mean, when you started out rough, you kinda stick by it and just pull through.

Then, they let loose, let you smell the roses as you walk by, enjoy life a bit instead of working everyday and sometimes even 10 days consecutively. That was when they gave us a 5-day working  per week.

Now, they’re taking that back!!!

Tsk.. if that were the case, I’d rather they didn’t give us that luxury in the first place..


Neways, am on night shift this week. So I am kinda zombified at the moment cos still trying to adjust to the shift change. I’m suppose to be sleeping now btw, but I just couldn’t fall asleep already after doing grocery shopping. I was already in bed, tossing and turning. What made it worse, my nose got stuffed! Don’t know if its the flu bug or just the bad body odor of the taxi driver earlier when I went for groceries.

I went on to make instant noodles and stir fried cabbage with eggs for my late lunch. And here I am in front of my lappy now feeling sleepy just minutes after having food stuffed to my gut!

Am craving for ice cream again and feel like binging and snacking though I’m not actually hungry!

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February 25, 2009


My colleague is leaving the team..  😥

The news was really sudden and she didn’t even wait at least to stay another month and have already gotten ready to leave..

Sharon was really a sweet girl, really gentle, soft spoken and well behaved.

Though we weren’t close, but we were a team.. and I’m really honored to have an opportunity to have met someone as beautiful inside and out as Sharon is.


Cheers girl! All the best for your future!

February 19, 2009

Jeyo Mobile Extender

I managed to find a software that fulfills my needs to “keep” stuff.

I used to manually “type” out my SMS messages from my mobile.. word for word.. and print them out for memory’s sake..

Now, with the Jeyo Mobile Extender, I can skip all that manual work!

check out the official site here

Well, I will say one thing though, cos I tried to check out the webpage FAQ cos I wanted to inquire whether I would need to “subscribe” annually or would it be a “one-off” payment?

And disappointingly enough, the “customer support” team isn’t so effective… sadly..

Anyhow, I managed to download the trial and make it work with my Outlook, however, it does require my phone to be connected to the internet as well cos it doesn’t get connected just by using the data cable / USB. (Which also means, costs on my mobile credit) Tsk.

So now am just gonna try and check out the payment terms and shit..

Well, so I figured I could let ppl know about this software that enables you to print out your text messages ..

So we won’t have to delete messages no more!!!!


February 19, 2009

Exercise first, eat later.

Oh so irrelevant titles.

Yesterday right after work, went for a 2-hour badminton session with a group of colleagues, and it was a good session I must say. (Considering I have deprived myself of grueling sweat and muscle aches)

The place was a mere walking distance to where all of us are based. It was called THE ZONE… wow..

Heh.. well, here’s Papams in her lousy badminton attire.


I know~ I was suppose to put my thick make up and fake lashes on but I can’t believe I forgot!!!!


On to the rest of the story…

This is Papams in Badminton Action. (I was making so much noise whenever I miss the shuttle I was trying hard to control myself. Punyalah bida.)


I wasn’t such a bad Badminton player if you all must know. I used to represent my school back in the days.. uh.. in elementary school.. hehehehe

Here’s the group of us girls that was there,


And the boys of course, Jack was somewhere I think. He missed the pic.


And here’s all of us that went. They all thought Papams was really LOCO cos I brought my camera even to Badminton session!


So after coming home from that nice sports session, it was time to stuff my face and waste all that sweat and hard work. nuts…

Sumy and I went to NorthPark that was newly opened just downstairs my condo.


It is a rather costly place but it was one of the places that I’d go to when I just get too lazy to cook and want something that tastes just good enough like home cooked chinese food..

We didn’t realise our order came with free soup and chinese tea.. kept telling ourselves we shouldn’t have ordered any drinks!


This was supposedly one of their “Best Seller”, the Stir Fry soft tofu served with Broccoli and Mushroom.. But I thought the tofu was kinda bland..


And the other dish we ordered was the Nanking beef in hotpot I think?


We also didn’t expect the rice to be quite a serving.. Should’ve just ordered 1 bowl instead and shared.. We didn’t finish our rice! Sayang…



So overall, I really liked the environment of the place, though Sumy finds it a little too cold for her, I think its just the airconditioning since the place is still new..

I keep telling Sumy, I’ll be damned… The place is so close to the house, I’d get lazy and always tempted to get food from this place!


February 19, 2009

Post V Day Thoughts

Got this thingy from Sumy after she came back from her Hometown.

It was thoughtful of her to get me that. And yea its not anything expensive but I appreciate small gestures like this. =)

Aaanyway, I do think Papams is still sweeter tho.. cos she went all the way to SM just to pick Sumy up and accompany her home because Sumy needed her help.

Isn’t Papams a darling?

She sure is ~


February 19, 2009

Food Talk : Lunchtime

I got lots of postdated entries that I needed to talk about, and a lot about food too.

I’ll just start with today’s simple lunch and talk about all the other stuff in the next post, which is in the next few minutes to come. heh.

Well, I think I’ve mentioned this many times, I will say it again, Papams is a rather lazy and ‘lousy’ cook. So, here’s a quick simple food I made just to keep my stomach from bugging me with its hunger strikes..

Underneath that omelet is actually the “Knorr Plus” rice and pasta mix.. My mates got that all the way from the States they said.. I just microwaved it.. It tasted like Chilli Con Carne.. not Super but I was just ok with it..

And I made the Omelet with onions myself, then sausages…

Simple.. no luxury gourmet food but as long as it keeps me full.. heh…

Boring nyaa…. -_-“

February 17, 2009

Smoking and its So-called “Coolness”

I just saw a comment in a friend’s photo uploads in Facebook. Complimenting how a girl looked “cool” witha cigarette in her mouth.

~Like, whats up with that?? Duh~~

I admit I’ve tried smoking before, and even almost got hooked on it. And I did at a point in my life thought that girls who smoke looked soooo coool…

Boy was I wrong.

Yes it may seem like the girls are cool and shit but hey, even the worst guys don’t fancy girls who smoke!

The world is really funny.

Girls like bad boys.

And boys like good girls.


Aaaaanyway, trying to get to my point here.

Thing is, I think its “un-cool” that girls have to be a SMOKER to make themself APPEAR cool.


Ain’t it better to be NATURALLY COOL??


Instead of wearing fake lashes all the time.. tsk..

No. I’m not saying I wouldn’t wear fake lashes at all in my life. Yea I would, like for special occasions or performances but on a daily basis??


So here’s papam’s shoutout,

“Hey smoking girls.. you’re such a LOSER~”


p/s: If you’re offended by this post, you can f*ck off.




No.. papams is not in a bad mood. Just in a bitchy “WATEVER~” mood..

February 13, 2009

Lonely Valentines

~ Lonely… I am so lonely~~

~~I have nobody… to call my ownn…. ooowwhhhh~~~


Its a sad and lonely Valentines for me this year..

But its ok..

February 12, 2009

lazy day

Am sooooo lazy today..

Its my first day off for the week after going back to work for 2 days since my vacation leave and i feel so darn lazy..

Was suppose to go out today and give myself a treat of nice food and dessert, topped with a movie, but I didn’t manage to go out and stayed indoor all day..

I just woke up from napping and I tell you, am not the type that sleeps much but really felt so darn lazy today..