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January 30, 2009

Come end of January!

I don’t know how may times people have said it, and its always true..

February can’t wait to come na~!!!

Tsk.. my wrinkles can’t wait to appear as well..

So lately been having trouble getting enough “good” sleep.. Don’t know why though.. and I usually sleep without any dreams which means I really did sleep well, but these few nights I keep having dreams and that just means my mind didn’t rest right?? Sheeshh..

Aaaanyway, for February, nothing much to look forward to, haven’t got any plans and stuff but here’s something I bumped into just a short while ago and that got me started with next month’s plans.. hehehehe..

Just saw the trailer for the movie.. supposedly opens today!! Well, I’m not such a big Renee Zellweger fan, and I hate that she always likes to smile without showing her teeth.. ???

Aaaanyhoo.. I think its a cute chick flick comedy.. yes, I hate to admit it but I am such a sucker for cute shit. SHHHH………… NOT SO LOUD!!!!!

So.. I think I’d like to go back to doing some of my favorite pasttimes that I haven’t been able to do much. Such as Movies.. so will catch up on all that movies I was supposed to watch.. this also means, DVD galore!!!!!

January 29, 2009

Wala lang..

Just wanted to say,



January 27, 2009

Year of the Ox: Day 2

So its the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, and this is whats been going on,…

Had staff dinner at the office pantry for the Chinese New Year Eve dinner, buffet style catered food. I think there was lechon, pancit, chicken, barbeque pork or steak, fish slices, and etc… didn’t manage to take any pics cos it was rather crowded at the time… now am regretting it.. darn!

Sherlyn and I had a chance to camwhore a bit in the pantry while they were preparing the place. Just wanted to take a shot of the Chinese New Year atmosphere with all the decos around.. hehehe..

And this was today….

Yupp!! I got at least 1 ang pow!! hehehehehehe…..
Even has my name on it!! ITS FOR MUA!!!!!

Sneak peek…. ;-P


Well, its not much, but at least something. From the company to the staff.. neat huh? Supposed to bring good luck to me?? I think.. uh.. dunno whats the significance of receiving ang pows, but who cares???? ANG POW…. COME TO MEEEE………..

So since its my day off, had to do some grocery shopping, and being the uncontrollable spender I am, I just had to get my hands on cheap shit.. Like this shirt.

Which is also a tad bit too small for my fit… tsk..

Oh Well, thank goodness it only costed me about RM7.00 only… ^_^

January 23, 2009

Papams says Gong Hee Gong Hee

I got this calendar the other day from National Bookstore, cute huh?? ;-P

Well, its the RED season again.. just few days more till the Chinese New Year or Lunar Calendar Year begins again, and though I’m not a big fan of this season except for the red packets,



So without Chinese Calendars, I wouldn’t know what ANIMAL year it would be, thus, this calendar was very informative..

Uhuh. Its the year of the OX.. mooooooooo~~~???
Check this out, it even has some Character Traits for those born in the year of the OX..

Checking out what mine says.. hmmm……

….”should make more practical and realistic consideration to access successful returns.” .. ???

duh.. okay…

Oh yes, back home this season is full of RED colors everywhere, and of course it wouldn’t be Chinese New Year without any gambling involved. Kinda starts the year off they believe.. hm.

Anyhoo.. since I don’t celebrate this particular festivity, so I wouldn’t be home with my hometown buddies to go for “yam cha” sessions or reunions.

Most of all, won’t be getting anymore ANG POWS…. O_o” booo hooo..

January 22, 2009

Cabalen with Sumy

Another spontaneous outing which just happened on my normal day off..

Was sposed to go grocery shopping alone at Landmark, but since it was also Sumy’s day off, she just asked me if she could tag al0ng. So after all that shopping, we ended up here in Cabalen.


Uh.. I wasn’t sure about the place at first. It was rather empty the time we were there. Well yes, mainly due to the fact that we were there even before 6pm! But my instinct was telling me that wasn’t gonna be my first choice.

Neways, we checked out what food they served, it said you all time buffet choice of Filipino, Thai and JAPANESE food.

That just did it.  JAPANESE?? BUFFET?? HELL YEAH~!!

Nah~ not really, I didn’t wanna be the one to make the call, so I asked Sumy, which she agreed and said it was worth the money if we were gonna have Jap food buffet..

Boy we were so wrong~!!


Well, the rest of the dining experience just went down the drain.. The interior was impressive, I mean, it looked “expensive” and lemme just say that I ate less than my 400 pesos worth there. Tsk!

This is the main view from where we were seated.


The Filipino food had more variety and choices.


This is it, the so called “Japanese” food choices. Don’t even serve Miso Soup!!!


Uh.. this was some shelled thing.. Sumy ate this.. ugh~


I lost my appetite even before I got to their “Dessert” section..  -_-”


This was Sumy’s first entree,


and I stuck with eating only the “familiar” food..


And I shall say 1 good thing I liked about the place, I enjoyed the Gulaman.(for me to wash down my disappointments… tsk..)


So here I am, trying VERY HARD to enjoy my 400 pesos worth..


Oh well, lesson learnt..




Still, twas a good dining time despite my disappointments.. I don’t spend time with Sumy a lot (although she’s my roommate).. but I like quality time..  🙂


January 20, 2009


Watched this on DVD the other night.. so corny maan..

I thought it was gonna be at par with Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings stuff since there was so much hype about it going on.

After watching it then I realised why it was so marketed. Mostly due to our Jonas Bros and Hannah Montana generation now.. geez..

Its such a “pre-teen” flick! The only good point about it is the “Vampire” substance. Other than that, it was such a typical plain movie..

duh… good thing I didn’t go all the way to a cinema to watch this!!

January 16, 2009

Mango Graham Ref Cake

Yay! Just a week into the new year, I’ve learnt a new recipe!! Am so addictive to this as of now..

So since I’m in the mood to share, hehe, (I usually keep yummy delicious recipes to myself), here goes…

The ingredients,

Thats it! All that you can see on the pics, thats all it takes.. Simple aint it??

First the crackers, arrange them nicely in a container, this will be the base.

Then just spread a fair amount of sweetened condensed milk (or known popularly in KK as, “susu junjung”) over the cracker base.

Then pour a layer of multi purpose cream (liquid) just enough to cover the base, theres no need to drown them..

Finally, slice thin pieces of the mango fruit and layer it above the cream generously. Now be sure to pick ripe Mangos so that its sweet and not sour. Apparently you can also exchange the mango fruit for peaches. I’ll try that some other time.

So repeat step 1 after this, placing the crackers just on top of the mango layering and do the procedure all over again. For this container, it took only about 2 layers of mangos.

Then the final layer will be just the crackers, condensed milk then cream, and top it with crushed graham crackers just to make it look good.

End product should look like this,

So after the topping, just place the whole container into the refridgerator. Preferably in the freezer for just about an hour or 2, maybe less its really up to you.. hehehe.

Here’s a close up of the layers,

And to prove that I actually did make this myself and ate the whole thing, without suffering any LBM,

I ate all that… oh yea… yummy!!!!!

Of course, I didn’t invent this receipe on my own. (Knowing what a lousy cook I am!)

Credit definitely goes to Lizette who taught me how to make this simple yet delightfully addictive dessert..

Y U M!!!

January 10, 2009

Post New Year Days

So its been 9 days past new year, and still my Facebook status wishes everyone Happy New Year, I was thinking maybe I could leave that there until end of January??

Since the new year, I have got new goodies, uploaded new pics in Friendster and Facebook which I havent been doing for the past year 2008.

2008 was a year full of trials and changes, I can’t foresee what 2009 will bring me. Especially with the global economy downturn, really don’t know what to expect in the near future.

For now, I am just living each day, not wanting to expect more than what I should be content for.

Because since the ushering of new year, I also hear news of death everywhere.

Truly a life can end in a matter of seconds.

Wow.. so drama man my post!!

So what to expect this January? I am expecting February to come already!!! HAHAHAHA

Despite age catching up on me, its ironic how we wish time would past by faster sometimes. Heh.

Ok, enough of melodramatic blabbering from me. Here’s to looking more positively in the midst of challenging things coming my way.

I am after all, a Survivor.



January 1, 2009

2 zero zero 9 – Part II


As much as it is a NEW year, I still feel like the same old Papams a few days ago.. kakakaka

So what did I do for countdown?

Stolen shot of the year..


Goodness me.. It was about another 42 minutes to a new year, and there I was takin a nap.

Oh GAWD.. The noises outside!!! I almost had a heart attack with all that firecrackers noises.. Aaaanyway, back to my new year’s eve, yea.. I was so tired from the past few days of restless sleep, that was just papams taking a short break. Hahhahaha..

Of course, I did not miss the áctual countdown laa..

so that was it.. after that brief moment of countdown, jumping and jingling of coins in our pockets, to celebrate the new year, time to stuff our bellies!!!


And then after all that eating..

I went back to ZzzZZZzzzZzZzzzzz…………….

KAKAKAKAKAKA… What a way to celebrate new year.. 🙂

But its all gewd… nice and cozy .. just the way I like it!


January 1, 2009


It’s 2009!!!

Hey peeps.. its a new year, time to have new times of change, new resolutions, new clothes, new blog?? (am considering to change the skin of the blog.. ;-P  )

Hahahaha.. Actually, I’m not so into celebrating New Years, but this year was kinda special although it was not ‘happening’ as I wasn’t out at a club getting drunk and everything like I did last year’s new year, but its definitely a memorable and ‘sweet’ one for me deep down.  🙂

So once again.. Happy New Year 2009 people!!!! Wherever you are, I wish for the year 2009 to bring love and joy to all.. ~promise!!!

Here’s to Papams’ First Photo for the year 2009~!


Not the best angle for me but, oh wat the heck!

C H E E R S ~~~!!!