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November 19, 2008

Hacked? Bugged??

Somethings up with my Windows Live Messenger.

I suspect its got something to do with the virus hangin around my pc. Just that my pc is using freeware anti virus and its not detecting it! Ugh~

So all my Windows Live Messenger contacts are gone!!!!

Its no wonder that its been about a week that I’ve noticed my contact list was so quiet and inactive! Everyone was offline!!!

Nuts!!!!! And just then I realised, when someone NOT ONLINE from my list contacted me, I was asked to “add this person to your contact list”!!!

o_o !!!


November 11, 2008


Yo yo yo wassap!!!

Other than updating my hair, I was also inclined to update my blogspot.

I didn’t do much fancy things as I’m not such an expert on html but experimenting helped.







Simple shit.. nothing so grand. I meant to do this a long time ago. Actually I did changed the header before but I think the image host where I had saved my image was inactive already I suppose?

So anyway, yea.. Go check out my other blog for more ‘merrier’ stories.. hehehe

This wordpress is starting to get a lil too EMO for me.. but yes, this will still be the EMO Papams and Blogspot can be the MERRY Papams.

Hey, I really should use that as a blog name.. corny~

So.. Wats up peeps?? Looking forward to year end???

November 9, 2008


Have I mentioned I hate titles???


I was bored today after work. So since I “updated” my hair, thought I’d take some pics and cam whore for a bit, a lot.


November 9, 2008

Hair Update

So my last day OFF I thought I’d just trim my hair.

And I don’t usually end up with a good hair cut. So now I look like a high school girl…

Sheesh.. This haircut makes my face looks even rounder!

The last time I had a haircut was way back in March. I talked about it here. That look suited me better than this one 😦

On another note, had a fine day out with colleagues last week after work.. Chicka minute~!

Countdown : 6 days.


November 4, 2008


Its finally here.. The end of the year is near!! (hey that rhymed!)

I didn’t think I was gonna look forward to another 12 days, but ironically I am. I guess I do miss home in some ways.

I’m missing my slightly bigger bed, I miss my room most definitely, all my memoirs, my cds, my vanity table, hm. Oh and of course, my love adorable models.. My nieces!

Besides that, I’m looking forward to my highschool friend’s wedding!! Aaawww.. she’s the first one amongst us five that were sitting together in a clump on our final year of Highschool…

Aaaaaiii… the only thing I’m NOT looking forward to in this November, is getting a year OLDER!!!