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October 31, 2008

My bad eyes

This update is long overdue.. I lost my previous glasses sometime end of September.

Got this one about mid of Oct..

So what do you think? With or without??

Thing is, tthe glasses doesn’t really “fit” me. As in the optometrist was no good!! She gave me some glass without the correct degree for my eyes.. Lousy optometrist!

Furthermore, this frame wasn’t my favorite. It just looked better than all the others that was in the store! Pretty lousy store..

Anyway, gotta be stuck with this for now until I can save enough doo-doos to get another better pair and this can prolly be kept for back ups..

October 31, 2008

Agent M for MY ASS!!!



Pamela says:
anyways, back to my complain

Agent M says:
Thank you for your feedback. Maybank will review this conversation shortly.

Pamela says:
i’m not done!

Agent M says:
I think you should be done by now.

Pamela says:
wow, thats a pretty rude answer

Agent M says:
If you say so, it is.

Pamela says:
what kind of a customer service chat is this?

Agent M says:
Hmm.. That’s an interesting statement, and I can’t comment on it.

Pamela says:
Ok, at first I’m already furious that my money was debited from my account without any cash received and now this robot chat that is so rude??

Agent M says:
Sorry, I’m having trouble understanding you.
Try typing “?” to see examples of questions I can answer.

Pamela says:

Agent M says:
Hmm. I didn’t quite get what you said.
Try typing “?” to see examples of questions I can answer.

Pamela says:
i think NOW i’m done.

Agent M says:
Well I’ll be.

(Pamela goes -_-” )


Sheesh. Seriously. These kind of ridiculous response is the reason I went into Customer Service Industry. I could have done so much better!! ;-P

Aaaanyway, this is one of the things I “ENJOY” during my day OFFs. Getting crap from some robot customer service.


Now how I wish I had other options to go to… Any suggestions for a widespread, quality online Banking service?? I have been a patron of Maybank since KawanKu days. I shit you not. And this is what they have become today…

October 28, 2008

My Day OFFs

I had a day OFF yesterday, and I spent the whole day just lazing around practically doing nothing. Bleh~

Yea, managed to cook myself some congee, handwashed a few undergarments, but still, most of my time was spent in front of the telly. Watching afternoon soap dramas and at night it was comedy night with “According to Jim” and “My Wife and Kids”.

Then there was also the Nintendo. It was lying around there, not mine, my colleague’s so I thought I’d give it a try. Played Mario Brothers. And playing that just reminded me why I get sick of playing that game after 4 rounds of trying. I’m a very impatient person sometimes.

Anyway, so there goes a day to waste. I didn’t even manage to reply Yasue’s letter, and I even ended up giving in to my guilty pleasures:

Kit Kat and M&M’s.


When am I ever going to lose weight??????

October 23, 2008

From Nippon with Love

I got mail!!

Oh how I miss the days of pen-pals and snail mails..

I am truly blessed to have met people like this from this whole wide world.

Yasue Okada was my roommate back in OZ. She was just the sweetest person I know. She even cried when I left!
Anyway, I got a letter from her! Was so excited when I saw the mail..

And yea.. She’s a pure Nihon-jin, all the kawai-ness is visible in her sticker decorated letter..

Even at the back of the letter envelope, its got a dove-like sticker that matches the envelope “sky” design..

Well, in the letter she mostly talked about her life, what she been up to, mostly about work though. And then she also asked me about my “previous” relationship which she thought I’m still in. Sadly she hasn’t come to know of what had happened. Will definitely find the time to reply her. I hope I have her address!! Gotta check my email again..

Aaanyway, this has got to be the best part of the letter..

“Love, yasue “ (and some kawai face of a teddy bear)


I AM L O V E D ! ! !




Wait a minute! JULY??? It takes 3 months for snail mail to arrive????? Gosh.. in 3 months so much changes can happen!!

Tsk! Snail Mail… -_-“

October 22, 2008

Oink Oink

Saw this the other day at Robinson’s Supermarket…

Poor baboy~~ (no offence to vegitarians aaaigght?)
But he looks happy tho.. kan?
I know I mentioned my memory card screwed up but I managed to find an alternate way to retrieve the data files.. Y A Y ! !
October 9, 2008

8th Oct : A Day for Buffet

Twas my day OFF today. Thought I’d spend some quality time with myself and went off to spend money like water. -_-“

So anyway, after buying groceries and some bras and panties to add to my deprived closet, I was starting to crave for some japanese food, or rather, sushi specifically.

My colleague recommended this place called Sakae Sushi, and I decided to bring along another colleague with me since its supposedly a buffet, which only lasted from 2pm until 6pm. On the way there, June and I was really excited and anticipating good stuff, and we were deliberating how business minded this place was to set the buffet timing at low peak hours.

Oh how disappointed we were when we got there. The sushi train was scarce, and choice was so limited. Of course, I had to eat my money’s worth right? It costed around RM 26 per person, and I made sure we ate the most expensive color code there is!!! The red, the green, then the yellow. Had about 6 red plates that costed around 7.50, 3 plates of green, 6 bucks each, and then 3 of yellow, 4.50 each.

So we only paid 52 bucks for a disappointing meal that costed 75 bucks normal price. It came with complimentary green tea, and choice of miso soup or chawan mushi.

I say its disappointing as I had about 4 plates of red which were the same dish!! The chef wasn’t even gonna put in any new shit and most of the food were simple cheap stuff anyway! No salmon, no unagi. Tsk!

I have vowed not to go there anymore. Duh~

October 6, 2008

My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend

Watched this the other night with Lei and family. Oh such a sweet heart fluttering movie.. I just love looking at Marian Rivera.. She’s so pweeety~~!!!

Movie is just a feel good one. Maybe some corny lines where Marian goes,

“we can’t be together… its not right~~”


Aaaanyhow, it also has the Ric Segrato song “Why can’t it be” included as part of the soundtrack.. aawww… love that song..

Hmm.. what movie next?



you know what I’m talking bout~