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May 31, 2008

Through Papam’s eyes : episode 1

My adorable niece Chloe Josephine..

Enjoying her Disney Channel and so totally relaxed..

May 31, 2008

A Public Holiday evening with family

The sister and family came to my place to pick mum and I up around 7pm, and we headed to City Mall,

“The Olde Station Kopitiam” – for dinner..

The sister and girls figuring out what to order..

The first dish served, was the Popiah, I think some its called the pastry wrap? with some stuffings and ‘sambal’ poured over, and then peanut toppings..

Looks yummy huh? I didn’t have much of it cos it was actually rather spicy!

Next, the sister ordered some rice with Assam Fish..

And then Bro in law Tom ordered the classic Nasi Lemak, with chicken..

and Mum ordered the U-Don noodles..

And with all that photo taking session, could you believe I actually forgot to take a photo of my own order????

Anywhoo, I ordered the Kuey Teow Chicken soup which actually tasted not too bad! Unfortunately, I can’t review much on what the rest of them ordered cos I was much too full to even finish my own meal! No thanks to all the junk food I hate in the late afternoon.. tsk!

And here are my fav models for this outing..

Baby Girl Chloe with Yi Che Tabby,

and then..

Chloe again, this time with Che2 Danica!


It was a simple evening outing.. I was with The sister most of the time doing more ‘girly’ stuff like going through the dresses and undergarments department, shoes..

Then City Mall had to close at 10pm.. its a Public Holiday tomorrow!!!! Mall times should be extended, duh~~~

Danica was asking for fries as we were leaving City Mall, and Yiyi Papams was craving for the same too. So we all dropped by Burger King for some fries and onion rings snack. MTV Making the Band 4 was on in BK! But I was more caught up with playing rock, paper, scissors with the girls.. guess I’ll have to catch up on who made the finals on the entertainment news online then..

Thing about Public Holidays, it makes me eat un-cautiously…

May 31, 2008

Danica and I

This was taken at City Mall Olde Station Kopitiam with my niece, Danica

I have taught her the art of cam-whoring at such a tender age of 7.

I’ll surely be missing these moments pretty soon…

May 30, 2008


Its raining cats and dogs here at this moment. And since I am still excited about bringing back this blog of mine, I thought I’d put random stuffs in, just to try out the blogspot’s features and tools..

So I figured I should try to post pictures that are larger than my normal wordpress size of 300pixels. hehehe. So this one is set to 500pixels wide.

This is a photo taken during my recent Manila visit. It was raining cats and dogs then too. So I could relate it to me now!

I really liked this photo. Somehow looking at it just brings me back to that moment in time. And that old man on the left, just completes the art!

May 30, 2008

Tagged by Big Eyed Gal : Blog Readability Test

I’m so free to do all these tags now.. so here goes.. muahahahahaha

blog readability test

Here are the rules:

1. Check out your Blog Readability Test here then post it.
2. (OPTIONAL) Stop asking yourself regarding the results of the test (LOL!)
3. Add your blog from the list together with the results.
4. Tag as many friends you like.

1. Big Eyed Gal – High School 2. The Chronic Shopper – Elementary 3. Vital Sighs – Genius 4. Papams – High School 5. YOUR LINK HERE

I’m tagging: Y O U!

May 30, 2008

Tagged by Big Eyed Gal : Firsts and Lasts

Participants: 1. Me and Mine 2.Creative In Me 3.Little Peanut 4. Pea in a Pod 5. Sugar Magnolias 6. All Things Me 7. Because Life Is Fun 8. Mind Bubbles 9. Something Purple 10. Stripe at Yellow 11. Vanity Kit 12. Em’s Detour 13. Big Eyed Gal 14. The Chronic Shopper 15. Vital Sighs 16. Papams 17. ADD YOUR LINK HERE

*First real job: Accounts Executive
*First screen name: AkikoYano (back when MIRC and ICQ is the mode for chatting during the Japanese Culture Fever)
*First funeral: My grandfather – Mother’s side. I was only about 6 or was it 8 years old?
*First pet: Cats and Dogs – had loads of them. No favorites though..
*First piercing: Ears. at the age of 7 or 8 as well?
*First tattoo: nope. no tattoos. I’m not ‘stained’. hehe.
*First credit card: I don’t qualify!!! darn it..
*First kiss: hmm.. can’t recall.. but maybe at age 13??
*First enemy: enemy???? can’t recall??

*Last car ride: Just yesterday. Mum picked me up from work.
*Last kiss: **shhhhh
*Last Movie: Juno. – pretty funkeh~
*Last hair color: Bright orange? 1st of March 08
*Last novel read: This reminds me I need to read more novels to fill up my creative juices.. -_-“
*Last country visit: Philippines!

ok.. running out of “last” ideas.. feel free to add it up guys..

I’m tagging Kaesen, Pinay Jade, and whoever is reading this now.. 😀

May 30, 2008

Public Holiday

its a public holiday today.. Harvest Festival 2008, and it lasts for 2 days.. wooo hoo!!!

I get to sleep in again.. zzzzz…

anyway, no plans for this public holiday. well, maybe tomorrow, going for some family tree reunion thingy my mum is dragging me to go… will see..

for now, just enjoying lazing around at home.. and having snacks…

i had a post 2 years ago about how i spent the Harvest Festival. Read it here.

May 30, 2008

Choices. Variety. Un-loyal?

Is there such a word as un-loyal? or is it dis-loyal? I need to brush up on my vocab and grammar!

Speaking of this, its just my thoughts on having more than 1 of the similar things in life.

For example, I only have, well, I don’t ONLY have, but I choose to frequently, and I mean as in, make it my primary use, of only 1 bank account. I do have another 2 I believe, which I rarely use.

And then I have more than 1 shoe, but I frequently use 1, until I wear it out completely, before I decide to use another.

I know some people have more than 5 email addresses, I have a few email address, but I have a primary email, 1 for formal use, and another just for junks. ;-p

So my point is, its just too much hassle to have too many of the same thing right? Yes, sometimes in life we need back ups.. justlike, in case 1 email doesnt work, u can use another, etc etc..

I just tend to be emotionally attached to just 1 thing, and the rest just seem “not so important” to me..

ok, i think i’m not making sense here.

anyway, i was referring to my other blog. My blogspot. I actually had that before this wordpress. And just today, since i am bored to my wits, I decided to just link it up to my primary blog and have it hangin around me..

So, whats with the loyalty issue? I think thats just me putting all this random thoughts into a messed up post. So just because you want variety it means you aren’t loyal? or you want back up? this is referring to relationships see.

ok. papams is just being crazy and blabbing nonsense away here cos I am hungry, I havent brush my teeth, or wash my face, or get a shower, since i woke up at 9am this morning. disgusting. its almost 2pm now.

May 30, 2008

I’m Keeping this.

Hello cyberworld.

I decided to keep this blog active. Well, not exactly “active” but to just revive it for keep’s sake. Cos its such a waste being left all alone in the internet web and just waiting for someone to view it.

So, since I am on WordPress, I thought I could still hang on to my blogger account and do all the things here that I can’t do with wordpress.. hehehe..

My primary entries will still be in wordpress, and I’ll probably just post randome stuffs here now and then.

Maybe someday when blogger allows a wider range of imports from other blog systems, I just might make this the primary one too.. 😉

May 30, 2008

Tagged by Big Eyed Gal : Peculiar Friday Tag

I actually don’t mind doing simple tags like this.. and since its Friday, here goes..


1. To watch or participate?
depends on what the activity is right? but I am definitely in for fun ones and especially activities that are new to me!

2. Malls, catalog shopping, or the Internet?
Yeap. Malls and internet…

3. A bath or shower?
Hmm.. a bath (with someone would be romantic ;-p ) and then a shower when I’m in a rush!

4. To talk to people by telephone, in person or by e-mail?
I don’t think I have a preference for this except depending on who I am talking to. If its someone I missed so dearly, talking in person would be great isn’t it?

5. Typing or writing?
I definitely prefer typing cos its much neater and readable that way. I’ve seen pretty bad hand writing which just annoyed me when you need information. But I’d have to agree with B.E.G. that its more personally if I’d be writing a letter, or a card, or a love note..



Just grab the tags whenever you can peeps!