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February 29, 2008

Unexpected Visitor

Yesterday morning 7am. I was on the computer working on my assignment when I suddenly heard a ‘thud’ from behind me.

and I saw this at main entrance.



I must say it was surprising that it managed to crawl all the way into my house!! I was sooo amused..

My kitten was so curious about it.. went near to “check it out” but of course, the other fella hid inside and dare not show his face..



I had to be patient, and quiet..

and I waited for it…











YAY!!! Managed to get a picture~~!!!! (ecstatic)

When my mum got home, I excitedly told her about the little visitor and the first thing she said to me,

“Nah, bagi si Tom la diorang masak sup!”

(“Give it to Tom and they can make soup out of it!”)

So I went, uh.. okay..


And then my mum suddenly turned around and said

“Why did it suddenly came in to the house?? Nah~~ Its a sign!!! Maybe its an angel tu~~ better kasi lapas laa… Maybe God is testing us tu!!”

(Translate: My mother reckons its an angel in disguise, and that we should let it go cos probably God is testing us. )

Just so u know, I didn’t touch the fella.. I was scared it might bite me..

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February 27, 2008


Saw this at Lintas Supermarket just then while grabbing some groceries.




Was attracted to its simple design, sleek and smooth look.. hehehe

So I bought it just for its cool bottle design.


RM 3.90 for a bottle of 500ml drinking water.

This marketing strategy really targets suckers like me.

February 27, 2008

Watch Change.

I’ve had this watch since 2001. So its been 6 years ++ . I got the watch together with its male version for my ex back then. Twas a 3rd year anniversary gift.



I even got it carved at the back of the watch for rememberance.. Could you see what it said??


I was still using this watch cos I couldnt afford to get another, and plus its been with me for so long I was just not willing to part with it.. and of course, I love the design, its really me!

I went to aerobics the other day and dunked the watch into my sports bag. And then it was left in there for few days cos I was just too darn lazy to dig into the bag to grab it. So while my FX Creation was in the sports bag rotting away, I had an affair with my Swatch.



Was given to me as a Christmas cum ‘traveling souvenier’ from my Lady Boss back in the Kindergarten where I used to work. She actually got the watch for me while she was having a vacation at Switzerland. Awesome stuff~! Swatch has been around waiting for my attention since last December.

So finally, Swatch had its chance. Was wearing it for few days since I left FX in the sports bag.

And today, when I finally got the courage to confess to FX ….


NO~~~~~ …………………….. (dramatic music playing in the background)

sniff sniff *

Don’t know whether it can still be used really, cos the seconds needle seems loosened.

I’ll bring it to the ‘hospital for watches’ to have a look and hopefully ‘watch-CPR’ can bring it back to life…

I’m sorry.. didn’t mean to leave you there to rot~~!!!!

February 27, 2008



Prolly my weakest topic to talk about. And I hate it.

I don’t even give a fuck about my country’s politics even though you’ll hear it often,

“its the people’s voice! you’re part of it! the result will affect you!”

yea yea yea.. watever..

Have I registered myself to vote? Surprisingly, ironically, yes I have. Though not exactly willingly I must say. It was just one of those days that my mother and I were downtown in the city, Gaya Street in fact, and there was that voter’s registration booth conveniently parked at one of the corners amongst the morning market. Hence, my mom quickly grabbed that rare opportunity and got me registered right there and then.



So its the election season again, (as u can see from the campaigns on the pics above, taken while on the road) and hence, my sister informed me of it yesterday and asked me to vote.

And I was like, “whaa..?? ok fine.. how do I do that again??”

So she sent me a link online.. (wow!! we could check up on stuff like this online already!! impressive.. Next thing they should consider upgrading is to let people vote online!! Save the trouble to join the crowd and congestion!!)

so I can check on my voting details.. of course, I didn’t understand most of the stuff in there so I got my sister to check for me and just tell me when and where I should go about the voting thingy..

I even asked her who I should vote for.

I haven’t a clue on Politics man, gimme a break??

February 26, 2008

Simply Delicious!

Was at City Mall during the weekend, from the food court at the third floor beside Popular Bookstore, these are what I indulged in..

Claypot Beef Rice (RM 6.00 if I recall) .. the beef was really tender.. and it really taste good!! This one you gotta try..


And I also had some of these.. Mixture of some chicken meat, omellette wraps, fish slices, vege, and salted egg to go with the Claypot Beef Rice.. This was rather costly as they charged per piece of the item you pick out.. I think it all came to about RM 13.00 or so..


Next stop, DESSERTS!!!

The Scoops Gelato Bar at Warisan Square. For those who didn’t know, (like me ) ‘Gelato‘ is actually ITALY‘s version of ‘Ice Cream‘. Was my first time there, and was craving for Banana Split actually but saw this Banana Flambe on the menu and decided to give it a go..


Twas gewd~~~ The syrup was magnifico!! Only drawback was that the banana serving was kinda small tho.. I think its mainly due to the local bananas that are naturally ‘small’ in size ! (i’m starting to get it twisted here .. kekekeke )

So here’s how much it cost me..


mm.. kinda pricey for that small of a serving..



Moving on…




Crispy Fried Calamari (i,e, squids or sotong!) for light snacking.. Was my first time to order this as well, and no regrets.. (except the fact that I couldnt finish it and had it to take away, only to forget to ‘take away’ with me.. aaargggghhhhhh wasted~~~!!!!)



and then the highlight of the night…

Caution : Beware of getting HOOKED!!!

Hot Fudge Cake.. served with Vanilla Ice Cream…



O M G ~ ~ ~ ~

This is as close as u can get to HEAVEN..

I highly recommend you to try this.. seriously.

And then afterwards u can cry out loud when you get this..






February 25, 2008

Goodbye for now, BJJ Borneo

I wish things don’t have to end this way. I have come to love the sport and its art, I have a lot of respect for it. But I guess, “Life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan” – ( quoted from the movie “While You Were Sleeping”, I remembered that line till this very day.. )

All my responsibilities for the club am handing over to Chong, its for the best as well. Plus its not like I can afford the sport anyway, I been riding on a free trip just cos my bf was the owner of the club. So now that I am no longer the gf, I am not entitled for such benefits I guess. I been getting some cold shoulder from the club since that day. And I have tried to ignore it, tried to remain there to prove a point, but it just seemed to make things worse.

Thus, I bid farewell to the club. I wish them all the best and success in the near future. And hopefully when I am in a more stable condition, emotionally and financially, I will come back to join the club again..

I’m no quitter. I’m just taking a step back.


February 23, 2008

Papams have CHANGED.

Indeed I have.

As much as I HATE CHANGE, I believe in these few months, I have changed myself as I have promised another person.

When I meet a person, their first impression is my starting point. I.e, say, person A, jolly, healthy, isn’t a smoker. That trait of the person, will be left with me as how I know them as.

So probably few months or years down the road, I meet person A again, and they may have CHANGED and started smoking, became more serious and conservative, etc, I wouldn’t be able to accept that CHANGE.

I can name a few people in my life that has CHANGED and I wasn’t accepting it very well, and one of them is my very own brother. I won’t say in what ways has he CHANGED, but yea, I’d say that I missed the old him.

Of course, CHANGE for the better is easier to accept than CHANGE for the worse

I used to be short tempered, overly sensitive and easily angered.


Now, I still get upset, but I don’t hover my anger for too long. I realize that being angry or mad at something or someone really tires and drags me down. It really does feel tiring!

Now, whenever I get angry, I may scream and hit the steering wheel (if I’m alone in the car), I may cry (breaking down usually helps me relieve the stress), and I’d find someone to talk to about what I feel.

And when I’m done with that, I feel more released. Then I can move on..

February 22, 2008

You’ve got Tagged!

I been tagged by Catea, a newly found blogosphere friend , and its my first time to ever respond to a tag!!

So here goes!

Rules of Four.

Here it is:

4 jobs I have had:

Body Shop Product Advisor,

Mc Donald’s Crew,

Video Store retailer,

Accounts Clerk

4 movies I watched over and over:

Ever After,

Vanilla Sky,

White Chicks,

Superstar! (Molly Shannon u rock~~)

4 shows I watch:



CSI Las Vegas,


4 places I have been:
(Just places or countries? hmm)




Labuan (Its in another island!!)

4 people who email me:



blog alerts,

spammers (all same with Catea’s)

4 favorite things to eat:

sushi and lasagna (similar to Catea again!),

chinese herbal soups,

chocolate moist cake!

4 places I would rather be:


The States,



4 things I look forward to this year:

Family Retreat in March;

Convocation in September;

Getting a new job;

visit Philipines perhaps?





Papams signing out -n-

February 22, 2008

wORk iT!


While waiting for my session at 5.45pm.. was bored so took some shots..

My gear.. and my fat thighs..


This is the 5pm session at their last 15mins doing ab works..



The instructor.. not very clear, but its not like she has a fabulous body mind u.. She’s more of a MOTIVATOR..


wish I could take pics of myself actually doing the work out but I don’t have a clone..

so here’s a shot of me AFTER work out..


check out the sweat~~~!!


being dramatic and posy..


Thats 45 minutes of hard work..

Aerobics ROCKS~~~~

February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday

~ Happy Birthday to You…

~ Happy Birthday to You..

~ Happy Birthday My Dear Christene

~ Happy Birthday to You ~~~~

26 is a ROCKIN’ number!!!!


(this sticker photo thingy was taken way back in 2004)

Christene and I have known each other since 2001 back in a college we call APIIT. We became much closer in 2002 after having our college location moved and we became not only friends, but housemates.

I miss those days where she would suddenly come in to my room, and just jump onto my bed while I’m on the computer and she’d be taking a nap right there.

I miss those days where we look forward to Friday nights cos of the night market that was waiting for us just outside our condo.

I miss those days where we would go for grocery shopping at Carrefour in the Endah Parade mall just across our condo. We’d be spending at least an hour there just window shopping and walking around looking at stuffs..

Those were the days…

Though we have now moved on with our individual lives, but I am glad and truly grateful that we are still close to each one’s heart and I feel like I have never been too far away from her.

Thanks for being my friend, dear Christene!

Cheers to being a year wiser, to your new job, and to the prospect of marriage!! hehehehe