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October 12, 2007


Hari Raya celebrations in my opinion, is only good for the holidays that we get!!!

Its been so long since i blogged here, I’ve lost count on how many times i’ve said that, it seems like each entry posted would start off with how long I havent been in here!

Anyway, so the holidays are coming in, am currently at the office, actually office hours are almost over. Am just waiting to past time. Lots have happened, my mum suddenly shortened her stay in the States and has just came back for good yesterday. So no more freedom for me!!

And Internet is in already in the office, makes communication much easier, and plus its an entertainment for me when i get bored around the office since i’ll be alone starting next month as my colleague mdm F is leaving the company.

Other than those, relationships have been good and bad, and recently been setting up a Jujitsu club with Bf and hopefully all goes well cos so far so good.

Money is still very much in deficiency for me. I still owe my mother 3k and i have no fucking idea how to repay that in time… narsh..