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September 3, 2007

2 SEPT 07: its been TOO loooooooooonggg

Wowzes, 2 long months I have been MIA-ing from expressing my thoughts and having some papams time..

lots have happened since my last entry. me and bf still very much together (in my books at least), but since then he hasnt told me he loved me at all.. he still puts the FRIENDS mentality on.. I’m just hanging on for as long as he wants me to..
other than relationships, my work life has been hectic. working for the Datin is not easy, tho most times flexible. I guess the hardest thing i find about working with her is that the CHANGE happens too quickly. she changes her mind about something so fast and is easily influenced. I dont know whether its actually good for me or bad?

other aspects of my life, family time is much less nowadays, not that i’m complaining, love my freedom.. but i guess ppl say I lack certain things that family can give..

uni life is just about to start again. previous semester got me another ‘B’. I hope this semester with only 2 subjects I can pull it off better..