That time I went White Water Rafting. #verylatePost #backdated #goodtimes #borneoadventures

*actual post on July 8, 2015 (talk about being 8 YEARS late! Obviously I’m in my reminiscing moments)


Amie and I in the train en-route to the interior area where the white water rafting adventure awaits us. It was a double date with Ams, Ben, Allen and I.

I forgot what the place was called, but if I’m not mistaken, it should be at the Kiulu River. And with some foreigner photobombing us even when the word “photobomb” did not exist yet. From the looks of it, I assume he must be Korean.


This was the pit stop where we could leave our stuff and prepare for the take off! Looks like a large hut or shack of some sort but made of wood only though.


A random shot here of some of the people on the lifeboat going down the river. This was already past the exciting stages I believe, the water looks pretty calm by now.


Ams and I right at the spot we get off from the boat. Yehey!! Conquered the river with ma bestie! Oooppss another photobomber behind us changing from her bikini top. :-p


On our way back though, we met with an unfortunate situation where our train tracks got stuck because there was a landslide. We were all stuck on top of the train cargo for a while until someone said we had to start walking. Bummer.


Oh well, still glad we got to experience this and we even took another photo together with the crowd behind us walking. Hehehehehe



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