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June 13, 2007

12 JUNE 07 : Out of tears

had a massive fight with bf the other sunday night.. i cried so much that i think i’m so dried out..

its a long story.. and a really complicated one at that bcos it involves his family.. and everyone knows how attached is my bf with his dearly beloved family.. their like his main gf and i’m the affair..

haih.. sniff sniff…

aaaaaanyway.. another sad thing i just found out, is that i just got myself a working pants that costed me a blast and yet its a DRY CLEAN material!!!! nuts!!!!! shit man.. big big mistake.. aaarrggghhh.. cant my days go any worse??

am feeling really low.. i miss him..and yet i hate him at the same time..

June 7, 2007

6 JUNE 07 : Another hair cut & Paso Doble

Had a haircut again just 2 days after I had the first in May. And like i said, the next time i update this journal would prolly be a month’s time!!

Just been so busy lately. Trying to fit into my job and my EXTRA roles and responsibilities. I just hope to be able to do my job well and do uni well at the same time. Last semester exam results are out, did a lil poorer than the last time again. I just hope I don’t screw myself up this semester.

Today had my first ballroom dancing lesson. Took up latin dance, the Paso Doble. Allen wanted nothing else but Latin dances. But it was good. Kinda costly with the shoes and the class, but I guess this is one of my passion that i can be sure of. Dancing.

Neways, relationship with al has been very complicated. I try very hard and sometimes I just feel that it isn’t good enough for him. I just can’t wait for another distraction to come along. Hopefully they like dancing too. 😛