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May 8, 2007

8 MAY 07: Hair cut & Ugly Bosses

I got a hair cut today.. Don’t really fancy it eventho i got approval from bf. kinda miss the long hair. neways, it’ll grow back soon. Am thinking of hair color tho.

This whole week in the office has been stressful. the fucking datuk has been finding faults non stop. i don’t know what the fuck, but I do know, I am so not going to last working with people who don’t make sense!!!!FUCK THEM DATUKS & DATINS!!

May 1, 2007

1 MAY 07: Labour Day

Yay! Public holiday!! 2 in a row at that, today for labour day, and tomorrow for Wesak day. Don’t know wat the wesak means, but it sure is good to be off work!!

Am at home, in singlet and just panties, got home earlier in the morning at about 11:45am. Was at besfren’s the whole night. Watched 2 dvds, “Trust the Man” and “Devil wears prada”. Not too bad. Comfy cozy movies.

So now that am home, I was immediately tuned into “HOUSEWORK” mode. Start cleanin up the house, changing bedsheets to laundry, to washing the dishes, to cleaning the fan. Am taking a break right now, and waiting to see whether i’ll have the mood OR energy (only slept at 5.30am) to continue doing any housework.

Bf coming home tomorrow. m. need to get room fragrance, candles. need to clean house. m.