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April 25, 2007

Countdown : 6 days

And here’s the “almost happy” papams.

Bf is comin back home soon.. somewhat excited.. timing just wasnt so right. neways, i’m quite surprised at how calm he is nowadays. its prolly cos of the excitement of coming home, sorta toned him down. Why calm? Cos i’ve been torturing him emotionally these days, throwing unreasonable temper at him, and he still manage to keep his cool. Am rather surprised. I was bein a bitch cos I had all that pressure on my back.

So, this week is the last week before exam season starts, thus the bad-timing. So I will need to be really disciplined to study and not spend so much time with bf.

So with only exam to concentrate on, and no more assignments to fuss about, I can also focus on work a lil more. Need to seriously get down to business and finish the accounts already.

Am feeling rather sorry for my colleague tho. Her mother is currently really sick, some sort of stomach cancer. And the doctors seem to have given up and said they should try to use traditional medication. So its rather sad to see my colleague in the office looking quite distracted thinking about her mother. I pray for a miracle.

April 17, 2007


Here comes the destructive and depressing papams again…

So yesterday, my immediate boss a.k.a bf’s uncle, threw his whiny old dick ass temper at me. ALMOST cried. Good thing i didnt.

And last week, just when I thought I have all the time in the world to catch up on assignments, my classmate suddenly tells me, THERE’S A TEST ON WEDNESDAY. Great.

So now I got a TEST, AN ASSIGNMENT, and a FUCKING ACCOUNT to deal with.. I don’t know where to start.. And it just doesn’t help that the admin girl is on leave!!! I’M STUCK!!!

ok. calm down. eat ur biscuits. back ache back ache.

April 14, 2007


Its the period I tell u!!!


P.M.S. !!!

It was due on the 15th last month. Its the 14th today.
Why doesn’t he get it???

April 14, 2007


Am such a gloomy person.. and I don’t know if its stubborn to think this way, but I deserve to be as gloomy as I am. Its in my nature. I cannot help it.


April 14, 2007


Yesterday had a row with the Datuk’s driver CUM office boy. He thinks he’s such a hot shot just cos he licks the Datuk’s ass all the time.. the fucker..

And then just this morning, another colleague of mine just snapped at me for asking him to help me check up on something. I think he’s prolly stressed out or something and I just happend to be a younger person in the office he can express his damn frustrations on.

Dealing with human beings is the hardest challenge for me. I have been in working environments that has placed me in really sticky situations and somehow i seem to get into trouble with people every place I work at. I’m starting to wonder if its ME that I should be worried about??

sigh…. Sometimes i wish I could really turn off my emotions so I won’t be so sensitive when these ppl put me down.

I think my period is due soon.. am feeling so emotional.

April 1, 2007


I cannot believe it has been a MONTH since I last put something in here!!

AAAAAANYWAY.. work has been a bitch. I am gonna be transferred back AGAIN. Its just so shitty having to work with ppl who changes their minds every 5 seconds.

These 3 days have been a work day for me, even on a public holiday. The school organized a Montessori Workshop thingy over the weekend, so naturally, we had to make sure everything is well set up , etc.

I should be heading to bed soon as well. Just wanted to post a shout out..after soooooo looooong…

neways, will post a longer update another time..

don’t be surprised if “another time” is in like, May.