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March 4, 2007

4 MAR 07 : Inorganized.

Its March already. Didn’t blog about Chinese New Year cos been so busy lately. Plus, the transfer to the new work premises doesn’t have any internet connection so I am semi-cut off from the rest of the cyber world.. Cos I do have internet at home, I never get to truly go online anymore. Cos I get home, I tend to do some housework, and most to most watch some tv, and then its already time to go to bed.

So seeing my schedule, I haven’t been really organized in terms of my uni work. I haven’t been in touch with my lecturers for 4 weeks, and I’ve missed a test, and I actually have another test tomorrow and still, I haven’t done much study!!! I’m feeling so screwed.

Even at work, everything seems kinda ‘hanging’ cos some re-structuring is happening in my company, the rest of my colleagues will be moving out from the former location, and a new business plan is being drawn up.. So many changes.. I need to catch my breath!!!!!

Other than that, my weight has not changed even after all that hard work! bummer. I guess it really is hard for me to resist food. Doesn’t help that i get ‘super’ moody with an empty stomach.

Financially, I am also somewhat at odds, trying hard not to overspend.. but oh maann.. jus definately cannot resist the temptation for a whole body massage I just had 2 days ago!!! It was just awesome..

Am feeling guilty enough for not having spent enough time with my bro’s family since they’re down in kk for only a few more days left.. its jus difficult when I myself am so inorganized.. so better not waste more time. I should just stop right now, and start STUDYING!!!!