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February 18, 2007

POST ENTRY: 9th February ’07 (Friday)


It all happened in Luyang house.. I was in charged of taking bestfren out to distract her. I tell you, it wasn’t easy being the one to know, and having to pretend and act as if nothing is happening!It wasn’t easy as well with every excuse I used to get her to the house earlier because she just manages to deflect every excuse I tried on her!!

But finally, it went well, she was truly surprised, and we all had a good time at luyang house, playing the drinking game and just chillin’..

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09022007 (13)

09022007 (23)

The surprise was a success!!!

09022007 (1)

I just LOVE surprises!!

February 18, 2007

Change again.

On the 12th February, Monday, I was dumped with quite a news from my immediate boss. The big boss wanted me to be transfered to the Kindergarten office. Permanently.

This is mainly due to the fact that the company is eventually goin to move out from the current location. Secondarily, because of the case of missing money in the kindergarten. I was assigned to monitor cash flow in the school. bummer.

So there you go. Another CHANGE in the journey of my life. Change in environment of work, change in the route to work every morning and evening on the way home.. Change in the faces that I meet everyday, Change in the faces I don’t get to see so often anymore.. Change in the comfy and convenient toilet that I am used to at the previous location.. Changes Changes Changes!! I suck at all of it.

February 18, 2007

My 2007 Valentine

It’s kind of a lonely one this year. Despite that, I still get the cozy comfy feeling.. so I guess my valentine’s went alright.. ;-P

I believe in total honestly and transparency between lovers, so I have done the same with boyfren. Told boyfren straight up that am expecting flowers from him. And if I hadn’t made it clear, he truly wouldnt have put any effort to do so.

So am glad that after telling him what I wanted, (expected) of him, he managed to pull it off, even from far away, he got his cousins to get me the bouquet of flowers (which I totally loved the packaging!!)..

He also bought me a book for Valentines, sent it through the mail. A book on “Textile Gift Wrapping” (I also loved it!!! The fact that he puts meaning into the gifts just melts me even more..) Cos I told him time and again, that I sucked so bad at wrapping gifts!!! How sweet is that….

Valentine’s day was spent in front of the tv, with lousy internet connection and eating dinner at the same time, (different timezone though) and watching the same dvd “City of Angels”. I know i know, sad story for a romantic day but hey, its still a love story..

February 18, 2007

its been CRAZEEE~~

I’ve been wanting to update the journal for about 2 weeks now.. just so caught up with work and always going home tired and trying to sleep early to wake up early to hit the gym.. its just so taxing on my body’s energy levels..

lots of things happened in a mere 2 weeks.. so am jus gonna post things “POST-Dated”..

February 7, 2007


Was cleaning the house after coming back from work this evening, and was taking the trash out from the living room when I suddenly turn around and saw the big, squiggly, tentical-ly thingy crawling around on the floor!!!!

I think I almost freaked out. It was the most humongous crawly tentical-ly thing I have ever encountered. Excuse my analogy. I really don’t know what you call that thing. Prolly LIPAN is what the home ppl call it here. I jus showed the pic to besfren and she says its called a CENTIPEDE. Ook.. I actually placed my shoe next to it to show u guys exactly how long and big this thing is in comparison to my shoes. I’m a size 5 and this thing is almost as long as my shoe!!

So as usual, panicked for a while, and then I quickly looked for a weapon to kill it before they try to hide from me. So I took the easiest thing in sight which was long enough so I could avoid the thing from suddenly jummping onto me or something. I took the vacuum tube.. tried to smash it to pieces but seemed like it had a really tough outer shell, unlike cocroaches which I could smash easy.

Anyway, it stopped moving, and some juice came out from the body, I assumed it was dead. Quickly threw it out together with the trash..

A short drama in the living room..

This should also be titled, “Centipede in Living room”.

My house is full of these creepy crawlies.. How do I stand it? I just have to have those weapons around me to crush them with.. Creepy crawlies I could crush, I can’t crush frogs..

February 6, 2007


To all of you out there, BEWARE..

My colleague was snacking on Jack’n’Jill chips when she found out there was cocroach in it. No, it was already in it!! It didnt JUST went in!

So peeps.. watch out for Jack’N’Jill Corn Curls snack if you wanna know how those cocroaches taste like. heh.


February 5, 2007

05 Feb 2007 : Oblivious

Corny title.. the other day was “Obligation” and today, another big “O”.. titles titles..

So I was on the way up to my office (was late of course) in the lift with a bunch of people. And they were talking about a family in Sepangar that drowned because their boat capsized due to a hit of big waves.. Yes, I was eavesdropping but we were in the lift!! ~for goodness sake~

I relate to their conversation cos I read the news on that too, last Saturday. And then it also reminded me that time again, why I hated reading the newspaper till this day.

Its always about tragedy, about petrol price hike, its always someone dying.. Imagine, they put obituaries, informing ppl of another life dead. What about new born babies?? Thats a new life!! And you don’t see it as often as you can see obituaries. It’s just so sad and depressing. The newspaper. They should just call it the BADNEWSpaper.

Its because its so depressing that I have stopped caring about whats happening around me. I know its just plain ignorant and negative being oblivious, but just as the saying goes, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.”

However, once in a while, I try to be a good citizen, and flip through the pages for a few brief seconds before I start feeling too depressed just so that I can find conversational topics from the newspaper to throw it at new ppl that I meet or even adults that I have to deal with. 😛

ok. My morning didn’t start so well today. Didn’t manage to go to gym to feel good about myself and to top it off, had an argument with boyfriend.

Am gonna go off and get me a heavy, delicious, luxurious lunch, and end it with a delightful dessert of chocolates and ice cream.. all the fattening food you can imagine!!!! all the GLORIOUS FOOOOOOOOOOOOOD~~~~

yupp. fuck dieting for at least a few hours.

February 4, 2007

Belated Post Entry

Since I didnt manage to post an entry during the peak Holiday Season of Christmas and New Year’s Day, I thought I’d write about it now..2006 Christmas is prolly my best ever cos I got one of the best gifts!! I got a NEW handphone~~~!!! (not exactly NEW cos I believe its kinda like the re-con ones but non the less still usable.. hehe )


The NOKIA 6070.. Its from my mum.. She really didnt have to tho.. I really didnt expect it from her. Even more now since she’s not working anymore and the only income she gets is from selling her CADWARE and she earns some bonus from that.

But I really appreciated the fact that she did get me one. My old phone wasnt dead yet, just very outdated (about 5 years old) and even that was sponsored from my mom for my 19th or was it 20th bday..

Anyway, I also got a nice little lady handbag from my sister,and some belated gifts from my bro all the way from INDO. Some cute panties and dvds of course. Oh and earrings too!

My Christmas 2006 was rather simple. I didnt even manage to buy any new clothes cos I spent all my money on getting gifts for people!

Was at Jiki’s hse at night for some Christmas celebration and in house karaoke. Was actually feeling sick that day now that I recall..

New Year’s Eve was spent with Best Fren and her other best fren from Aussie and there’s where I got to meet some new ppl..They were cool.. I’m not much of a people person but they were cool.

February 2, 2007

02 Feb 2007 : Obligation

(crappy title, its not even all about it!! fuck the titles!!!) –> this was initially intended to be placed at the titles textbox but the frickin system rejected it.. oh well.. FUCK THE TITLES!!

How far are you willing to go to show someone that they matter to you sooo fucking much, that they’d do things which they would never even think of doing?

Then there’s the question of obligation, the need to please others at the cost of your personal feelings. ( Am I making sense here? Bleh)

Am hungry, am kinda tired, am kinda bored, but am sure damn COLD!!!! Ridiculously cold this office of mine. Am so annoyed. So annoyed to the point where I can’t concentrate on doing any serious job. I just lost a very valuable information as well. Even more annoyed. On top of all that shit, the printer is screwed up again. Tripple annoyance. So i’ve given up. Hence, here I am. Just typing crap about nothing in particular.

Weighed myself in today: 54.5kg -_-‘

loooooong way more to go.. how awesome would it be to have the luxury of enjoying all the good food in the world without any feeling of guilt??

Am alone in the office, colleague on MC again.. my period must be on its way.. pimples are giving me a signal..

am such a lousy blogger. No, I don’t really consider myself as a blogger. I hate following trends. I’m just a simple writer who rants on this system that the cyberworld provides us with.

(ok.. trying to squeeeeze ideas out of my mind now..) oh wait, i can’t help it, I gotta replay this ..

“squeeeze, relax.. squeeeeze, relax..”

hehe. ask me if u wanna know wat all that was about!

Last night I was home, cooked my dinner, which in the end turned out more than expected. Almost felt bulimic again.. Then my sister and family came by unexpectedly.. So the house was all lively again.. and the girls of course, their latest fad, “Kronk’s New Groove”. Thats the 3rd time in the week. Geezz..

There you go, another entry with all my trash in it.. unorganized, unlabelled.. just me.