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January 31, 2007

31 Jan 07: Married at 25

Wedding Bells ringing again.. No, I wish it was me, but havent been so lucky in a while.. mhahaha

Was going to thru frenster and saw some highschool mate from my batch announcing her wedding.. aaww maan.. there goes another one before me!!

I don’t remember if I have mentioned this in my journal before. But oh well, I’ll just say it again since am experiencing the same thoughts again..

When I was a LOT younger… I remember telling myself that I want to be married by 25 the latest. And then if I don’t get married by then, I’ll throw the whole marriage idea to my behind.

And as I grew OLDER, I realised that at 25, it could prolly be the peak of my life where I am truly an adult, and that I want to enjoy that life while i still could. And plus, at that time, nobody in my batch was even thinking about marriage anyway.

And then, I hit 25, I know at least 5 of people in my batch who got married or is going to get married. And look at myself and sometimes feel sorry for myself and at other times even feel pathetic.

It’s actually practical to get married young prolly around 20 to 21 or so, so that u can have kids earlier and its not so taxing around the waistline cos while a woman is younger, its still easier to lose all the pregnancy fat.

If I get to 30 and wait till then to get my 1st kid, OMG~… .. .

I should look back into my entries and check out whether I’ve said the exact words before. Even my memory is failing me. tsk.

Btw, its fucking freezing in this damn office that even with mittens my fingers are still icy cold. bbbrrrrrr…COLD!!!!

January 30, 2007

30 Jan 2007 : Update

Been a while, lots of things happened, and lots of things didnt happen as well..

My mum left for the states already, which in papam’s books it is directly translated to FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM!!!!!!!!~~~~~

MUAHAHAHAHA.. No not really.. am left to pay for my own fuel. shyte.

Ran an analysis on my monthly expenditure budget.. not good not good..

Went to a few parties (or clubbing in kk terms) during this January since its considerably the “Holiday Mood” for many of us KKians.. Took lots of crazy photos!!

Finally watched “Death Note 2”, really awesome plot.. also watched “Pathfinder” which was surprisingly bad..

And I guess things that didnt really happen would be any kind of weight loss for papams. duh~~

I never realised that there are ppl who actually read my journal. Hm. Well, even before the whole “blog” era happend, I had always been writing diaries. And at one point in life, i got more attached to the keyboard, pc, the gadgets. So I had planned to put my thoughts into a machine, but never really gotten to do it. So, it all took off from here. I just hope Hi5 dont shut down till i manage to print all the shit i typed here! yeap, am a BACK UP person.. Some of the things that I typed here I don’t even remember typing them!

Anyway, too much randomness in this entry. Thus the simple title of just an update. Sometimes I just hate the titles textbox. I hate to have to think up of a title. Another reason y i keep putting dates on my title header is cos I can’t think of any, and also cos of the time difference between the machine and my real life time. And I also keep forgetting wat format I kept my dates on the titles!!

ok. i’ll shut up now.

January 12, 2007

11.01.2007 – A Frog in the Kitchen

I’ve always been afraid of frogs. they’re disgusting , slimmy, and most of all, they jump. they even get bloated when u try to shoo them away.

I started to be afraid of them when I heard rumours that when u get too close to these creatures they tend to piss on you and apparently the piss is poisonous and could blind a person.

So I got home yesterday after work, it was already dark, but i noticed a small ball that looks like poo on the kitchen floor. I was telling myself, “please don’t let it be something too scary for me to handle!!”

I switched on the light, and I still couldnt really make out wat the thing was, I thought it could be a dead rat or something else, but no…. it HAD to be the creature that I couldnt stand more.. the FROG.

I left it there, didnt dare touch it. I even told the dude to stay where he is and mind his own business as I would mind my own too. Of course, if it had been a cocroach or a spider, it wouldn’t escape my hands and live to see the day.. But it was a frog.

Ams was so brave last nite.. she’s my hero!! She shooed the thing away while i was up on the table being helpless and freaking out.