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November 20, 2006

I am 24 today: 19 Nov 2006

Ralph Lauren “Hypnoses” Perfume.

“While You Were Sleeping”, “Shall We Dance”, “AVIATOR” DVDs

Dinner at ATMOSPHERE Yayasan Sabah.

Doggy Soft Toy.

Miniature Shoes Keychain.

Lamb Key chain.

50 Bucks ang pow.

Bday card from Chrissie, Mum and Dan, Tabby, Chloe.

November 13, 2006

Sea VS Ocean

Was watching The Chipmunk Adventure yesterday with my nieces.

There was a scene where the Chipettes went for scuba diving. I asked the girls where were the characters in,

Danica: “I dont know”

Yiyi: ” They’re under the sea!”

Danica: “Oh.”


Danica: “What is the Sea?”

Yiyi: “The place where there’s a lot of water.”

Danica: “Then what is the Ocean?”

Yiyi: “………. go ask your mummy!”

So for those who can’t be bothered to check the dictionary, here it is,

1 [S] a very large area of sea:

November 13, 2006

13 Nov 2006: Uninvited

~ even if you thought i wouldn’t take the offer, it would’ve been nice to know you had me in mind..~
November 9, 2006

9 Nov 2006: Plans gone awry

My boy’s uncle passed away yesterday.

God Bless his soul..

Though I must say, the timing is so not right..

And now my boy insists on coming back and not missing the funeral.

Of course I think its still possible for him to get a job back in Aussie but I’m thinking, that would mean that he’s only back for a short term. It’ll just be in a matter of time he would have to leave again.

And thus comes my dilemma. I can’t accept the fact that he is coming back and leaving again. Because it hurts to see him leave and painful to know that I’m left behind. I was already prepared to not be seeing him for at least another year or two and suddenly he gives me false hopes!!!

I told him blankly that I didn’t want to see him when he gets back. I know it just sounds dumb, and we just might end up seeing each other anyway. But as of now, it just feels better not to see him..

Plus, its a good excuse to not be involved in any fights he might have with his aunties later on.. then I wouldn’t be the reason he doesn’t stick his ass to the house.


November 1, 2006

Yo Soy, Betty La Fea

watched this Telenovela during college break back in 2002. I was crazy about it! I would tune in everyday at 5pm just to watch it and even record it whenever I have to miss an episode!! and only till now, I realised why they aired it in Malaysia.

Apparently, when it first aired in Columbia, it immediately became a fever to all Telenova fans. It was such a hit that it spread all across the globe and even had different versions of the remake of Betty La Fea.

The most recent version that joined in this fever is the U.S. version produced by Salma Hayek.

I watched the clips here and there. And it has a whole load of added characters which were not in the original Yo Soy Betty La Fea. It is still interesting though, and set on a more contemporary tone and the show is called “UGLY BETTY” and they didnt change the title as well, just simply translated it. However, “Yo Soy Betty La Fea” translated directly is spose to mean, “I AM BETTY, THE UGLY ONE.”

However, I personally do not like the cast of the character “BETTY” where they chose America Ferrera as Betty cos I thought they would really take a trully beautiful looking girl and turn them ugly just as they had done with the orignal “Betty” in the Columbian Version which they chose Ana Maria Orozco.

But despite having peeks at different versions of “Betty”s, I still prefer the original Betty and I think the original BETTY is still THE UGLIEST among them all!!! The American BETTY just seemed too cleaned up and you could tell that the ugliness was FAKED..

Anyway, it is still interesting though.. the American version. But just listening to the Spanish language in the original makes me melt more!!