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October 30, 2006

Most Wanted Cafe

Had a short but sweet yam cha session at this cafe with my highschool years mate, Kodomo.

Here’s a few stuff I learned from her,

“lassitude” – physical or mental tiredness.

However, in her definition, it means, in mandarin “yan(4th sound) juan(4th sound)” meaning in an informal way saying “nyak“(mandarin slang).

and “nyak” , the informal mandarin language technically means – getting bored of.

October 29, 2006

Mobile Phones and their owners.

Don’t u just hate it when u call a person on their mobile and they won’t pick it up?

I mean, whats a mobile for if they wont pick it up?? fuck man..

Sometimes I feel like I’m so repulsive! Too dependent on her? Maybe.

I hate this feeling. The “she doesn’t feel the same for u as u do for her” kind of scenario.


October 29, 2006

Random: Doesn’t this look FUN?

and the background scenery is just amazing~~ Thank God Sabah still has beautiful places to be proud of!!

October 25, 2006

The World of Suzie Wong (1960)

I think this is the first ever OLD movie that I actually sat through. I usually just flip the channel when I come across old movies from the 50s or 60s but this movie caught my attention cos it was an American made movie on an Asian culture. I was curious to see how the westerners those days viewed the asians in their times.

Anyway, caught it on cinemax channel 41 while I was browsing through Astro (while babysitting – cos I don’t have astro in my own home ).
So, here’s the scoop on the story,

“An American goes to Hong Kong for a year to work on his painting, meets a Chinese prostitute who poses for him, and then eventually falls in love with her. “


Well, I liked the fact that the character was actually an architect by profession. Haha. yalah, thought of Al for a moment there.

One thing that I’ll always remember of this movie, is how the character, Suzie Wong, so ever frequently misuse the world “FOR GOODNESS SAKE”. There were so many lines in that movie which she uses “FOR GOODNESS SAKE” at the end of each line which is really funny. Its almost like her punch line. Hah.

Though I have to say I didn’t like the ending at all.. it was sort of a sad and an ending that just leaves its audience hangin’..

Bah, old movies.. what more can you expect.. it was kinda interesting the kind of insight it gave me on the perspective of chinese prostitutes in those days..

Neways, here’s to my first ever OLD movie review:

I’d give it a 2.5/5 star rating. maybe can be close to 2.8 lah at best. kekekekeke .

“~for goodness sake!~” ;-p

October 25, 2006

Its a matter of Trust, is it not?

You know how the girlfriend tells the boyfriend how he does certain things that arent right, or maybe certain advices that they give you, the boyfriend just let the words go in from one ear and out the other?

They call the advices, naggings. Well, I think its just a matter of trusting your love ones.
Like, maybe the guy has a bad habit of being egotistical, and his friends are just too chicken to say it to his face. But the girl, knowing that she could confront her man without being judged because they have a certain intimacy, a certain trust in each other, that they both should know, that whatever thats conveyed is for their own good.

However, confrontation turns sour, and the guy becomes defensive of his actions and thinks that the girl is againts him. So a fight emerges.

BUT, if a friend, who can be as blunt and straight-forward, tells it to this guy’s face, that he was being an ass, it is immediately being input into his mind and he goes, “woow, thats the 2nd time. Ok, this time its for real.”

“THIS TIME”? So, when the girlfriend says it, its not for real?
Why must it take 2 opinions to believe in something? Even if the opinion comes from a “someone” that you SHOULD be trusting?? Its your own girlfriend for GOODNESS SAKE.

I guess, the level of trust the guy had for the girlfriend, wasn’t as deep as she thought he had in her.

And, this doesn’t have to imply on just the negative. Even when the girlfriend says “You can do it baby, you can make it, you’re good at you do,”, it doesn’t cheer the guy up. BUT, when he hears the same shit from other people, its like his whole life depended on other’s opinion and his day was brightened up just like that.

So what of the girlfriend’s opinion? It didn’t matter? It wasn’t worth believing in?

So what’s a girlfriend for? Just to be a flower pot I guess, to be appreciated when needed, and to be left alone when there is no need.

Where is the TRUST??

October 25, 2006

The Break Up.

No, not the movie, I mean in reality.

Personally, ever since I started dating at 14, I never felt I was ever trully single for a long time. I mean, it didn’t take me so long to recover from a relationship that ended. It always felt easy for me to be distracted by another guy and move on.

Well, I guess not everyone can just let go as easily. I adviced them to just forget about the past and u know, start seeing other ppl so u can move on and not suffer like this. And they say, ” I want to prove to my ex that I am NOT LIKE THEM.” (Meaning, “not like them” as in to easily go “NEXT~” after the relationship.)

Time waits for no man. I trully believe that. And in my opinion, this girl is just hurting herself. Think about it, would the guy even care that you aren’t seeing anyone? I mean, are u expecting for some kind of pity?? Nope. The guy is not gonna give a fuck. Just let go girl.. you deserve a lot better..

This goes out to all the girls out there.

If you don’t mean it when u say you “want out”, then DON’T be stupid enough to be “threathening” them and simply throw the word around cos someday it’ll be like a boomerang turning back and slamming it IN YOUR FACE.

If you said its a BREAK UP, then understand what comes after BREAK UP is MOVE ON!! scoot! chop chop!! There’s other fishes out there more worth the catch and if you keep looking too hard, u might miss out the one that already right in front of u..

It’s never easy, it takes discipline.. But its liberating..

October 25, 2006

Last Day of Break. BREAK.

yea.. last day of 5 day break.. sheesh.. how time flies..

Break day 1:
Spent whole day in my sister’s hse just watching ANTM cycle 4 marathon while burning cds in my bro’s pc…

Break day 2:
Sunday, church, then back home, lazed around, then movie at night. Watched “The Prestige.” with Ams, Dins, Kims and others. Thereafter had HA-MEN supper at foh sang. I do wanna add on that Prestige was a darn good movie. Haven’t seen a good one in a while now. I’d give it a 4/5. Not perfect, some scenes I found corny but its still good nontheless.

Break day 3:
Monday, morning half of the day, the aircon service crew came by to install a new aircon for my mum’s room (which i’m dreading for the electricity bill next month. lets hope it rains more often!!) and then after they’re done, did some laundry and clean the living room and my room. In the afternoon, went out with my mum to do furniture shopping. And we got us a nice contemporary couch with a solid wood coffee table and a “so-so” kitchen cabinet. In the evening, had a bday dinner to go to at Al’s aunty’s hse. Free Food! yummy..

Break day 4:
Woke up rather late, and then after brunch head straight on to wash the car. Took up the rest of my afternoon just to chill at home and rest. By 4pm, Dins picked me up to his place to babysit Hannah. So the rest of the night was work for me eventhough its still a public holiday and supposedly my rest day.. well, what a pauper’s gotta do, she’s gotta do it.. even if its only worth 30 malaysian ringgit.

And finally today, Break day 5. Doesn’t the days go by just too fast when you’re having fun?


October 20, 2006

20 October 2006: Mental Block

I’m looking back at my blog entries right, and I realised, I used to be so much more creative..

I do realise now, that when you don’t exercise or practise your talent, you do tend to lose them. Since young I was always marked as the creative one, the talented girl.. but now, I feel old and plain.. nothing special about me anymore..other than that, I think why I can’t find the words to say nowadays is that I haven’t been reading much, haven’t been using my left brain much.. its always about work, and memorizing uni shit.. its all become routine.. shit, even my grammer is starting to stink.

I can’t wait for uni holidays.. by then maybe I could spend some time borrowing novels from the library and stuffing some fresh thoughts into my left brain.. mhahahaha..

its been a while since i had a really good laugh. Somebody please crack a joke for me that would make me laugh till my tears drop..

October 20, 2006

20 October 2006: 5 day break from work..YIPPEE~~

Its Deepavali tomorrow..

Its funny, Sabah never used to have Deepavali as a state holiday but I guess the Indian population here is on the rise.. good for us non-indians too.

I’ve planned to have a really good rest this weekend. Though I actually still have 3 assignments in my mind but the holiday mood is just overpowering my spirit to be disciplined. OH WELL!!! HOLIDAAAAYY~~~

Am alone in the office right now, the admin girl on Raya leave for a week!!! Which leaves me to do all her work too… isshh.. bagus kalau kena bayar extra allowance!!! cis.

haven’t blogged for few days cos the internet in the office just sucks so bad.. everytime i try to blog, I just couldnt. Bah, now then can.

Current physical condition: Bloated (just had lunch), bad flu (been 3 days with added bonus of fever – i even have blood in my mucus..) , Cold (not extremely cold, but will get there soon enough.)

Its friday o… and a day before public holiday.. sure jam lagi on the way home.. haiya.. need to go tuition summore..

October 13, 2006

13 October 2006 : Rush Here Rush There

so tired..

5am i woke up, got ready, and by the time 5.30 was already in my office attire and sitting on my workstation in the living room, doing my revision for a test. Didn’t go very well.. I couldn’t fully download the info into my brain.. there was a lag sumwhere..

Got to uni by 8am, the lecturer gave us 15 mins more to do final study.. I couldn’t get anything into my head.. so there.. I did all I can, crapped a bit.. am disappointed with myself..

anyhow, after the test, I went to hand in my assignment which I so totally forgot to put a cover page and ended up just writing my name on the back of the assignment. another strike… i think i sort of took it for granted the fact that it was an assignment on writing a business letter and it was only 1 piece of paper unlike all my other assignments which I had at least 10 pages.. darn..

so after that, off I went to do some accounting at the early learning centre, and by the time i got out, rushed to pick J and P from school.. and then the jam.. oh the traffic jam.. friday~~

So much for Friday being my favorite day of the week…