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August 27, 2006

26 Aug 2006: Monster House

Though last night was a Saturday night, I was just too moody for a happening time. I just took it slow, decided I wanted to have a movie night instead of going clubbing.

Afternoon I was at my sister’s house with the girls just hanging out, watching MTV (believe me or not, my sister at that age with 3 little girls could still watch MTV with her younger sister. I enjoyed it. =) ) We were watching “Making the Band 3” where both me and my sis were eyeing on Aundrea, cos she’s just so cute and such a sweety! We were thrilled and excited when the final season finale announcement got Aundrea’s name in at last!!! Imagine it was a marathon of the whole Making the Band season 3 and even my niece Dan2 was already whining about changing to Disney channel!! I promised her I’d get her stickers…

So after the show finally ended at 7pm, I started to search around the house for my missing clothes.. Sadly I couldnt find it. Dissappointed, I left the house and made my way home. On the way I made plans with friends about watching a movie but everyone was rather caught up. I finally decided I should just bring my mum to the movies. It’s good to hear she appreciated that lah..

So we watched “Monster House”. I know, its a kid’s movie but hey, I gotta admit it was kinda cool.. Pretty scary juga. And besides, I wasn’t ashamed to go watch a kid’s movie directed by Steven Spielberg!

I’d give it a 3/5 stars..

August 22, 2006


Its really sickening to watch myself in the mirror nowadays. Though most of the time i couldnt be bothered about watching my weight and shit, this time its gone too far.

Haven’t been blogging much, mostly due to me not being home that often nowadays. My best fren quit her job last month so been pretty much hanging out with her quite often.

Well, much has happened since the last time i blogged, things such as i’m seriously fat. Last i checked, i’m 54.5 kg. Other than that, I’m fucking broke. However, am starting a full time job tomorrow as an Account clerk. Not a very high pay but i can’t expect much for someone inexperience. I’m just really desperate for money right now.. got tons of bills unpaid and I’m responsible for making sure i pay them. I know it might hurt my academics but I got to deal with that fact. Nothing always comes easy to me anyway..

So back to where I’m stuck at, I really need to lose weight. This is just toooooooooooooooooooo outrageously much.

August 4, 2006

3 AUG 2006: The Reunion.

My fren Mr. T sent me a very sudden msg this afternoon. It said, “yam cha tonight at Atlantis, 8.45 I’ll come pick you up.”

I told him I got tuition so I can only make it after 9, and he replied saying “ok, then meet u up there, viv and Wuts will be there too.”

I was rather surprised, and wasn’t really sure if I wanted to see my ex with my current situation (ahem, fat ass and dull face). But after asking my boy about it, he thought I should really go, so I went, oh what the heck..

My my, what a surprise… I parked next to Wut’s car, and when I got to the table, they were so freaked out!!! Especially Wuts!! I didn’t even think that his reaction would be that surprising!! The weirdest thing is, when I started talking to him, I felt like I was talking straight through his eyes!!! I don’t know what the heck that was but it was freaky…

So I tried to act natural and talked to viv casually about work and shit.. Wanted to ask her about any recent relationships but decided I should hold my tongue first considering Mr. T was her ex.. Anyhow, things got so weird when I started noticing how affectionate Wuts and viv were!!! He was touchy feely, admiring her bracelet and shit, even carressing her thighs??!! I mean what the heck was that????

I got pretty silent after that. I ‘m not sure whether its jealousy but I’ll say it was awkward. It got me even more after they left and I realised that viv came in Wut’s car. All the way home, I was feeling weirdness and awkwardness which I couldn’t explain.. I got home and immediately needed to pour it out to Amie. Mr T got me, I can’t believe it, I wasn’t alone. He was feeling the exact. same. thing.

So he decided to take me out again, have a ‘chat’. We were both releasing our disbelief of how these two “friends” had the nerve to keep the relationship from both me and Mr. T. Of course, I understand that its difficult and also awkward for them cos we were all EX-es. But hey, still, Mr. T and Wuts were friends!!! Wuts should’ve been the one to say something.

I couldn’t help it, so I text Wuts, “Are you and Viv in a relationship?”

He replied, “Are you and Mr. T in a relationship?? =) ”
(he had the fucking nerve to not answer the question and tried to turn the tables around.)

Of course, I told him “no” and asked him again, and he still tried to avoid the issue. Thankfully, Viv did her part when Mr. T text her and asked her d same question. She confirmed it. Though she also said that it wasn’t official.

Geez.. not official. So wat? They’re in the flirting stage right now?? Anyway… I guess my real curiosity was HOW did it happen. And both said “it JUST happened naturally”

I kept texting Wuts, confronting the point where it isn’t fair that we were’nt informed as friends, and he even got the idea that I was jealous( which isn’t entirely true), but yeah.. he did finally admitted that it has been going on for 3 months and even asked me what I thought about it!!

Mr. T definately was out of his calm state. So frustrated at the fact that his close friend couldn’t be honest with him about dating his ex. I can imagine how much harder it is for him. I mean, I’m not as close to Viv, so its not that bad actually. But for Mr. T, he’s close to both.. which was quite hard to accept.

At the end of it all, I guess my concerns are that my ex boyfriend would be comparing me with someone I know and it scares the shit out of me.. vice versa for Mr. T.

I still send my best wishes to Wuts and viv, and told him that I’d be waiting for an official announcement.

And I finally understood how it feels to see your ex with someone else.
(someone I know of for that matter)

ps: inset pic shows how i looked like when I met up with them, viv, Wuts and Mr. T, I look fat and dull and ugly.