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June 6, 2006

Streaming in Luyang!

Finally got the Telekom people to fix my streamyx account and so I’ve got broadband now! Whooo Peeee!!

Well, nothing great actually. In fact, I ‘m even more reluctant to leave my laptop on since Luyang hse is a single story residential, and its been a rainy season lately, when lightning strikes, my modem would be dead. In my grandma’s place, its a flat, and she lives on the ground and lowest level. So if any lightning does strike, it would’ve been filtered from the top and the impact wouldnt be as fatal when it reaches the level which my grandma’s hse is on.

Anyhow, thats my theory of course. I think I heard it from somewhere. Not quite sure where exactly though..

So I am officially connected and running in Luyang hse now…

June 6, 2006

Things in my past: Episode 1

Just a random find of one of the many things I was given in my life, in the past.

This bookmark was given to me on my birthday, in 1998.

I believe by the looks of it, it was hand made by Intan and on behalf of my bro and herself, as a gift for me. I remember it came along with I think an RM50 Parkson Grand voucher if I’m not mistaken.

Once in a while I like to go through my old stuff and it makes me feel nostalgic when I bump into items with sentimental values.

This bookmark is one of it.