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June 20, 2006


Let me rant for a bit.

I called him up, and he so rudely dismisses me cos he was busy getting things at the last minute.

Geez, fine. I was just calling to check on him after having not heard from him for at least 10 hours. And I was just about to tell him that I missed him so much that I dreamt of him. But no, talking to gf was not in his list of errands today so he didn’t have the time to just chat a bit with the gf.

Hell, he couldnt even apologize! Man, having my bf cheating on me was NEVER in my errands list and yet I could still accept that fact. Talk about being a fucking asshole.

June 19, 2006

Why am I still with you?

Of the many things that you do that could hurt me, your words kills me..

I keep looking at the tiny light at the end of the tunnel, but I always hit a dead end..

Is it me being too sensitive, or is it really you that I hate..

You cheated on me, I could still take the slap on my face.. but couldn’t you at least give me the respect I deserve?

All I wanted was to be honest. Yet I get dissed at in return. Why won’t you just say you don’t want US anymore? Why can’t you just let me go??

At least that way I could say,

it wasn’t my fault.. he wanted it to end..

June 17, 2006

My Language of Love

The Five Love Languages

My primary love language is probably
Quality Time
with a secondary love language being
Receiving Gifts.

Complete set of results

Quality Time: 9
Receiving Gifts: 7
Physical Touch: 6
Acts of Service: 4
Words of Affirmation: 4


Unhappiness in relationships, according to Dr. Gary Chapman, is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. Sometimes we don’t understand our partner’s requirements, or even our own. We all have a “love tank” that needs to be filled in order for us to express love to others, but there are different means by which our tank can be filled, and there are different ways that we can express love to others.

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June 16, 2006

My best friend, my childhood friend..

I finally had a chance to meet up with my best friend again after a looong while..

But it had to end shortly.

Wish it could have gone all night.. but I know she wasn’t feeling comfortable having to ‘girl talk’ with her boyfriend hanging around..

Anyhow, I hope tomorrow night falls through so we can talk even more..

June 16, 2006

I am Blessed.

God provides. It is so true.

Yesterday I only had 20 bucks left in my wallet. I was thinking to myself, how else was I gonna sustain for another 2 more weeks?!

And then there was a call, asking me to stand in for a person’s job at the office. And what do you know? I get a day’s job pay! RM30! I can’t be greedy. This just proves that God will provide in His own special way. It’s definately not by chance that I got the offer. It’s only by God’s grace..

And to top it off, it was raining heavily this morning. I had actually planned to walk to the office, but it was raining too heavily and I still had to rush out to uni. So I still had to drive the car out. I was worrying about parking ticket, and guess wat? God had it covered. Not a single ticket on my windshield because it was drizzling and no ticket attendant could be bothered! Talk about God providing!!

And then at night, had a so-so bball game where we were short of 1 player so I had to become the ‘anak bulan’. And after the game, they went for a short ‘yam cha’ session. I was thinking to myself already saying, ok.. I’ll need to break up my 10 bucks for the drinks. And what do u know? Dino offered to pay for the drinks! Imagine!! How great is Our God??!!

I am definately tucked under his wing. So protected and provided for.. and it was just that day in the Daily Bread quiet time booklet where it mentions, Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. And the part where even the birds are cared for and what more would God do for us humans?

God is great. All the time.

June 13, 2006

My wings are caught…

Was looking through friendster, and saw how some of the people I have known, or been an acquaitance to have changed not just themselves but also their surrounding.

One girl is now in the states, and from her pictures looks like she’s enjoying herself very much. Occupation: TV Production. Isn’t that impressive. Its like a dream job.. at least for me.. that would prolly be my ideal life. Being in the states, having an okay job…

Yet I’m still here.. stuck and unable to evolve.. still the same old Papams.. like a bird whose wings got caught in the tree branches, I can’t move forward, I can’t liberate myself…

June 12, 2006



I’ve only got 25 bucks on my wallet left for the rest of the month. How the hell will I be payin for petrol??

Haih… I managed to get myself some stock of food. Mainly brown rice with Bovril, Maggi with eggs and Indomee with bread. Yupp.. Thats prolly wat I’ll be eating until the end of the month. Darn..

As life is life, it always is beautiful ironically. After having getting paid for my 3 day part time job at MIA, my driving license went expired. So yea. Had to spend freakin 30 bucks out of my 90 to pay for that and the rest went to food and reload for my hp. Damn.

June 8, 2006

Syok sendiri.

This is me last night. Tried to blog but I think blogspot server was down. Having some fun with my webcam and the long awaited, different background behind me. (Instead of the dreadful old grandma curtains!)

June 7, 2006

Things in my past: Episode 2

I found this while digging through my stash..

I don’t remember getting this friendship band from this girl I got to know from bball in the TTSS days though.

We were close once, during a championship at Keningau, she was the youngest in our batch and I had befriended her. However, she “betrayed” the bball team when she got into the volleyb team instead so we kinda got distant from her.

Imagine, I see her profile in frenster, yet we don’t even add each other as friends.

And you look back at this friendship band and go, “where did this friendship go?”

June 6, 2006

Streaming in Luyang!

Finally got the Telekom people to fix my streamyx account and so I’ve got broadband now! Whooo Peeee!!

Well, nothing great actually. In fact, I ‘m even more reluctant to leave my laptop on since Luyang hse is a single story residential, and its been a rainy season lately, when lightning strikes, my modem would be dead. In my grandma’s place, its a flat, and she lives on the ground and lowest level. So if any lightning does strike, it would’ve been filtered from the top and the impact wouldnt be as fatal when it reaches the level which my grandma’s hse is on.

Anyhow, thats my theory of course. I think I heard it from somewhere. Not quite sure where exactly though..

So I am officially connected and running in Luyang hse now…