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May 31, 2006

Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan 2006







It’s Harvest Festival here in Sabah for today and tomorrow, 30th and 31st May.

Since it’s a cultural thing, my family urged me to take Denny(Intan’s bro) to the KDCA (KadazanDusun Cultural Association) a.k.a Hongkod.

I’m ashamed to say this, but being a Sabahan and Kadazan myself, I have yet to visit this place of event eventhough it’s held annually at the same location..

Well, it was the first for both me and Denny which I totally think has become so commercialized. And about 1 third of the place is actually celebrating the culture while 2 thirds are just there to get more publicity, such as TM Net, Car exhibitions, common food stalls (a long row of it!), Nescafe, etc. These are all not even related to the celebration!! Geez.. taking advantage of the event..

Anyways, I managed to gain knowledge of different areas of kadazans have different architecture of their home and also in the design of their Traditional costume. I also learned a few traditional Kadazan kampung food, which was a good exploration!

I even got to drink the tapai from the same straw that every other ppl had drank from! eww.. but hey, thats how its suppose to be done!

All in all, I guess I enjoyed the experience.. I even managed to take a photo with a local group artists who call themselves the Kinabalu Kings! I didn’t know them but apparently one of the group member was my brother’s uni mate.. hehe

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May 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Allen.

It’s my boy’s birthday today. But unfortunately, I can’t celebrate it with him since he’s so far away..

I am probably my worst as a girlfriend this time. I didn’t get him even a birthday card. I know, I sound horrible. But hey, I was really caught up with moving back to Luyang house and my cash had all flowed out to the house..

Anyhow.. my boy is just really low in the mood.. he’s got assignments in the back of his head.

Poor thing, he hasn’t been able to celebrate his birthday properly for the past 5 years due to having assignments at that period of time!


May 26, 2006


Nothing much these past few days. Since Colleen’s birth, my mum has to stay at my brother’s place at night. So the routine is to send her to IP in the evening and drive back down in time for tuition.

Anyways, still haven’t been able to move into Luyang. Everything is so unsure. My sister not willing to get her cell group members to come to the house to pray over it, and not having the family meeting yet keeps evryone in the dark.

I can say I have pretty much inhabitated Luyang hse. Though the streamyx have not been transfered yet, but it’ll be anytime soon and by then I will be in Luyang house just hanging out. So it’s basically me being at Luyang hse in the daytime and night time it’d be empty. Sheesh. So much trouble..

My mum still seems as if she doesn’t want to move in to Luyang yet. My stuffs are practically all here.. except for things that i’m still using in Kepayan house. So I just need to transfer the mattress here and I’m all set…

I just wished it wasn’t so hard moving back here.. financially i mean..

May 24, 2006


I went to Luyang hse this morning and my neighbour, an old dude told me that he saw a guy trying to break into the house last night around 2am. I was just so freaked out. I don’t know what else to think. I hate this damn unsafe world!!!

And then another frustrating issue is that this stupid contractor that installed my phone used fucking cheap quality shit on me! The socket box right now can’t be connected to my phone! And the worst bit is that I tried contacting him the whole fucking day and I can’t seem to get through to his phone!!

Not forgetting to mention that my sister is being such a bitch when I asked her to get her cell group to pray for the house in light of the thief incident, she sets a condition to have a family meeting fist before they pray for the house!! WHAT THE FUCK?? There’s a condition to asking for prayers????!!!!


May 23, 2006

First time in a loooong time.. online at Luyang Hse!!

I’m online! In Luyang house!!

Yesterday the phone was connected. I was already expecting them contractors to come fix the phone so I had taken out some money for the installation purpose. Didn’t think it’d cost me RM110!!!

Anyhow, I’m at Luyang house now, and suppose to clean up. I finished the whole pail of paint so no more painting.. yay.. finally!! So am gonna do some vacuuming, cleaning and mopping after this..

May 21, 2006

Welcome to the World, Colleen!!

My 5th niece, named Colleen Amber Dean, was born today at 3.06pm weighing at 3.3kg.

It was pretty unexpected. My sister in law had actually arranged for a C-section on the 27th I guess Colleen just couldn’t wait to meet the World!

The happy news has also infected my mother apparently. She has started to talk to me normally today. Its good to be back to normal where she starts nagging at me (well, not that good but its normal at least!) and doesn’t simply ignores me.

At a glance, for now, I think Colleen looks more like my sister in law than my bro. She’s got noticably thick hair tho.. hehehe.. from time to time I just like to go to that glass window and see her and just be amazed at another beautiful creature before me… it gave me those fluffy cottony feathery feeling.. hehehe.. its my niece waaat…

Would’ve loved to have pics posted up here but I got no digital cam of my own, sadly. Well, that also leads to my current state of condition where I realize that very very very soon, I shall be broke again… sigh..

May 21, 2006


I just finish watching the movie. And now I feel the need to watch something more “happy” to avoid nightmares!!

For me, there were 2 climaxes of the movie. First mild climax was when they found the killer, and the second one came in the ending where all the pieces fall together and the suspense of it was just thrilling.

Let me spoil the movie a bit for those that haven’t watch it, it has a sad ending. But the story overall was a good one. Quite a lot of talking but the plot is good i believe.

Now, what “happy” movie should I watch next??

May 20, 2006

Slow Progress

I’m so freakin sick of painting. Its already been a week doing cleaning and re-conditioning work at the Luyang house and still I can’t move into it till now! I just feel like getting the painting done and over with asap but the phone line hasn’t been connected yet and there’s no internet and I guess there’s no point moving in there if there’s no internet.

Anyhow, just wanna rant about how sick I am of the paint fumes and how messy the house looks right now.. Reason being that I’m doing most of the cleaning work and painting myself, alone.

Like I said, work on the house was not productive and efficient cos I had planned to have the house painted latest by wednesday and still only managed to start on Thursday.

Looks like another week before I actually start sleeping in Luyang house since I gotta wait till the pray over and house blessing…

May 20, 2006

Tuition Orientation

Am taking a lunch break from the tuition orientation. Am suppose to stand in for a lady at her home tuition. I get paid 400 bucks for the whole 4 sessions. Cool.

Am kinda nervous bout handling them kids though. I still don’t think I really cut out being a TEACHER. But then I kinda need to do this so that I could use the money to pay bills!!

At least I just have to stand in for 4 sessions and thats every Saturday morning and afternoon. Its good for me as well since I’ll be starting my own tuition soon.

May 18, 2006

ANTM 6 Over..

I don’t have the cable to watch ANTM (America’s Next Top Model) season 6 but I manage to follow the story from the net.

Finally it comes to an end, Danielle, the girl with the gap tooth won.. I was hoping Joanie (the preacher’s daughter) would win it but I think both girls deserve it.

Anyhow, Jade is still Jade. And she definately made a statement which she for once, is right. People will remember JADE.