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April 28, 2006

When I grow up, I want to be..

Sadly, I have grown up, and I still don’t know what I want to be.

In primary school, I had a student record, and they’d ask us as kids, our 3 most prefered occupation to take up when we grow up. And they make us write this down every year.

In primary one, I wrote, a clerk, a doctor, a teacher.

In primary two, I wrote, a doctor, hawker, an entrepreneur.

In primary three, I wrote, a doctor, a musician, a teacher.

In primary four, I wrote, a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer.

In primary five, I wrote, a lawyer, a teacher, a clerk.

In primary six, I wrote, a lawyer, an actress, a dentist.

And then there were no more…

now, at the age of 24, I don’t know what I would like to write down in that list.

I don’t know what is my passion. I don’t know what I’d like to be.

I know what I DON’T MIND doing. I don’t mind being an event manager. But is that really my passion? I don’t know…

April 28, 2006

28th April 2006 (Friday)

Today I spent the whole day just at home, doing my laundry and watching some downloaded tv series. CSI and Charmed and Gilmore Girls are top on my list of downloads. Did a fair bit, very tiny bit of the time to actually read at least 1 chapter of my Marketing Fundamentals notes for exam.

Yesterday, I had actually tried to log in to Hi5 to update an entry but I couldnt manage to log in. I guess the server was down or something. So I ended up typing a blog entry to my anonymous friendster account and my low profile blogspot page.

So yea, I usually hate being unorganized and unfocus, but apparently am running in all directions right now. I have most of my journal entries here in Hi5 and I have some in frenster and some at livejournal. Now, blogspot.

I practically just copy and paste some of my entries.. I know I know..

I don’t like the idea of having so many blog pages just like how I dont fancy having so many email addresses to keep up with and also bank accounts as well! I usually just stick to 1 and thats it!

But I guess it just isnt easy, we need back ups in life.. we just need them.

April 27, 2006

My un-interesting life.

I find that I don’t mind reading the blogs of people that I know. It doesn’t feel as boring as those blogs that belong to total strangers because it doesnt bore me, and somehow the life of the familiar person, I feel at least a tad bit connection because at one point in life, I was a part of theirs.Anyways, was reading a 19 year old girl, law undergrad in Adelaide, which I had known because she was a church member long time ago. She’s one fortunate bitch. The daddy’s little girl got a nice car for her to use while at uni. What a life eh? I never got to be a daddy’s girl..

I was also reading my bf’s ex’s blog, and also another life that I think is so carefree and bimbo-ish. Its like there’s nothing else a girl could ask for. I’m thinking to myself, my life is so boring. There’s nothing interesting about my life at all thats worth telling the world. Blogging is just an outlet for me to express my disappointment and dissatisfaction with what I am.

I guess sometimes I wish for something that I can never grasp, and yet sometimes I can also feel content with being comfortable at what I have.. it is what they always say about life.. COMPLICATED.

April 27, 2006

KoKo Krunch and Apples

After my tutoring session tonight, I thougt i should stop by the grocery mart and get myself some breakfast for tomorrow. Cereal would be good, I thought to myself.
So there I went, got a Koko Krunch BIG one, and then 2 apples. Was a lil taken aback when I realised I didn’t have much left in my wallet. I was unfortunate cos I wasn’t paid for my services even though tonight was the last session for the month. Anyhow, I was actually thinking to myself, should I get milk? I remembered still having milk a week ago and i THOUGHT it shouldn’t go bad yet. And i ACTUALLY looked at the milk cartons on display and thought, “NAH~.. not enough money anyways..”
So I paid and left, got home, immediately checked for the milk. Again, i was unfortunate. The milk HAD gone bad.. So am stuck with Cereal but without milk. I was thinking bout taking the trouble to go all d way out just to get milk again, but I was just too lazy.
Thinking back, I should’ve just called home and asked bout the milk when I was in d shop contemplating on buying milk. STUPID ME.
My own bad.
April 27, 2006

Its a BAD BAD World we live in.

I just saw a really shocking news in the newspaper. A young 26 yr old chinese housewife was robbed and raped at her own house. In LUYANG.

I can’t believe it, I mean, Luyang is the area where most chinese live in. And u hear news like theft and stuff but not robbed AND raped combo!! And my bro just told me about moving back to LUYANG. Its really sad to hear stuff like this. Could it have been avoided? Where there patrols around the area when this happened?? Thats why I don’t believe in “happy” shit anymore. Life can screw u up overnight. I’m thinking at the back of my head, if that were me, what would my husband say when he gets home and asked me how was my day and i told him i got robbed and raped?? He’d prolly dump me there and then. Old used rag. If that were me.. my gosh.. I’d be expecting nights alone at Luyang house when I move back.. this is terrible.. I used to love having the house all to myself. But right now, it doesn’t seem like a good prospect anymore. I need a man in the house. At least I won’t feel alone when there’s a crisis!!! But I can’t be renting out the room to unknown men.. Its a dilemma, living alone, living with others and unknowns.. why o why… why do we have to live in a bad world like this???
April 16, 2006

its been a while..

yuppss.. its been awhile since i typed an entry here. i know.. i tend to have the urge to express a lot of my tension here.. i guess i should liven it up a bit.. hehe add some ‘nice’ things bout my life eh?

recently was pretty busy with uni assignments and most of all, tv series downloads!!! hahaha.. since i got my dvd burner running, i been non stop downloading and catching up on Gilmore series and Charmed as well.. it has done me lots of good and maybe some bad .. kekeke

other than that.. had a 3on3 bball match for my uni d other day. i was placed in a lousy team cos i didnt even know my teammates. but at least we got the cheapskate way of winning! there was only 3 teams of girls so in d end we still get to be 2nd runner up!!! kakakaka

my bro is back in kk from JB.. so been spending quite some time with d family now that my bro is around. The more the merrier!