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February 18, 2006

14th February 2006 – The Day of Love

Valentine’s day itself, me and my boy took it easy in the afternoon. We did get a lil annoyed when it came to getting his computer cos he got pist at the technician who fixed his pc. All about the service he givin and shit like that. it spoiled the day a lil but its ok lah. at least we had a full day the day before.

so after his pc was settled, we just chilled at his place, went by to his cousin’s next door and he got 3 chicks over there with him!! haha. anyways, went back to my boy’s and we just had a nice and comfy japanese anime session. “MIDORI NO HIBI”. its a real cute 6.40, we were out of the house and heading towards the hotel for our dinner. i think we were only the 4th couple/customer for that night’s dinner to reach there. atmosphere was fantastic, 5 course meal.. superb. decorated with nice romantic deco and we were also given little gifts and 1 stalk of rose. =)

i’d have to say, it was my first valentine ever to have such a grand dinner.

we finished at around 9, headed home for about an hour an half while waiting for movie at 11.40. head to the cinema at CP and watched “Fun with Dick and Jane.” it was just an alright movie but i have to say that the ending sucked big time cos i was left with question marks all over my head.

all in all.. its my best valentine’s day ever.. t hanks to my boy.. this is definately going into my “light at the end of the tunnel” list!

February 18, 2006

My 2006 Valentine.

I had a great Vday this year. I guess it could technically be said that it was celebrated over 2 days.

well, initially, when my boy asked me if it was okay with me to celebrate vday a day earlier, I said its cool with me, then we could stay in on the 14th and cook dinner together and cuddle on the sofa and watch tv.

then on the 13th, my boy came to pick me up and surprised me with a change of plans! says that we’ll have the traditional luxurious valentine’s dinner at the Le Meridien and that day would just be a day to chill. me being me, was a little put off cos of the change of plans which got me excited but nevertheless, I was glad he still made an effort.

was a good day still, had a great big lunch at japanese dreamfood in CP, then it was just the two of us, shopping, shopped for our spaghetti dinner ingredients which, in a while got me irritated cos we had to go everywhere and around just to find the things i needed.

dinner was not too bad, hehe. the pasta and the sauce was superb but the meatball wasnt as good as expected. it tasted too cheesy. maybe too much parmesan cheese. we even had little candle lights just for a lil ambience!! ahaks!!

the night went all right, after dinner watched vcd “The new police story” and that was it, i had to leave and go home early cos I had an early morning class the next day (which later in the night i found out got cancelled!)