12th Monthsary.

i woke up early morning cos I needed the car from my mum, dropped her off to work and then I got to the library, to the city, i had a mission to accomplish today. i had planned a little surprise for my boy.

although my plan didnt fully work (cos i couldnt manage to put photos of me and my boy into the laminated card), I just pulled it off with watever I could get right there and then. i actually had to buy all my materials from scratch, and then did all the work to put the card together in Burger King and forced to order a cup of MILO from them cos i needed to sit in their shop to do my masterpiece!got the card done and laminated, then had to look for balloons and finally the coffee bean cheese cake. when i actually got to my boy’s house, it was already 12.10pm.

i rushed up to his room while he was fooling with his laptop (with the excuse that i needed to change), quickly and strugglingly blow 5 balloons and nicely placed them on his bed with the cake and the card.

i went downstairs, and then asked for him to go back to the room with the excuse of having to left my keys up there. of course, as i expected, he’d reluctantly (or should i say, refused) but i forced him anyways.

he was happy and surprised.. appreciative and shit.. only for that brief moment lah.

i dont know wat else can i do to make him melt and surrender all…


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