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January 28, 2006

12th Monthsary.

i woke up early morning cos I needed the car from my mum, dropped her off to work and then I got to the library, to the city, i had a mission to accomplish today. i had planned a little surprise for my boy.

although my plan didnt fully work (cos i couldnt manage to put photos of me and my boy into the laminated card), I just pulled it off with watever I could get right there and then. i actually had to buy all my materials from scratch, and then did all the work to put the card together in Burger King and forced to order a cup of MILO from them cos i needed to sit in their shop to do my masterpiece!got the card done and laminated, then had to look for balloons and finally the coffee bean cheese cake. when i actually got to my boy’s house, it was already 12.10pm.

i rushed up to his room while he was fooling with his laptop (with the excuse that i needed to change), quickly and strugglingly blow 5 balloons and nicely placed them on his bed with the cake and the card.

i went downstairs, and then asked for him to go back to the room with the excuse of having to left my keys up there. of course, as i expected, he’d reluctantly (or should i say, refused) but i forced him anyways.

he was happy and surprised.. appreciative and shit.. only for that brief moment lah.

i dont know wat else can i do to make him melt and surrender all…

January 28, 2006

Good Game~!

Last nite during tutoring, my boy texted me and informed me that bball was game that nite. i was actually not in a mood cos I was tired, didnt have enough sleep, and annoyed with my student.

i still made it to the court and I’m fucking glad i did. was some great game we played. Me, Tim, and Dino in the first team againts, my boy, George and Rocky. Then after the first 2 matches, we switched Dino for Rocky in my team. Was a real good match, I think I played all right. scored a few. missed lots! but yea, feeling all that sweat made me feel good.

but after the game, i was beat!!!!

January 25, 2006

Goodbyes for TungTung.

i got a yahoo msg from my sister telling me that my sister in law’s favourite pet dog “TungTung” died..

its very sad to hear that it died cos it got hit by a car. sis in law cried the whole morning, blaming it on herself for letting it out of the house.

eventhough i’m not particularly a “dog” person, i have a soft spot for animals and i cant bear to see them in pain. Once my bro, sis in law, my sister and I were in a car on the way to visit a friend. we passed by a place and saw a lady got into her blue hilux and i said, “there’s a dog under the truck!” of course, how could she have heard it. and I had to witness the horror of seeing her truck go over the dog and the dog struggling with the pressure on its body and in a mere few seconds, stopped moving.

i was horrified.. i cried.. i just couldnt help feel how painful it was for the dog that i feel sympathy was not enough for me to feel for the dog.

there was also a time, recently, that my boy had gotten some variety of downloaded videos, funny and gross ones from his friends. A particular one was about kittens and then when i saw that it was going to be about men eating kittens, i couldnt look any further! i was too horrified. i closed my eyes so tight, so hard and i think my boy saw how frightened i was and he just held me and comforted me. i couldnt help it and started to cry again.

am such a crybaby!

well, to TungTung.. I know you’re in heaven..

January 25, 2006

Impatient driver. SAA8188F

my day didnt start off well this morning. had a ridiculous row with my mum about money and responsibility again. i think its just cos i’m the youngest around and she got no one else to nag it to other than me. i was surprised at how i jumped at the point where my mum suddenly fought back and screamed :”STOP IT!!”

it got me into a very depressing mood. i mean, what do u fucking expect me to do?? i dont even earn more than 200 bucks a month while her 2 other children are both married and are earning a living!! even she herself couldnt get them to give her money.

i had to drive to uni. first lecture for the 2nd semester was at 8am. it was a hell of a jam on the way to my uni. my petrol was hitting red, and my mind was messy from the argument. and then my car engine died on me cos i didnt press enough clutch.

the impatient fucker behind me had to fucking honk at me. i just got pist and stuck my middle finger INSIDE the car. it was out of frustration and i didnt think the guy would actually saw it. and when i catch a glimpse of the old balding fart on my right side mirror, he gave me the fucking finger back!!! ASSSSHOLE!!!!!!!

i’m being bullied. this fucking place is driving me nuts.

January 25, 2006

The day my boy puked.

my boy got sick today.

i spose everyone gets sick once in a while, there’s seasons for these viruses and diseases.

if you’d look at my boy and got to know him, u would’ve never guessed that he’s got such a poor immune system.

i dont mind my boy being weak. but to be arrogant when he’s all well and healthy is so contrast to him being weak and it sometimes just ticks the fuck off of me.

he had indicated that he should send me home early tonite, but “Charmed” was on tv at 2330 and goes for about an hour. so i thought it shouldnt be a big deal leaving late. i mean, come on, i was fucking sick on the night of new year’s eve and i’d still hang around at the club with my boy for a fucking hour!! i didnt even ditch him like he did me when we were at the club!!

and when we were leaving the house, he coughed so hard he puked. the first time ever since i’d dated him.

and when i was trying to check him out, he snarled and asked me to go and open the gate.

i snapped, “dont throw ur temper at me like that.”

he goes, “we should’ve left early tonight.”

yupp. there goes the bell, DING DING!!! ITS FUCKING PAM’S FAULT!!!!

yea, watever. blame someone else for ur fucking weakness eh?

January 23, 2006

Wedding of Joyce G.

wedding dinner of my sister’s best friend’s sister. (eye-rolling, tongue twisting)

it was a good one i suppose. i especially loved the cultural performance they got into the reception. i thought it was a good idea for an eye opener to all the foreigners amongst the guests that were from OZ.

i kept dreaming about how my wedding would be. definately white flowers(fresh and live ones) to be placed on my hair.. and i’d love to wear the cultural kadazan dress.

and yes, the sumazau too. gotta have a performance for that!

i think i dressed as if i was going to a club. my bosom were vomitting from its station and the pastor had to be on the same table as i was. geez..

January 23, 2006

“The Distant Echo” – Val McDermid

Finally finished this book in a week, i think. Got me excited as I reach the climax of the story. Of course, it was like any other thriller novels, always had a twist in the end, i just love how the unfold the mystery after all that..i’d give this a 3.5/5 rating. am glad to say that I got attracted to this novel the moment i picked it up and read the back cover. its just those things about something catching ur eye at the exact moment..


January 19, 2006

Christene is here in KK!!

Was so excited about today. My good old fren back at college is coming down to kk for a good 6 days visit!

Went to the airport to pick meet her and the bf up. Me and my boy was there by 1330 but only managed to actually see them at 1420! Almost an hour late. sheesh.. AIR ASIA..

We almost met up with their fren from college which is actually also a Sabahan, Francis. And what a small world it is, Francis actually knew my boy back at Pre-U. hah! so then we were there, waiting for christene and her bf Hup. When we finally got to meet each other, I realised how much i’ve missed having Chrissie around.

Anyways, everyone was hungry as fuck. at that kind of hour, in KK, u wouldnt know what the fuck to eat. so finally just decided on Masakan Sihat in Lintas but we still ended up at Salim mamak after.

Then at the wee evening around 5pm, we met back up again in Wisma and went around town, hang out at Sutera Harbour to check out the scenery, took photos, and I had to reschedule tuition till tomorrow night cos we had decided to go for seafood dinner at Salut the night itself.

Reached Salut Seafood Restaurant at about 7.30pm and honestly, i’m dissappointed at the food, the Lala didnt even have meat in it, the crabs werent that great. I felt it wasnt worth my 35 bucks for the amount we ate for. so little..

after dinner, was just about to leave, Ms and Mr B was there too! Said a short hi and bye, then sent Chrissie, Hup and Francis back to their place. Had planned to let them rest early and tomorrow go for a hike up Tun Fuad hill.

What a day.. my boy said I looked pretty today, he reckons its cos I had smiles all over my face throughout the day, excitement due to Chrissie being around. oh gee.. now i gotta plaster a smile to my fucking face..

January 16, 2006


I had a dream last night, i think its a nightmare. I dreamt that I was in a car, with my best fren Ms, and then we were at the traffic light. the car stopped, and another car stopped beside us. Other cars around us were already moving in flow wid the traffic light.

i remeber, going to the car beside us, and opened the driver seat door, but there was no driver, just a passenger. And I ROBBED the passenger dude! i asked him roughly for his money, and surprisingly the dude was calm, I was the one nervous about the situation!!!

i remember seeing him handed about a few 50 bucks note and I was thinking at the back of my head, “wow.. now i can afford to eat tha japanese food i was craving for!!”

anyways, after taking the money from the dude, I went back to the car, Ms was looking at my nervous expression and was asking me whether I think it was ok, whether I feel anything else.

I could feel at that moment, the real nightmare of the dream.. the feeling of fear and guilt. my conscience was kiiling me..

January 15, 2006

The Last Weekend before UNI starts.


Nothing much in the morning, was reading the novel, and then afternoon around 2.30, my boy came to pick me up, i hadnt had breakfast and lunch. by the time my boy went home to take a dump and freshen up and shit, it was 4pm when i actually got to eat. was frickin hungry.. inconsiderate bastard.

anyway, had asked my best friend and her boy to come along and yam cha. then my boy’s aunty had to call me up and give orders saying that my boy has to go to church every saturday at 5 till 7. fuck. like i care.

so we still ended up at church late. the aunty giving a bitchy look and attitude. fuck that. after church, we went to Hiltop and asked Mr.B (best fren’s boy) to come along for dinner. Then a lil while after asked TJC to come as well. And after dinner off to my boy’s house for a few game of LAMI.

It was fun. though my boy wanted to go out clubbing, i was not in the mood. I just felt like staying in for the Saturday night.