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October 31, 2005

no electricity

can’t believe this place is like a shit hole..

2 days in a row.. and i was taking my precious and rare afternoon nap when the heat woke me up..FUCK YOU STNB!!!!

and fuck this shit pot i’m staying in!!!!!!

October 31, 2005

pimple: part II

guys, take note.

a face full of pimples is a B.I.G turnoff.

gotta take good care of your skin and drinks lotsa H20. if its cronic, you need a dermatologist.

October 29, 2005



” The Magic Christmas “(Sweet Valley Twins and Friends Magna Edition, No 1) by Francine Pascal

Product Details.

Reading level: Ages 4-8

Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Sweet Valley (November 1, 1992)
Language: English
ISBN: 0553480510


i would say this is one of the most unforgettable novel i’ve read before.. even though it was YEARS ago!!!

it belonged to my best fren then.. i borrowed the book from her.. i was about 12 or 13 then? I remembered her mentioning to take real good care of the novel and not to open the book too wide that it’ll leave scars at the book bind. those were the days.. apparently, if i can recall properly, her mom threw the book away cos the mother thought it was circular.. “unholy”…

this book is out of print now.. wished I had a credit card and I wouldve ordered even a “used” one from amazon..

cant wait to work.. a permanent job that is..

October 28, 2005


i have to admit that i can be quite the emotional eater. thus, the fluctuating figures on the weighing scale.. 😡

was a lil moody today after some nagging and i felt troubled by some future plans that din seem to be as i expected.

took the car out, didnt help the fact that i was hungry since breakfast (it was almost 2pm) and then off to get mee hoon sup at my fav place nearby lumen bookstore.

after lunch head off to lintas supermarket, had the cravings again!! felt like eating again!!! aiyoo.. dont know why, but when i get moody, somehow eating just makes me feel better!!

cant help it.. wish i was anorexic

October 26, 2005

reasons why i love him

pa_pams_poe: am going back to my reading

pa_pams_poe: love u… less! >:) (devil emoticon)

AllenSolomon Chong: =(( (Broken Heart emoticon)

AllenSolomon Chong: :(( (crying emoticon)

AllenSolomon Chong: jaat

pa_pams_poe: your own fault

pa_pams_poe: for not being concerned of ur gf

AllenSolomon Chong: i jalan lo

AllenSolomon Chong: love you…

AllenSolomon Chong: more than u know…

October 21, 2005

eye rolling… hair pulling.. part II

was in the car wid mom yesterday, on the way to work. mom was driving, me on the passenger seat.we reached the Foh Sang traffic light area, and our car was at the front line. you know, the one where you could directly and clearly see the traffic signal and if you dont move as soon as it hits green, people behind you will start honking?

So yea, as usual, travelling in the car wid mom has always been a silent trip. we don’t chit chat unless we need to. And so at that point, was just staring straight into the distance which i know in d corner of my eyes, i could still tell if the light turned green, just so I could alert my mom if she din notice it.

And so, the light did turn green, except that it was for the lane on the left of ours. and i guess i just kinda jumped at notifying my mom (false alarm lah) and then my mom jumped at it too! it was just funny! how she had the sudden blurt of action! hehehehehehehehehehe… (laughing and teasing my mom on how funny she looked) hehehehehehe… … … …

and it stopped there and then when my mom started “see how pretty you look when you smile instead of always putting up a gloomy face?”

me being me, retaliated by saying, yeah, of course i’m not happy cos I have no money! and she continued saying “life is not about money.. money isnt true happiness.. blah blah blah”
and I went about again how money makes life much more convenient and how other ppl is more priviledge than I am… blah blah blah.. until i stopped myself and said, “lets just stop this conversation. its pointless to talk to you.”

thats me and my mom. i find that our conversations never end well because we always end up arguing. always.

i’m thinking to myself. firstly, i’m biased, have negative impression on my mom, and because of all that negativity, leads me to believing that me and my mother will never get along. i still try. i still laugh and tease her. but she always pull the trigger. she can never accept me as i am, always have to TELL me to DO things..

if that incident yesterday, had she just stop at that, just enjoy seeing me being happy for once, and not TELL me that ITS BETTER LIKE THIS.. It prolly wouldve added her points in my list.

October 19, 2005

eye rolling… hair pulling..

am really starting to get aggitated and annoyed wid a good fren of mine. i mean, i dont wanna be mean, but sometimes i think he’s tryin too hard.

i know he’s tryin to make the relationship work, yet i see much more effort coming from him and it is coming from her. its right in my face, the guy loves the gurl so much more than the gurl loves him!i guess its nothing wrong, IF YOU DONT COMPLAIN ABOUT IT!!! thing is, this dude complains to me about it, yet consoles himself by justifying everything that the girl does! he can answer reasons as to why she wouldnt call, why she thinks a certain way, why she does this and that.. as if he understands her so well!! yet, he’s only seen this girl face to face 3 times in the course of 2 years!!!

i know i should give the girl the benefit of a doubt, that she might really be serious about her relationship wid my fren here, but its really hard for me to see it.. even more so that the relationship is a long distance one!

not forgetting the fact that she is only 19. i was 19 before, i know i was indecisive at that point in life, dont know what i really want and dont know whether wat i’m doing then was right.

i can only wait and see.. time will reveal all. just like i’m patiently waiting for time to reveal how my best friend’s situation is gonna turn out..

October 12, 2005

eng3 essay

had an english essay to write up,

“it is alright for wives to earn more than their husbands”

got ideas from my man. he’s just the best. despite having his own work to worry about, he’s still got time to help me out with mine.

love him to bits for that!!!

October 11, 2005

havent been around

well.. am gonna say it here..

i’ve been secretly using friendster blog lately.. well, not under my own frenster account but i got a new account using it anonymously

so far been using it alright, but i dont know.. i guess the blog design isnt exciting enough. i’ve got quite a few entries there but that account doesnt even have any friends! so no one actually views my blog there. i dont even know whether anybody views my journal entries here but yeah.. i’m kinda attached to this.. have got so many entries here already..