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August 29, 2005

the malay language

first day at unitar, and i officiate it by taking a watery shit at their unitar building toilet. just couldnt stand it no more, was driving on my way to uni and i was sweating from trying to hold it in!!

my english placement test was not surprising, i got into english 3, the highest level of english class. and then went on to my first lecture of the semester. Introduction to Knowledge Management.

it was bad enough that i realised the course one religious concept, it was worse that the lecturer had to communicate in 90% malay language. i believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and putting religious elements into a course for public access is just very selfish.

i rolled my eyes one too many times whenever they refer the history of knowledge from the religious perspective. but i have no choice. i’ll just have to pull through. got me thinking quite a lot though.. well, maybe was just daydreaming. i was imagining having to open up my own tertiary educational institution. and how i’d like to manage it and help make it known to my hometown that it is THE place to study, good quality education.

ah well, like i said, i’ll be miserable for 3 years starting now. not lost no more, but miserable.

August 27, 2005

truth or dare?

was invited to a yam cha session with j and c along with c’s gf and another fren d.

played cards ther at a kopitiam wherby i know the owner, mr. B Tham and even saw Tham YP there. place was alright, but their ice chocolate drink tasted like something that was poured out of a packet. not good at all.

took the seating space upstairs, pretty cool.. unique.. played some rounds of ‘chor dai di’ and whoever loses has to go for truth or dare.. kinda lame but oklaaaahh

got to know c’s gf better. i still cant fully open up to her but am giving her chances lah.

truth or dare? truth.

August 26, 2005


i finally managed to find the root cause of my harddisk space fluctuating. its all because of the downloadings that i’ve been doing. there’s actually a temp folder wher all this downloaded shit go to. so thats why… haih

i need a new pc with lots and lots of harddisk space..
August 25, 2005

UNITAR English Placement Test

illegible – (of writing or print) impossible or almost impossible to read because of being very unclear or untidy.

August 17, 2005

the best friend

i havent been in touch with my best fren for awhile. i wonder how is she doing. i hear about her from J, but thats as close as i can get. i dont think she wants to talk to me yet.

i guess i want to initiate the talk, but i dont know whether i myself am ready to hear what she has to say.. she’s still in that love triangle, and yet she hasnt realised what she is doing yet.. she has not awaken from that dream..

i miss her.. i miss having her as a best friend.. but then again, i guess i lost her a long time ago..

August 16, 2005

~..deng deng deng deng..~ (the ever so famous wedding song)

had a chat with my fren j today over msn, we were talking about weddings and how much it’ll cost to have a wedding dinner and ceremony, the lot. A big wedding, according to my sister, would come up to about RM50k. wooooooo…

well, this is one thing that my fren j summed up about the whole conversation which is the only thing that I wanna mention here, which really got me,

“if you wanna make the wedding big, make it BIG; if you wanna make it small, make it IMPORTANT.”

peace out ~

August 15, 2005

Registration Day

Start of the day with not so good of a sleep, i think i get anxious when i need to do something special the next day and then turns out i wont sleep well.

anyways, morning after dropping mom off to work, after going to drop off mail at damai post office, i still had time before registration at 9am, so i sat down at the kedai kopi there and had a cup of milo ping til 9 lah.

registration was okay i guess, lots of forms to fill in, but i guess my most exciting part of registration was the academic counter where i get my subjects for the semester. apparently i got quite a lot of exemptions! kekeke. good lah. so i might be able to finish my course in less than 3 yrs, maybe 21/2 lah. good enuf for me!

i finished quite early, took me only an hour and a half, but then i had to return to the reg hall cos i had some docs missing lah. well, got all that settled before lunch time so i get to pick my mom up, go home and so the rest of the day is basically just online, surf, the usual again.

my fren j was on msn even in office so i had company. my dear tene kept me company too. had quite a chat with j, talked about his saving up for marriage plan lah, and also about how to keep the romance after marriage.

August 12, 2005

where’s the mail?

allen rang me up on my mobile at 8am, was still asleep then.

apparently called me up cos he received my letter with the little jade sword that i bought for him. =)

he was really excited about it and i always loved it when he sounds so excited about me! gives him so much reason to sayang me even more.. he tells me that my letters give him warmth everytime he reads them. well i’m glad it does..

however, its weird though.. the other mail was lost! i sent him another mail before this one and he didnt receive it. sheesh. now i’ll need to track it down if possible.

well.. its already Friday. hehe. 12 weeks to go!

August 12, 2005

wat about xanga? naaaaaahhh

tried the xanga journal site. its like livejournal too. maybe jus a lil bit better wif emoticons n more customizations i guess.
August 10, 2005

damn those fortunate brats

ya knaw how it feels when you look at some filthy rich kids and u sure wish u could have what they have and yet u cant so fuck it and all you can do is watch them and be envious. yeah.

even if it were meant for me to be poor, at least let me have a beautiful face and beautiful body and ‘good’ height. sheesh. others just seem to have it all dont they..