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July 30, 2005


bored still..

got a pimple growing next to myleft eye. right at that bone area where it goes down to ur nose. pain~pain~its a saturday night but no plans cos no hang out friends, no money and no car. prrrrrph..

July 30, 2005

am officially bored

i know i know.. just got streamyx and now am bored. geez

i get bored too easy.

i think i need to go out sumtime.. yea. i need to do that. but no car. so how?

stuck at home. hoping someone would go online and have a good chat with them. hhmm..

July 29, 2005


~i’ve got streamyx,
~i’ve got streamyx..


i never thought they’d install it so soon!

am so excited now!

but of course when bills come then u panic!


~money, money, money

July 29, 2005

blogspot.. hmm..

everyone uses this.. ni lah malas nih..

its damn user friendly. tu lah.

July 29, 2005




it didnt take long really. just tuesday i applied for it and now friday i’m CONNECTED!!!

so happy.. now can talk on skype.. cheaper..

(attached pic taken from

*just in case sumone wanna sue me for using it?

July 29, 2005

roti canaii

am craving for it. if i have time filtering through HI5, i’d plan for it. will ask ron to pick me up.kekeke

July 29, 2005


doubtful, cant do much here, interface not so good. cant even upload a decent pic!!

July 29, 2005


a friend of mine told me today after bball,

“if you have something againts me, tell it to my face. dont lash it out on shit like blogs to get vengeance!”this is regarding blogs and how some ppl use it to express themselves. (like me) however, does not realise the damage it can do to u and others.

i spose thats true. i cannot imagine what would ppl think if those mentioned here (negatively) finds out about this.

so as of today, i’m gonna edit my journal and censor names or rather use other nick names to represent them. its better than having their full name there.

July 26, 2005

uh oh..

oh no… am starting to feel the boredom of being online already.. geez…

i know its bad for me but i’m always online up till the point that my ass is practically stuck to the chair. damn. this is how you can gain weight , to all you skinny shit.i know i should go and exercise but seriously, i’m more motivated to do something when someone else do it with me. right now and kinda lonely, and without any money, seriously no motivation!

i’d love to go to the gym and work out if someone would come with me. (or more rather, if i had extra cash to pay for entry fee!) and i’d love to do more crunches if my room had more space. i know i’m such a spoild brat, i want things to be easy!!

July 23, 2005


1500 – took grandma out to Likas Mart around kepayan. saw uncle mailien there. just went around and grandma bought a lil bit of groceries. bf called me up and he was upset bout his computer. the motherboard got screwed. i feel sorry for him. he hasnt even played with his toy yet and it has already crashed.

anyways, after the short (but sloowww) trip to likas mart, grandma wanted to go to the philipino market down town. although i hate going to places as ‘unsafe’ as that, but i knew my grandma was excited. so i just brought her there, thank God for a real good parking space. and then my grandma was like in a shopping spree!!she bought lotsa veggies, and i guess the bad part was when we went to the lane where they sold fishes. it was just damn packed with ppl and they could just be so inconsiderate and push their way thru. grandma was already dizzy at that point. i was worried she’d be too tired.

but we managed and had a short drink at one of the stalls there and grandma took a break as well. and then continued a short shopping trip again along a few other lanes.

all the while that i was holding grandma’s hand walking with her, i felt a sudden nostalgic feeling of those days when i was young and used to go around with grandma to these places. and now, am all grown up..

yet all the while, i was also disgusted by the sight of all the ‘flying worm’ (directly translated in Hakka) surrounding me.. eeewww.. uurrrgg.. bblluuueeekk