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June 28, 2005

Allen’s home..

allen’s home.. its great.. but we werent in talking terms the 2 days before he came back. but i still went to the airport to see him. cant help but smile..

anyways, am taking him out for lunch today and have a lil serious talking and see where this relationship is really going. my sis knows now. and again, another “long-distance-not-encouraged” type of opinion lah.

well, just checked my mail just now. another bad news from pierre as usual. i cannot believe them. they are actually asking me to go for next intake NEXT YEAR. fuck man! what do they need me to do to get some education here??!! BEG??!!

FUCK. they just dont want to make it easy for me isnt it. well, if its going in this rate, i dont think the monthly allowance idea is gonna come through at all.

haihh.. am miserable.. not much lost.. but miserable..

June 13, 2005

Mom and Courses

got a reply back from pierre last nite, negative feedback as usual. nvr seem to get any good news coming from them. well, seems like my life is over from this point onwards.

sis had a bad time last nite. i feel sorry for her. mom takes her for granted. me and bro just dont bother anymore. i dont know how else to see this. mom is just so naive.

i guess thats it. wont be able to get a degree. having a fucking rich father doesnt even help d fact that i screw up 1 time, and he just cant help me no more. whats a father for? bad enuf that i cant apply for a study loan coz i cant fucking use my father’s name. and now, just one mistake and i have to live my whole life knowing that i screwed up. fuck.

oh well.. i’m used to getting all this negativity from them, now i just have to live with having second best. its not like i have no option. its just not a better one thats all.

“….~life doesnt always turn out the way you’d expect it to be..~”

how true..